Tablets "Lenuksin": reviews, instructions for use, description, analogues, price

How to deal with depression yourself? It is rather difficult to answer this question. After all, few can get out of this state without the help of specialists. In this regard, we recommend that you consult a doctor who will subsequently appoint an effective treatment.

general information

Depression is a mental disorder characterized by a bad mood, a disorder of thinking (pessimism prevails over everything that happens, negative judgments, etc.), motor retardation, and loss of ability to experience joy.

It should also be noted that in this condition, a person has lowered self-esteem, lost interest in life and work. In most cases, a patient who suffers from depression may begin to abuse alcohol, narcotic substances, and other psychotropic drugs. Often such people have suicidal tendencies.

Today, depression can be treated. In the process of therapy, psychotropic substances can be prescribed to the patient. Their list is quite extensive. That's why they should be assigned only by an experienced specialist.


The most popular remedy for a mental disorder is the antidepressant "Lenuksin". In this article, we will tell you about the cases in which it is prescribed, whether it has contraindications and side effects, and also what is its cost, the form of release, the composition, whether the medicine has analogs, etc.

Composition of the preparation, its packaging and form of release

Before you tell us about how the Lenoxin medication works, the feedback about which will be presented next, you should submit its form of release. This product goes on sale in the form of tablets, which are covered with a film membrane.

The drug contains an active ingredient such as escitalopram oxalate. In addition, tablets also contain auxiliary elements in the form of microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, talc, silicified microcrystalline cellulose, siliconized microcrystalline and magnesium stearate cellulose.

The drug "Lenuksin", the price of which is quite high, is sold in polypropylene bottles (maybe in blisters), placed in cardboard packaging. Each jar contains 28 or 14 tablets.

Pharmacological characteristics of antidepressant

The drug "Lenuksin", whose reviews are more positive, is an antidepressant. This SSRI, which increases the concentration of neurotransmitters in the synaptic cleft, and prolongs and enhances the effect of serotonin on postsynaptic receptors.

The active element of the drug is practically not associated with alpha-adrenoreceptors, m-cholinergic receptors, opioid, serotonin, benzodiazepine, dopamine and histamine receptors.

Practice shows that the antidepressant effect in patients begins to develop only after 2-4 weeks after the initiation of therapy. The maximum result for the repayment of panic disorders is usually achieved in a couple of months.

Pharmacokinetics of the agent

How is the medicine "Lenuksin" absorbed? The instruction on the use of this antidepressant says that its absorption does not depend on the intake of food. Bioavailability of the drug is approximately 80%. The maximum concentration in the blood is reached after 4 hours. The binding of the drug to plasma proteins is approximately 56%.

The metabolism of the antidepressant occurs in the liver (before the formation of active, demodetylated and demethylated metabolites). The half-life after repeated administration is about 30 hours.

Indications for use of an antidepressant

In what cases is Lenoxin used? Instructions for use, testimonials indicate that it should be used only with the following deviations:

  • Depression occurring in severe or moderate form;
  • Anxious social disorder (that is, social phobia);
  • Panic disorder with agoraphobia or without it;
  • Anxiety disorder generalized.

Contraindications to the use of antidepressant

Treatment with antidepressants should in no case be carried out under the following conditions and factors:

  • With concurrent administration of MAO inhibitors;
  • In children, as well as in adolescence under 18;
  • With increased sensitivity to the medicament or its elements;
  • With isomaltase or sucrose deficiency, glucose-galactose malabsorption and intolerance to fructose.

Ostrozhnoe use

Tablets "Lenuksin" should be extremely carefully prescribed to patients with renal insufficiency, diabetes, hypomania, susceptibility to bleeding, mania, cirrhosis and pharmacologically uncontrolled epilepsy.

It is also extremely accurate to use this medication for depression with suicidal tendencies, while taking medications with a lowering threshold and metabolized isoenzymes CYP2C19, in old age and together with ethanol.

