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Lungs of a healthy person and lungs of a smoker: comparison, photo

This article will describe the problem of our time - smoking. It's not a secret for anyone that this problem is very common and very often creates problems even for people who do not use cigarettes. Probably, each person faced an unpleasant smell of smoke from strangers or close people. The same harmful smoke breathes small children. Often they have health problems due to their parents' smoking. Not only that smokers have a high probability of giving birth to unhealthy children, they also have to constantly breathe harmful smoke and spoil their health from passive smoking. If you look at the lungs of a smoker and a healthy person, the comparison will not be in favor of the former.

What is smoking?

Smoking is a common nicotine addiction in our time . It is believed that smoking originates in Europe, it was there that it originated. But tobacco was grown in America long before Europe. At first, tobacco was used as an ornamental and medicinal plant. He was considered a remedy for headache or stress. This, of course, was an erroneous opinion. At first smoking was strictly forbidden, moreover, smokers were persecuted and severely punished for their habit. In different countries, the punishment was very different. In some countries, they could be subjected to corporal punishment for smoking, and in others the punishment was cruel, even to the death penalty. This is one of the most common bad habits, which is the use of harmful tobacco products, negatively affecting the health of the smoker himself and those who surround him. The lungs of a healthy person and the lungs of a smoker are very different. The lungs of a person who has been using nicotine for a long time can be easily distinguished from healthy and clean ones.

Why do people start smoking?

The dependence on tobacco, as a rule, appears through the fault of the person himself. There is a myth that smoking soothes nerves and helps for a while to step back from problems. We can say that this is true. Tightening up smoke, a person can distract from their problems and forget about them for a short time. But this is pure self-hypnosis. The effect that soothes you during smoking, acts just like a hobby for any other occupation. Suppose, from cleaning your apartment or cooking dinner, the effect will be the same. You will not think about your problem, as you will be busy with another matter. You can say for sure that smoking itself does not have a positive effect on calming your nerves. Most often they are fond of cigarettes during adolescence, from the age of 14. Children at this age want to stand out, imitating the elders, to prove to others that they are already adults. If you think soberly, it will not make a teenager older. On the contrary, a child with a cigarette looks at least stupid. Therefore, parents need to carefully monitor their children and properly set an example. Of course, not everyone starts smoking at an early age. Many do this already in more mature years, based on the myth of calming the nerves. Before you start smoking, each person should think about whether it is worth doing and what it will give him in the next life. Of course, everyone has their own choice, and no one will forbid you to smoke, a person must decide whether to take care of his health or not.

Dependence on the use of cigarettes

The lungs of a smoker and a healthy person, the X-ray can easily be distinguished. Therefore, before you start smoking, you can take a picture of your lungs for memory. After all, you will not have such clean lungs after smoking. Each person is differently drawn into nicotine addiction. Some people will smoke 2-3 times, and they will not be able to give up cigarettes, and some can smoke every day for a week, and dependence will not appear. To risk and test your willpower is not worth it.

Why do people want to smoke?

Cigarettes create an imitation of dopamine in our body, it gives us a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. The body uses dopamine as an encouragement to a person for taking the right actions. During the first stages of smoking, the cigarette is always pleasant and gives us pleasure, but over time it passes, and the cigarette does not satisfy the way it used to. When the body understands that a cigarette gives artificial pleasure to a person, since it is not possible to prohibit smoking, it reduces the action of receptors. Thus, he takes away the pleasure from the cigarette. Unfortunately, this often leads to the fact that a person increases the dose and starts to smoke even more, thereby restoring pleasure. In this situation we are helped by the instinct of self-preservation. Since nicotine is a strong toxic substance and at a very high dose a person can die, the organism gives a ban on it. This can be seen when a person, smoking a cigarette, does not take immediately after the second. It will not bring pleasure, and even seem disgusting.

Statistics of smokers

Smoking often leads to death. This bad habit can lead to various diseases. They also include cancer. It can be a larynx or lung cancer. Tobacco smoke negatively affects virtually all organs. Death from cancer grows in proportion to the increase in the number of smokers. If you follow the statistics, in our time, every 6 seconds from smoking, one person dies. This is worth thinking about before you start. After all, no one wants to be one of these people. Take the situation where there are two people, one of whom smokes, and the second - no, but at the same time suffers, say, from pneumonia. The lungs of a smoker and a healthy person (in both cases not very, but even so they will have a fundamentally different picture) can not be easily discerned. After all, harmful substances settle on the lung tissue of the smoker , and they look correspondingly. As it is easy to guess, the lungs of a healthy person and the lungs of a smoker differ in their performance. Healthy organs will perform better in their bodies.

How does smoking affect health?

As already mentioned more than once in the article, smoking is bad for health. Can cause a large number of diseases and lead to death. The lungs of a smoker and a healthy person are a big difference. Simply put, in healthy they are clean and retain a natural structure. Among other things, early signs of aging appear from tobacco. The skin ceases to be young, wrinkles appear and teeth turn yellow. We can say that each cigarette gradually spoils all parts of the body and leads to unhappy consequences.

Lungs of a smoker and a healthy person: a scheme

Photographs clearly illustrate changes in the respiratory organs. If you throw one look at the lungs of a healthy person and the lungs of a smoker - words will not be needed. Exhausted by tobacco smoke strongly differ in color and seem simply terrifying, they can be called rotting mass. It is difficult to directly answer the question: "How do the lungs of a smoker look and a healthy person?" It's easier to find out personally by looking at photos. This will most accurately show you how seriously smoking affects their health and appearance in general. In the article you can see the lungs of a smoker and a healthy person, the photo below.

Should I quit smoking and how to do it correctly?

Having seen the lungs of a smoker and a healthy person, the photos of which are very different from each other, you may decide to give up cigarettes. You have the following question: "How to quit smoking?" There are many different options and techniques for giving up cigarettes. But which one to use - can only be solved by the smoker himself, who decided to get rid of nicotine addiction. If you feel that you can refuse cigarettes at once, you can smoke your last cigarette and forget about this habit. Of course, there will be times when it will be very difficult to abstain, because often those who try to quit can fall into difficult moments of life. Most importantly, you must remember that a cigarette will not save you from problems. Communicate with your relatives, friends or relatives, they can help you much better than cigarettes. If you quit smoking, follow your word and believe in yourself, you will definitely succeed. People who feel a strong dependence, for a start, it will be more correct to switch to lighter cigarettes and reduce their daily amount, gradually removing cigarettes from their lives, abandoning them altogether. After that, many feel much better, sleep improves, and appetite increases. Deciding on this step, you primarily care about yourself. Just imagine what the seemingly easy lungs of a healthy person and the lungs of a smoker look like. This helps a lot.

Recovery after quitting smoking

After giving up smoking, your life will gradually improve. You will obviously feel relieved. Perhaps you will still be troubled by an obsessive desire to smoke, but restraining yourself, you will gradually recover. Your body will let you know about it. Of course, this will take time. But after six months you will begin to notice that your voice has become less rude and smoky than it was before, you will notice an improvement in sleep and appetite. Your lungs will gradually be cleared. Completely to clear them after long years of smoking it will not be possible, but it is necessary to stop to smoke not to spoil the health further and to allow your organism to be engaged in self-restoration easy.

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