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How to make a closet with your own hands on the balcony

Owners of small apartments often go to all sorts of tricks to at least slightly increase the useful space of the premises. For this, you can use non-residential space, such as a loggia or balcony. An excellent solution for organizing additional storage space for all sorts of things will be a convenient and roomy closet. Anyone who wants to install a similar element will be able to install it on their own balcony. No special skills are required for this, complex construction work will not be necessary, and the result will certainly please all household members.

How to equip a closet on the balcony with your own hands: useful tips

Before you start construction, you need to correctly assess the technical condition of the place where you plan to build a cabinet. Old floors and drafts are not the best conditions for starting work. In this case, the service life of the product will be markedly reduced. If you firmly decide to install the closet with your own hands on the balcony, first you must carefully seal all the cracks and insulate the room. After all, absolutely any furniture is afraid of dampness and temperature drops, it can deform, lose strength and quickly fail.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the tightness of the glazing of the room, to replace all the cracked glass, and the existing cracks should be sealed with silicone sealant.

When installing the cabinet on the balcony with your own hands, you should take care of the floor covering in advance. It is better to use for this ceramic tile, linoleum or waterproof laminate. The appearance of the coating is not so important, the main thing is that your balcony is warm and dry.

How to make a closet with your own hands on the balcony

Typically, the furniture on the loggias repeats the dimensions of one of the walls of the room, if you have a niche on the balcony - it is better to arrange a cabinet in this place. To ensure that the storage space is roomy, it is better to choose a design with shelves from floor to ceiling. So the closet, taking up a minimum of space, will be very convenient and practical.

Before you start creating furniture, you should draw a drawing or plan, on which you need to specify all the necessary dimensions and design features. Specialists recommend even making a small cardboard layout of the product, which will help you to create the closet with your own hands on the balcony most accurately, to provide for all the joints and dimensions of the elements, and also to cut out the details of the future piece of furniture most accurately. Also, in advance it is necessary to think about the number, height and width of the shelves.

As a material for the manufacture of the cabinet, it is better to use a laminated chipboard. This material is strong, moisture resistant and is most suitable for use on balconies. It should be noted that the details of the cabinet should be cut very carefully, since chipped are possible. Do it better with electric jigsaw. Shelves can be made from thick plywood or chipboard sheets. For fastening the doors, conventional furniture loops are used. You can arrange the finished cabinet with a lining or plastic panels.

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