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Wooden Designer - Best Developmental Toy For Baby!

Experts unanimously assert that children's toys, in particular, designers for children, should be made of wood, since this natural material is best suited for these purposes.

Why a tree?

1. Every child gets to know the surrounding world through touch. Children touch objects, study the structure of their surface, try temperature and weight. It is important that the toys were made of natural materials: in this case, the baby will correctly form the perception of the world.

Hollow inside plastic toys turn out to be too light, that voluminous objects in nature are not peculiar. The weight of a wooden toy always corresponds to its size, therefore such products allow the child to learn to correctly estimate the ratio of dimensions and weight.

2. The undeniable advantage that wooden children's toys possess is ecological compatibility. The natural tree does not contain components that could harm the child's health. In addition, for the smallest, loving to taste everything, you can buy a children's designer, made without the use of any colorants.

3. The wooden constructor has high strength. Its details are very difficult to break or break, and if the child succeeds, the debris will not be dangerous. Plastic toys often form small fragments or parts with sharp edges.

4. Children's toys made of wood have minimal functionality and are rid of complex mechanisms, which excludes the possibility of a quick breakdown. Such products can be deservedly called eternal.

What are good toys for the baby?

Unlike toys of other kinds, designers provide the child with much greater scope for imagination. And this, according to experts, is very important for development.

Designer children's tree - an ideal toy for any child under the age of six. For older children, designers can be purchased from other materials with small parts.

A wooden constructor, as a rule, is a set containing figures of a simple geometric form: a cube, a cylinder, a cone, a parallelepiped, etc. A lesson with such a toy is the first step to getting acquainted with the forms. Details of wooden constructors do not have special connecting elements, for the construction of any structures, the elements can be simply put on each other. This principle is easily mastered by even the smallest child.

Designers for children perfectly develop logical and spatial thinking, imagination and fine motor skills. Well, if there are many details, and the child can combine them in different versions. This game does not bother, because every time it's easy to create new designs.

Manufacturers of wooden constructors

One of the most popular modern manufacturers of wooden toys deservedly are the firms "Tomik", "Valda" and "The World of Wooden Toys". These are Russian companies specializing in the production of exclusively high-quality and safe toys made of wood. The demand for products of these brands is explained by the wide range and environmental friendliness of the materials used.

Wooden designer "Tomik" under the name "Colorful Town" is an excellent gift to the youngest urban planner. The range of parts includes blocks for the construction of houses, nice little people and even wooden cars. This allows not only to build a city, but also to organize a full-fledged role-playing game.

A wooden designer is a sorter of parts from the company "The World of Wooden Toys" - a set of simple geometric shapes of various colors stored in a special bucket-sorter. In the lid of the bucket there are special holes of different shapes for each part.

What wooden designer to buy for older children? A good choice will be "Farm" from the manufacturer "The World of Wooden Toys." In this product, the parts are no longer simply placed on each other in a completely random order, but have special connecting elements.

A useful toy for any child

Wood as a material for making toys will never go out of fashion. If you want to give your child the most useful toy, which will be for him really interesting, then boldly stop your choice on a wooden designer.

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