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"Day Watch": actors and roles of the famous film by Timur Bekmambetov

In Timur Bekmambetov's fantasy film The Day Watch, the actors of Russian cinema once again return to the eternal themes of the struggle between good and evil, to the problems of love, friendship and even paternal duty. Which of the famous artists can be seen in the continuation of the "Night Watch" and whether the cast has changed in principle?

Maria Poroshina as Svetlana

In fact, the cast has not changed much since the first part of the picture was released.

Maria Poroshina, who in the Night Watch played damned girl Svetlana, in the "Day Watch" appears before the viewer in the image of the Great Other. She enters the Night Watch as a trainee, and her teacher becomes Anton Gorodetsky. And, of course, between a man and a woman, sympathy first begins, and then real feelings. But here's the problem: based on the realities, Svetlana should stay away from Anton's son, because if they meet, the massacre between the Dark Ones and the Light Ones will begin again. That such a difficult drama unfolds between the main characters of the picture, based on the novels of Sergei Lukyanenko.

Maria Poroshina is known to the Russian audience for many roles in film and television: she played Phil's wife in the Brigade, Olga in the TV series Always Say Always, and Julia in the movie Almani.

"Day Watch": actors. Konstantin Khabensky

Konstantin Khabensky is the permanent performer of the role of Anton Gorodetsky in all Bezmambetov's Watch. Before the participation in the film "Day Watch" actors Maria Poroshina, Gosha Kutsenko and many others mostly "wandered" on the series. So it was with Konstantin Khabensky: for many years he played Igor Plakhov in the TV series "Slaughter Force". But Beckmambetov's participation in the project changed a lot in the artist's career.

After filming in the first "Watch", Khabensky finally began to receive interesting creative proposals: he played Chichikov in the "Deed of Dead Souls", the terrorist Green in the historical film "State Councilor", Konstantin Lukashin in "The Irony of Fate. Continuation "and even lit up in a Hollywood movie with Angelina Jolie -" Particularly dangerous ". However, one of the best works of Khabensky is still the role of Admiral Alexander Kolchak in the historical picture "Admiral".

After that, a lot of good roles were played. To date, Khabensky is considered one of the most highly paid artists of Russian cinema.

G. Tyunina as Olga

Galina Tyunina also took part in the shooting of both parts of the Watch. She got the role of Olga - the Great Light. In the first part of the film, she was called from exile to solve the problem of a black anomalous funnel that appeared above the city. And in the second part, Olga solves the problems directly Anton Gorodetsky, who is suspected of the murder of the Dark. To gain time and have the opportunity to justify Anton, Gesser changes him and Olga with bodies.

Galina Tyunina is mainly a theatrical actress and rarely pampers her fans with roles in the cinema. For the first time Tyunina appeared on the screens in 1996 in the film "The Mania of Giselle." It was a triumph: immediately the main role, the star company, and then a lot of film awards for the embodiment of the image of the ballerina Olga Spesivtseva.

In 2000, Galina appeared in the film "Diary of his wife", in 2002 - in the series "The Diary of the Murderer", and in 2004 unexpectedly agreed to play one of the main roles in the fantastic film "Night Watch". I must say, for the actress it turned out that another experiment.

V. Menshov in the role of Gesar

The role of the Great Light, the head of the Night Watch in the picture Bekmambetova played Vladimir Menshov.

Men'shov is a figure known both in Soviet and Russian cinema. For the first time on the screen, he appeared in 1970 - he got the role of a young worker in the film "Happy Kukushkin." During the existence of Soviet cinema, the actor managed to star in such films as "Tale of how Tsar Peter therap married," "Magistral" and "If the enemy does not surrender." However, more interesting roles go to Menchov in our time: in the film "The Saboteur" he played a cunning Soviet intelligence officer, in "Liquidation" - Marshal Zhukov, in the comedy "Love-Carrot" - an old general who exchanged bodies with his son in "Legend" № 17 "- a vile Eduard Balashov.

Also, do not forget that Vladimir Menshov is the owner of the Oscar for his melodrama "Moscow does not believe in tears," which he directed as a director, and also that Menchov is the director of the famous comedy "Love and Doves" and the drama "Rally".

Other performers of roles

However, this does not end the list of famous artists who starred in the movie "Day Watch." Actors Viktor Verzhbitsky ("Turkish Gambit"), Alexei Chadov ("9th company"), Valery Zolotukhin ("Plot"), Rimma Markova ("Three and the Snowflake"), Gosha Kutsenko ("Antikiller"), Alexei Maklakov ("Two Fate ") and many others are now equally popular, although the performers also got the roles of the second plan.

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