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Than American Roulette Differs from European Roulette

The game of roulette in the form in which we know it, appeared not very long ago. According to the most common version, it was created in the seventeenth century by the mathematician Blaise Pascal, when he investigated the laws of probability. The first roulette was an attribute for a game with equal chances, and this version of the game appeared in the aristocratic salons of old Europe. Only when the game appeared in the casino, on the roulette wheel appeared the sector "zero", providing income to the owner of the institution. There is a legend that the Blank brothers - the first popularizers of the roulette game - sold the soul to the devil for the secret of enrichment with the help of roulette, and in support of this result the fact that the sum of the numbers on the roulette wheel is 666 - "the number of the beast".

After a while, the American continent also won the game of roulette. In the American version of the game in roulette appeared their own characteristics. The main thing is how the American roulette differs from the European one, this is the presence of the second "zero" sector of the "double zero" sector. Now it is difficult to determine exactly why this happened, the wealth of the Klondike gold diggers with this reason or something else, but the American players accepted the terms of the game, in which the institution makes a profit twice as large as the European casinos. By the way, in the American roulette casino and is not very popular game, there are more popular slots (however, as everywhere else), dice and card games, especially poker.

Casinos on the Internet give their players the opportunity to play both versions of the game. The so-called "French" roulette (version of the European roulette) allows the player to bet and orally. In the rest it is similar to the basic variant.

Since the European roulette gives the casino a total of 2.6%, and the American roulette takes 5.2%, the European roulette can be considered the most profitable option for the many people who love it. Therefore, European roulette is chosen more often than American roulette, both in traditional gambling establishments and online casinos. The remaining differences are not significant, for example, the table for American roulette has a somewhat smaller size.

In some US casinos, the "surrender" rule applies, when a player who bet on an equal chance will lose half the bet when the "zero" falls. Some casinos on the Internet offer additional bonuses to those who choose to play the American version of the roulette. To paraphrase the classic, one can say: if an American roulette exists, then it is interesting to someone, otherwise it would simply be forgotten about it.

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