The preparation "Lenuksin": instructions for use

This medication is dispensed in a pharmacy only on prescription. After all, it can be assigned only by specialists who have the appropriate qualifications.

The dosage of the drug and its multiplicity of application depends on the degree and type of deviation. According to the instructions, the said remedy should be used once a day before, after, or in between meals.

  • Depression that has a severe or moderate form.

In this case, the drug "Lenuksin", the price of which is quite high, is prescribed in an amount of 10 mg once a day. Depending on the reaction (individual) patient dosage can be increased to 20 mg per day. After the disappearance of signs of depression should continue treatment for 6 months to consolidate the result.

  • Panic disorder with agoraphobia or without it.

During the first week of therapy, the patient needs a dose of 5 mg per day. In the future, it should be increased exactly twice. Depending on the reaction of the patient, the volume of the drug may approach the maximum, that is, 20 mg per day. Such treatment lasts for several months.

  • Social phobia, or social anxiety disorder.

With this diagnosis, the drug "Lenuksin" (synonyms of the drug) is prescribed in an amount of 10 mg once a day. Attenuation of signs of abnormality develops in about 2-4 weeks. Subsequently, the dosage can be reduced to 5 mg per day or increased to 20 mg per day.

In view of the fact that social phobia is a disease with a chronic course, the duration of the therapeutic course should be at least 12 weeks. To prevent recurrence of the disease, a specialist can be prescribed a repeat treatment, which must be carried out for 6 months.

By the way, before appointing such a medication the doctor should differentiate the social phobia with ordinary shyness or shyness.

  • Anxiety disorder is generalized.

How is the "Lenuksin" medication prescribed for this diagnosis? Experts say that at the very beginning of treatment this drug should be used in an amount of 10 mg once a day. If necessary, the dosage can be increased to a maximum, that is, up to 20 mg per day. Long-term use of the drug is acceptable (for 6 months and longer).

People in the elderly (over 65 years of age) should use half the usual dose less, that is 5 mg and 10 mg respectively (per day).

Specific guidance on the use of the drug

With renal failure of moderate severity, dose adjustment is not required. As for patients with a similar disease, but in severe form, they prescribe the drug with particular caution.

With moderate or mild hepatic insufficiency, the recommended dosage during the first two weeks of therapy should be 5 mg per day. Depending on the reaction of the patient, the volume of the drug can be doubled.

For patients with a decreased activity of the isoenzyme CYP2C19, the initial dose of the drug is also 5 mg per day. If necessary, it can be increased to 10 mg.

When therapy is discontinued, the amount of medication should gradually decrease over a period of 1-2 weeks. This is necessary in order to avoid the occurrence of withdrawal syndrome.

Cases of overdose

Quite a large number of people ask a question about whether it is possible and how to deal with depression on their own? If such a state is observed for a long time, then without recourse to specialists can not do. After all, patients need antidepressants, which should be prescribed only by a doctor.

If a person uses this remedy in high volumes, soon he may experience the following signs of an overdose: respiratory depression, tremor, convulsions, dizziness, tachycardia, agitation, rhabdomyolysis, drowsiness, metabolic acidosis, confusion, arrhythmia, ECG changes, vomiting and hypokalemia .

It should be specially noted that the lethal outcome and coma in the case of an overdose are very rare. This can happen only with a simultaneous increased intake of the drug with other medicines.

As treatment in case of overdose, supportive and symptomatic therapy in the form of gastric lavage and adequate oxygenation is used. In addition, the work of vessels and the heart, as well as the respiratory system, is monitored.

The drug "Lenuksin": side effects

Adverse events from the reception of this remedy often occur at the very beginning of therapy. After a while they become less intense.

