Dimexide: reviews, rules of use

The drug "Dimexide", the reviews of which confirm its high effectiveness, is an anti - inflammatory agent intended for topical application. Its active substance (dimethyl sulfoxide) has an antimicrobial effect, increases the sensitivity of pathogenic microorganisms to antibiotics, improves metabolism in the inflammatory focus. In addition, the preparation has a pronounced local anesthetic effect - a combination of medicines is used to strengthen it: Dimexide with Novocain (1: 1). Thanks to this combination, you can quickly and effectively remove severe pain in the joints and soft tissues.

This transparent colorless liquid, which has a specific odor, is used for compresses, lotions and irrigation. Active substance Well absorbed through the skin, getting into the blood within five minutes. The maximum concentration in the blood it reaches in 4-6 hours and retains it for one and a half to three days. In addition, the drug "Dimexid" (reviews of experts emphasize this) improves penetration through the skin of other medicines.

The drug is prescribed for diseases of the musculoskeletal system - both acute and chronic. It greatly alleviates pain and with various injuries, effectively stopping inflammation. The methods of application in this or that case are diverse and depend on specific symptoms. So, the medication can be prescribed in different concentrations - 1: 2, 1:10 and others. The drug "Dimexid" (reviews confirm this) is low-toxic and is excreted from the body in an unchanged state or in the form of dimethyl sulfone.

The medicine can be prescribed for adults and children over 12 years of age with stretches and bruises, bruises, infiltrates, as well as with rheumatoid arthritis, arthropathy, osteomyelitis, ankylosing spondylitis , etc. For compresses, it must be diluted with water (1: 1). In the solution, moisten the tissue and apply it on inflamed and painful places, applying a polyethylene film on top. The procedure is conducted daily, for ten to fifteen days, its duration is about 30 minutes. To wash trophic ulcers and wounds use 10 - 30% solution, depending on the doctor's prescription. The drug "Dimexid" (reviews confirm this) is effective in acne, pustular skin diseases, eczema. For their treatment, solutions of lower concentration are also used, especially if the rash is localized on the face. Cosmetologists often recommend to their patients hair masks from Dimexide, mixed with lemon juice and burdock oil - they help to cope with hair loss. The content of the drug in the mixture should not exceed 25% - otherwise you can seriously burn the scalp.

Dimexide solution is perfectly combined with other medicines intended for topical application - for example, antibiotic-based ointments, heparin and troxevasin, as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Nevertheless, there are certain contraindications to the use of this remedy: it is, above all, hypersensitivity to dimethyl sulfoxide. To determine it, a sample is made by applying a small amount of the product to the skin. The lack of itching and redness during an hour suggests that the drug can be used without fear. In addition to individual intolerance, the medication is contraindicated for violations of kidney and liver function, with angina pectoris, pregnancy, myocardial infarction, strokes, glaucoma, cataract. Since the drug is well absorbed into the blood and enters the breast milk, it can not be used by nursing mothers.

Apply the drug "Dimexide" only on the advice of a doctor. At appointment take into account its interaction with other means: so, it strengthens action of insulin, antibacterial preparations, aspirin, nitroglycerin.

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