Remaking old furniture yourself: ideas

Do not rush to throw out the outdated furniture. It can be transformed. It can become an inexhaustible source of thoughts and decisions, a space for their implementation. In order, for example, to transform a slightly worn chest of drawers into an element of decor, it is not necessary to have great talent or special skills. Remaking old furniture with your own hands will require only imagination and a minimal set of simple devices and tools. Next, consider how you can transform objects.

Ideas for altering old furniture

Before you start, you can stock up on sandpaper, paints, brushes, pieces of cardboard or wallpaper. Those who have very little experience, experts recommend using thin paper for decoupage. From it you can cut out any picture or pattern. If it is gently glued to the prepared surface, then it looks like the application will be like a drawing. I must say that it is not always necessary to re-make old furniture into modern furniture. In some cases, on the contrary, it is better to give a "retro-plaque".

Remaking old furniture: master-class "Bird on a branch"

This motive has been in fashion for a long time. To create such a pattern, a "reverse stencil" technique is used. Very good looks pattern on the chest, for example. The surface must be cleaned from the old paint first. To do this, use sandpaper. Further, the surface is ground smoothly, cleaned and covered with acrylic paint. It is better to use dark colors here. After the paint has dried, use a self-adhesive paper to cut out the stencil and paste it on the surface. You can add the effect of antiquity. For this, the corners and other protruding elements are rubbed with ordinary paraffin. After that, the chest is covered with white acrylic paint. As soon as it dries a little, the stencil can be peeled off. On the sites wiped with wax, the bottom layer of paint will be viewed. After the coating has completely dried, the dresser can be varnished.

Experiments with color

Remaking old furniture yourself can be very exciting. Especially this applies to objects in which there are many boxes. There is absolutely no need to be afraid to experiment with the color scheme. Dark shades, for example, can be diluted with original fittings. Bright spots can be used in the children's room. Alteration of old furniture in this case is reduced to mere repainting. Bright color there is no need to decorate extra. Boxes from the inside can be pasted with wallpaper, the same as on walls. It will be very effective to look at. You can paint the chest of drawers in light gray. After the paint has dried, the mounting tape is glued to the drawers with curved and straight lines. Then white paint is applied. After it is dry, the tape is removed and the handles are screwed. A glossy pattern of the same color looks very impressive on a black matte background. However, do not limit yourself. Remaking old furniture is not only repainting the surface and decoupage using special paper. Very original pieces of furniture look, with the renovation of which, along with the paint used lace. To create an unusual appearance, the surface is covered with acrylic paint of dark tones. After drying from above, you need to put a piece of lace and fix it with an adhesive tape. Through it, the surface should be covered with white paint from an aerosol can. The fabric is then carefully removed. The paint must be allowed to dry. After that, the surface must be varnished.


The alteration of old furniture involves not only the repair of a single object. In the process, you can create a whole decorative composition. For example, primed and covered with two layers of white paint, the chest is perfectly complemented by simple pillows and new rollers. A picture that can be made from an old frame is perfect for it. It should be painted in the tone of the chest, insert a piece of wallpaper inside and fix it with glue of a medium-sized branch. They will serve as a hanger for headgear.

Updating the trolley

The alteration of old furniture, as a rule, is done according to preliminary sketches. So much easier to imagine the final result of the work. To update the cart, it must first be ground and primed. Then it should be painted. After drying, a simple pencil drawing is applied to the surface. Next, cut the scrapbooking paper into small pieces and attach them with a decoupage glue to the pattern. Two more adhesive layers are applied to the ready application.

Puffin case

Often alteration of old furniture (photo of some updated items can be found in the article) involves the use of textiles. For example, you can make a funny cover for puff. A circle for the upper region and a band for the side are cut from the fabric. Here, before cutting off, it is necessary to note also allowances for seams. The edge is sewn along the upper edge of the side fabric, and the frill to the bottom. 5 pockets with an elastic band are added on top. They should be made of bright fabric. The legs of the puffin should also be removed and painted. After drying, they should be screwed back. At the end, the cover is put on top.


Return to life this piece of furniture can be with the help of new cloth and paint. The previous upholstery can be removed, cut down the top decorative trim, sanded, primed and dyed. After drying, you can add batting. So the chair will be higher. Then you need to enclose it with a new cloth. On the back of the chair, you can apply a monogram using a stencil and a special paint.


Remaking old furniture - walls or closets, for example, will help make these items more functional. So, to the frame with the shelves, you can attach the door from the bottom and the drop-out table. As a result, this piece of furniture can become more useful. Elements can be cut from MDF. They are ground, primed and covered with paint. After drying, the lower door can be hung on French hinges. With the help of chains and loops, the opening part is installed. New knobs are screwed onto the doors.

TV stand

In shops with cheap goods you can often find unattractive pieces of furniture. Nondescript cabinet can be completely turned into a charming bedside detail. First of all, you should replace the rollers with ordinary wooden legs. Next, remove the doors and decorate their facade with decorative paper. All the rest of the cabinet must be primed and painted. From the plywood, you need to cut out the back wall and paste paper on it in color. The doors are installed on the curb. At the end, new handles are screwed on.


It can be turned into an original sofa. The base of the bed can be cut in half vertically so that you can make the handle. For the seat and the front crossbeam, you need to cut the pieces of MDF. All parts are assembled with screws and glue. Then everything is ground, ground and painted. After the sofa has dried, you can fix the decorative strip. To create a soft base, foam can be wrapped with batting and a coverlet. To give a finished look you need to sew a cover.


A completely new and very original look can give this object a cloth and a paint. First you need to remove the soft foundation. Analysis of the chair is best done in order: the backrest (internal), the wooden base, the handles (internal), the outer handles and the backrest. All wooden elements are ground, cleaned, primed and painted. The paint should dry. Using the previous details as templates, you need to cut out pieces of cloth for each. They will need to be fixed for all elements. Next, the chair is assembled in the reverse order given above. In the end, you can attach a decorative ornamental strip.

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