  • Digestive system: decreased appetite, nausea, taste disorders, vomiting, dry mouth, diarrhea, increased appetite and constipation.
  • Nervous system: increased irritability, headache, anxiety, dizziness, agitation, weakness, visual disturbances, insomnia panic attacks, drowsiness, depersonalization, convulsions, mania, tremor, serotonin syndrome, motor disorders, hallucinations and confusion.
  • Reproductive system: impotence, violation of ejaculation, as well as violations of the menstrual cycle.
  • Skin: angioedema, sweating, purpura, ecchymosis, itching and skin rash,
  • General: hyperthermia and weakness.
  • Urinary system: retention of urine.
  • Heart and blood vessels: orthostatic hypotension.
  • Metabolism: ADH secretion is inadequate.
  • Musculoskeletal system: arthralgia and myalgia.
  • Laboratory studies: changes in liver function, ECG and hyponatremia.
  • Allergy: anaphylactic reactions are likely.

If any of the above side effects occurs and aggravates, immediately inform the doctor.

Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

Can I use Lenoxin during pregnancy? The responses of experts say that, due to the inadequacy of information on the safety and efficacy of this medication, it is not recommended to apply it during the period of gestation. Moreover, the drug should be discontinued during lactation.

Simultaneous reception with other drugs

Psychotropic substances, the list of which is quite extensive, should be taken only by the appointment of specialists and strictly under its control.

Medication "Lenuksin" is prohibited to be administered together with MAO inhibitors, as this may contribute to the development of serotonin syndrome. It should also be noted that the reception of such a tool by young people (under the age of 24) with mental disorders and depression increases the occurrence of suicidal thoughts, as well as suicidal behavior.

With the simultaneous use of the drug with lithium and tryptophan, there are cases of increased effect of the first drug

Joint use of the drug with St. John's wort leads to an increase in the number of side effects.

Simultaneous use of an antidepressant with indirect anticoagulants, as well as other means that affect blood clotting, can contribute to the violation of this process. In such cases, at the end of the treatment, regular monitoring of the patient and the condition of his blood is required.

Patients who take the drug with serotonergic agents may experience a serotonin syndrome.

Interaction with ethanol

Medication "Lenuksin" does not enter with pharmacokinetic or pharmacodynamic interaction with ethanol. But this does not mean that such an antidepressant can be taken with alcohol. During treatment, the patient should better not use any alcohol.

It should also be noted that during the period of therapy a person should refrain from driving a car and taking dangerous jobs that require an increased speed of psychomotor reactions and concentration of attention.

Price and analogues of the medicinal product

How much are the tablets of the antidepressant "Lenuksin"? The price of this medicine can be different and depend on the mark-up. The average cost of the drug is 990 Russian rubles for 28 pieces. Agree, this is a rather expensive drug, which is not affordable for everyone. It should also be noted that it is rarely sold in pharmacies. As a rule, after presenting the prescription, the pharmacist offers to order a medication, which usually comes in a few days.

So what to do if the patient was prescribed an antidepressant, but it was not available, or under an order? In this case, experts recommend buying its analog. "Lenuksin" has them in quite a large number. Consider the list of such drugs right now:

  • "Escitalopram Oxalate."
  • "Miracitol".
  • Escitalopram-Teva.
  • "Sancipam".
  • Escitalopram Sandoz.
  • "Selectra".
  • Escitalopram.
  • Cipralex.
  • "Elytseya."
  • "Eisipi".

These funds can be both more expensive than the original, and cheaper. However, all of them operate on the same principle as the medicament "Lenuksin". Moreover, they are also available on prescription. Therefore, you can not get them in the pharmacy at your own discretion.

Reviews about the drug

Now you know how much antidepressant "Lenuksin" costs (price). Reviews about him are ambiguous. Someone says that he copes well with the tasks set, while others, on the contrary, speak of his inefficiency.

Positive feedback about this medication contains information that it quickly removes anxiety disorder, improves mood and well-being. Also, patients argue that taking an antidepressant at recommended doses has allowed them to get rid of social phobia, panic and depression. Moreover, this effect persists even after the drug is discontinued.

As for negative reviews, they are more related to the occurrence of side effects. Some patients experience nausea, some have headaches, and some do not observe any treatment result at all.

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