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The film "The Last Samurai": actors. Tom Cruise, Ken Watanabe and others

Spectators who like military dramas, should definitely see the picture "The Last Samurai". Actor-star Tom Cruise, a dynamic plot, large-scale battle scenes - the creators of the historical tape have done everything possible to make their offspring become a real blockbuster. The film was filmed not only by Americans, but also by the Japanese, which allows the story to look as authentic as possible. So, whose game deserves applause in the first place?

Actors of the film "The Last Samurai" and the plot

The military drama moves viewers to the mysterious country of Japan. The action takes place in the seventies of the XIX century. The actors of the movie "The Last Samurai" perfectly coped with the creation of images of people who lived in those distant times. The protagonist of the story is Captain Neyton Algren, whose role went to Tom Cruise. The character of the star is a military officer, whom the Japanese emperor invites to the service. The task of Algren is to train the troops in the modern art of combat.

Interesting characters with a rich inner world - the main advantage of the drama "The Last Samurai". Actor Tom Cruise - not the only star involved in filming the tape. His opponent Katsumoto was played by Ken Watanabe, already famous in Japan. Katsumoto is the leader of the resistance movement, whose goal is to preserve the Samurai foundations and abandon pro-Western policies.

The minister, who has virtually unlimited influence over the Japanese emperor, is another important figure in the historical drama The Last Samurai. The actor who plays Omura's advisor is Masato Harada, who has gained worldwide fame due to this tape. There is also a love line, for which the Japanese actress Koyuki, who plays the mysterious beauty named Taka, is responsible.

Who played Tom Cruise

A favorite of American viewers, Cruz took on the main role, agreeing to the shooting in the drama "The Last Samurai." The actor brilliantly coped with the creation of a complex image of an army captain, accidentally caught in the epicenter of the struggle of two worlds. Every important decision Neyton Algren takes, based on his understanding of honor, he is not inclined to unthinkingly execute orders. It is interesting that during the filming of the actor almost died in the performance of a complex trick due to a purely technical failure. However, he remembers with great pleasure how he mastered the art of dealing with samurai weapons.

An unlucky businessman, a rich playboy, a secret agent, a brave pilot, a bloodthirsty vampire - it's hard to remember all the roles played in the movie by Tom Cruise. Not surprisingly, the image of the brave Captain Neyton was easily given to a talented American actor.

Ken Watanabe and his hero

As already mentioned, participation in the shooting of the charming Tom Cruise is not the only achievement of the "The Last Samurai" painting, the actors and roles of which are not in vain so much occupied by the audience. Katsumoto is a rebellious samurai, once faithfully serving the Japanese emperor. The pro-Western policy of Minister Omura, which declared the cause of his life the eradication of samurai traditions necessary for the development of the state, forced the uprising of him. Of course, Katsumoto had followers. Interesting relationship of the character Ken Watanabe with the hero, played by Cruz. Throughout the film, the characters will move from hatred to friendship.

Ken Watanabe was already popular on the territory of Japan by the time the shooting began. However, it is the role of the stern warrior Katsumoto, who, if necessary, becomes a devoted friend, a gentle father, presented the talented actor with world popularity, as demonstrated by the Oscar nomination. On the game Watanabe viewers can admire in other well-known tapes: "Memoirs of a Geisha", "Batman: The Beginning".

Other interesting heroes

Certainly, it was Cruz and Watanabe who became the stars of the drama The Last Samurai. The film nevertheless acquaints viewers with other bright personalities. For example, the very controversial image of Omura's minister was created by the actor Masato Harada, unknown before the release of the picture. His character, of course, works for the good of his country, but uses on his way to his goal too cruel methods. Another famous tape featuring Masato is Fearless.

Interesting and such a character as Taka, Sister Katsumoto, who becomes the lover of Nathan Algren. The hero of Tom Cruise kills in the battle of her husband Taki, which does not prevent the young girl from falling in love with the handsome captain. Actress Koyuki is known mainly in Japan.

This is the list of actors who played the most curious characters in the film The Last Samurai.

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