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How to play casino-machines "Geyminator"

Gambling machines, perhaps the most simple game in any online casino. All that is required from the player is to place a bet and press the "Start" button to rotate the reels. However, if there are no problems or misunderstandings with Russian-speaking gambling houses, all slots in these casinos are also in Russian. That deal with Western gambling establishments can be a little more difficult, in view of the English-speaking interface of the games themselves.

Because, that the players did not have any questions or doubts about what button is intended for, let's take a more detailed look at the example of the slot machine Book of Ra (Books) from Gamynator Novomatik.

Control buttons in casino slot machines

  • Information (Info, playtable) - one of the most interesting for the player keys, because it is her press will show all the possible combinations and winnings, which they carry in themselves. In modern slots pages with winnings can be 2 or 3.
  • Coins - a button with which you can change the value of game coins (from $ 0.1 to $ 2 per coin).
  • Bet on the line (Bet One) is a betting bet on the payline. Each click increases the bet by 1 coin, reaching a maximum (each machine has its maximum bet per line), the bet will be reset again to 1 coin.
  • The maximum bet (Bet Max) is a button that by its click raises the bet on each active game line to the maximum.
  • Selecting a line (Play 1 lines, Play 3 lines, Play 5 lines ...) - with these buttons you can adjust the number of pay lines of the device, then the lines on which the loss of prize combinations are taken into account. On modern machines, the number of these lines can reach 20 or more.
  • Start, Spin (Spin) - the main button of the machine. It starts the rotation of the reels, and after it is pressed from the account, the money for the spin is written off, and of course there is a chance to get the coveted prize.

Buttons in the risk-game automata gaming machine

If a certain combination is lost in any of the slot machines, the gaming player will be asked to play a risk game and double his winnings. To agree, you need to press one of the bet buttons (Bet One or Bet Max) to pick up the win without risk-playing, you need to press Spin.

Management during this game is done by the buttons Bet One and Bet Max (if you need to make a choice of two options), or the Play 1 lines, Play 3 lines, Play 5 lines ... buttons if you have to choose from five options.

As you can see, it's very easy to learn how to play online slot machines. But if you are still not confident in your abilities, you can try to play gaming for free and even without registering on the portal Good luck!

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