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How to store cranberries in the home: useful advice to housewives for a note

For a long time the cranberry was considered a storehouse of vitamins. Berry is rich in ascorbic acid, which is why it is recommended for the prevention of colds. It is used both in folk medicine and in cooking. But not everyone knows how to store cranberries for a long time. We will talk about this.

From the berries you get delicious mousses, salads, fruit drinks and even the second dishes. And how useful are vitamins filled with cranberry juice! They differ in curative strength and piquant taste. Doctors recommend eating berries year round.

How to store cranberries at home so that it remains as useful and tasty?

Yes, it's very simple. Remember: longer and better kept sour berries. After collection it does not need to be cleared of debris, it is under the marsh moss that the fruits remain fresh for a long time. So, how to store cranberries at home in many ways? We pass to the important part of the article.

To keep the berries all winter, without losing their usefulness and taste, they use ordinary water. But so only unripe fruits are stored. Cranberries are laid out in a container, filled with boiled water and stored in this form throughout the winter period.

Many grind it with granulated sugar and freeze it. To begin with, the fruits need to be sorted and removed. Next we wash them and dry them, laying them on the towel. Dry berries are passed through a meat grinder or whisked in a blender along with sugar (proportions 1: 1).

If you take less sugar, the cranberry will start to wander and deteriorate. We transfer the fruit mass to a clean and dry jar, top it with a lid and move it to the attic or to the basement where there is no dampness.


How else to store cranberries? For the winter it can be frozen. This is an excellent and most acceptable option. Take the undamaged fruits, rinse them thoroughly and put them in a special container or a plastic bag. Periodically shake the container, not allowing the berries to stick together. From fresh frozen cranberries prepare jelly, fruit drinks and compotes. Can be thinned with dried fruits.

In dried form

How to store cranberries at home in a dried state? Rinse the berries slightly blanch, until the flesh itself will not depart from the skin. Uniform layer spread the product on a baking sheet and dry in an oven at 60 ° C for 5 hours. A simple and effective method will have mistresses to their liking.

In wet condition

Fill the fruit with water, add a little honey, spices (cloves, cinnamon). Above we set the yoke. In a month you can eat cranberries. In the wet state, it is even more delicious.

In the form of jam

We recommend that you cook cranberries from a delicious jam, which will save you from vitamin deficiency in winter. One kilogram of berries is taken one and a half cups of water and the same amount of sugar. Cook the syrup, add the fruits to it and leave it on low heat for 15 minutes. By the way, for piquancy, some put walnuts or slices of apples. Ready jam is laid out on glass containers and sealed.

Here we are and told how to store cranberries at home without the use of harmful impurities - all recipes are fairly simple and affordable. Similar methods store any fruit. Agree: it is much better to eat fresh, cooked food, knowing that they will bring tremendous benefit to the body.

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