AMD Sempron 145: specifications, reviews

When choosing iron for computer assembly, sometimes you have to save something, because the budget is not rubber. The optimal option in this case will be saving on the processor and buying a more productive motherboard, after all, installing a new processor will subsequently be the easiest.

Currently, the AM3 socket for AMD processors remains actual. For him, you can buy AMD Sempron 145, which has acceptable characteristics, which will be enough to perform the tasks of entry level. Let's look at its features in series, and we'll also figure out how to improve its performance several times.

Compatible with motherboards

This processor can be installed on motherboards with sockets AM2 + or AM3. In the first case, before purchasing, you should check compatibility with the BIOS version and the north bridge of the board. For the second contraindication there is no compatibility, all manufacturers declare support for the model. The main thing will be determined whether the motherboard supports the ability to overclock the AMD Sempron TM-145 processor and unlock the hidden core. Why this is needed, we will consider it a little later. It should be noted that this is the possibility of a significant increase in productivity.


At first glance, there is nothing unusual in them that could attract much attention. However, the price tag is pleased, which is almost the lowest for all processors available today. In fact, this "stone" is a classic single-core budget.

The base core frequency is 2.8 GHz with a multiplier of x14. The processor is made in the form of a metal square with knives placed on it, intended for installation in a socket. This performance is typical for AMD processors. The model is made using 45 nanometer technology and belongs to the Sargas family. There is support for 64-bit instructions, so there will be no problems with the operation of operating systems if there is a large amount of RAM.

For data processing there is a cache memory of the first and second level. The volume of the first level is 64 kilobytes, the second reaches 1 megabyte. As a result, it may seem that this is a typical budget, and there are doubts about the feasibility of purchasing AMD Sempron 145. The characteristics are not the brightest, but they are quite enough for office work. However, you should not think that this is the maximum performance of this processor, because it has hidden reserves, which we will now talk about.

Overclocking the processor

The first distinctive feature of the processors from AMD is a good overclocking capability. Users note that with proper skill it is possible to increase the frequency by almost one and a half times, and at the same time the stability of operation is not violated, just as no overheating even with the drain cooling system begins to appear. In most cases, if you have installed DDR3 memory with a frequency of 1600 MHz, the core can be overclocked to 4 GHz, which is undoubtedly an excellent indicator for a budget employee, but this does not end with pleasant moments. The AMD Sempron 145 Processor still has hidden secrets.

Unlocking the hidden kernel

The majority of computer forum regulars know that one-, three- and five-core processors from AMD are often more advanced models, which for one reason or another have blocked one core. Sometimes the blockage occurs because of a serious malfunction, and opening it will not lead to positive results. However, as practice shows, quite a lot of unlocking makes it possible to get a fully functional dual-core processor, which is recognized by the programs as AMD Athlon X2 4450. Agree, it's nice to get a productive "stone" for pennies.

Do not forget, however, that in this case it's better not to expect such a possibility, since unlocking the AMD Sempron 145 core is akin to playing roulette - it all depends on why the second core was blocked specifically in your case. But if the opening was successful, you can go to the third step in increasing productivity.

Overclocking of the unlocked processor

Yes, after adding the second core, the processor can still be overclocked. First, make sure with tests that it stably works at its base frequency. After that, changing the supply voltage and timings, you can try to gradually raise its clock frequency. Depending on the installed motherboard and power supply, you can achieve quite significant results. Some users managed to achieve stable performance of AMD Sempron 145 at a frequency of 3.7 GHz, but in most cases the limit becomes 3.3 GHz. But this is already enough to play from the heart in most modern toys, of course, with a decent video adapter.

User feedback on the processor

As most people who bought this model say, they do not regret a bit about their acquisition. The reason lies in the fact that, considering the price, the AMD Sempron 145 processor is already worthy, so even if there is no possibility of overclocking or unlocking the kernel, it will be enough for the first time. Subsequently, if you purchased a good motherboard with support for 4- and 6-core processors, you can replace it with a more productive solution at any time.

Among the main advantages are the following features:

  • High reliability.
  • Low power consumption (and, as a consequence, practically no heating).
  • Very low price, almost the cheapest solution in the modern market.
  • Good opportunities for increased productivity.
  • The possibility of replacing the future in a more productive processor if necessary.
  • The best option for an office computer.

Of the disadvantages, most users call only one item - the need for a good motherboard that supports all overclocking capabilities to improve performance. If you plan to buy this processor for use "as is", then this moment can not be called a minus, since any motherboard with the required socket will do.


As you can see from this article, AMD Sempron 145 is perfect for those who have a limited budget and desire to assemble a computer with the possibility of further upgrading. It is recommended to purchase more expensive and productive memory, as well as a motherboard. The processor itself in case of failure with unlocking can later be replaced by a more advanced model.

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