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Shrimp salad with avocado. Than surprise the guests?

Any housewife has her own special salad recipe, the taste of which she can surprise guests. Not without reason there is a winged phrase that a woman can always make a salad, tragedy and a hat out of nothing.

Salad - a cold dish of crushed and mixed various products, dressed with butter or sauce, is rightfully considered one of the tops of culinary art. At first, the salad consisted mainly of a different kind of greenery. Then green vegetables began to be added to it, and after a couple of thousand years - root crops, which not everyone liked because of the rough taste.

Well-known restaurateur Olivier noticed that restaurant visitors are cut and mixed, separately laid out on a platter and sauteed components of salad, and began to do it himself, filling the mixture with mayonnaise. So there was a famous salad "Olivier". Owing to Olivier's observance, which, among other things, gave impetus to creativity in cooking, salads from various ingredients began to emerge from beneath the hands of magician cooks.

Italian chefs in their ingenuity went further and offered a salad of seafood. Since then, a great number of them have appeared, striking in variety and enjoying unchanged success for the simple reason that the benefits of seafood are indisputable - a storehouse of vitamins, microelements and nutrients. But! Most importantly - they are low-calorie!

To prepare these salads you need only fresh seafood. In no case can you re-freeze, previously thawed shrimp and mussels. Another important point - the minimum time for their cooking, so that they do not become tasteless and "rubber", it's enough 5 minutes. Seafood salad is characterized by their combination with each other, as well as with rice and eggs. These salads are seasoned with vegetable oil sauce, which is added vinegar, salt and pepper, as well as mayonnaise.

A combination of seafood with fruits, and even exotic, such as, for example, as avocados - is the destiny of gourmets. The usefulness of such a combination is double, because the fruit of avocado is a real treasure trove of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

The names of this useful dish differ and sound, for example, like: shrimp salad with avocado, salads with seafood, for example, with shrimps and avocado. Recipes with each name of the salad abound, we give only some of them.

Shrimp salad and avocado.

- Mix the boiled shrimps (1 pack), and cut into cubes and sprinkled with lemon juice, avocado (2 pieces), tomatoes (2 pieces) and season with mayonnaise with garlic, passed through garlic.

And another shrimp salad with avocado.

- Mix the peeled and sliced 2 medium avocados, 600 grams of large shrimps (5 pieces set aside for decorating the dish) and chopped parsley (1 small bunch). Add salt, dressing the salad with a sauce from the mixture of the following components: olive oil (6 tablespoons), lemon juice from 1 lemon and sugar (2-3 tsp). Salad should stand before serving for about thirty minutes.

Light, hearty, "inter-holiday" salad with shrimps and avocado.

- For one serving - on a large plate, put the torn leaves of the lettuce, then 8-10 royal shrimps, cut into half an avocado and one or one and a half tomatoes. Fill this salad with a sauce of olive oil, orange juice, sweet soy sauce and garlic.

It is also worth noting that preparing a dish such as shrimp salad with avocado is not a laborious process and takes a small amount of time, which is an undoubted plus. So a shrimp salad with avocado can become a favorite and a permanent dish on your table, which you can pamper yourself more often than you could imagine. I hope that over time, each owner's collection will have its own unique recipe called shrimp salad and avocado.

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