Types of sofa mechanisms. Replacement of corner sofa mechanisms

No modern apartment can not do without a sofa. Today, this furniture differs not only in design and color, but also in machinery. Let's look at the types of sofa mechanisms, as well as how the angular sofa mechanisms can be replaced.

Variety of sofa mechanisms

In the modern furniture market, you can buy any sofa that fits your interior. Today you can also order an exclusive model. But in this or that case, you should decide on the mechanism on which the sofa is based.

Today there is a wide range of types of mechanisms: "book", "click-clack", "whistle", "dolphin", "sofa-lit", "accordion", "flash", "rollout".

Ancestor of all these mechanisms is considered to be a "book". This same basis is not only usual, but also an angular sofa. The mechanism of this kind presupposes first lifting one of the parts of the sofa to a click, after which it is completely placed in the original horizontal position in such a way that both these parts lay the joint in the joint.

Today, modern sofas are more equipped with mechanisms "accordion", and "dolphin".

Mechanisms of "accordion" and "dolphin" in corner sofas

"Accordion" and "dolphin" in the corner sofas - this is an ideal version of the mechanisms. They do not require a lot of time to turn the furniture on which you can sit on the bed. Let's look at each of them in more detail.

Angular sofas with the "accordion" mechanism are similar to their wooden counterparts. But they are still different from them. The basis of this mechanism is a metal frame. In order to expand a sofa of this type, it is necessary to raise the part, which is intended for sitting, and pull it toward you. So she by itself "leaves". As a rule, sofas with such a mechanism are equipped with removable covers and have armrests and high backs.

Corner sofa with the "dolphin" mechanism is the most common in our country. It works according to the following principle. From its base (seat) stretches its secondary part. After that, it is slightly raised for a special loop and the joint is fixed to the joint with the seat base, forming a place for sleeping. This mechanism was called so because of all the movements of its parts during the dismantling of the sofa like a diving dolphin. Some models are equipped with springs-auto-guides.

Causes of breakage of the mechanisms of corner sofas

Whichever sofa you buy, all the same, eventually its mechanism will fail. Especially it concerns those cases when this furniture is laid out daily for sleeping.

When using the sofa, it is necessary to treat it carefully. This applies not only to soft parts, but also to its mechanism. In no case should you make sharp movements, do not need to yank. This is the main reason for the disorder of a rigid foundation. And in the future, the replacement of the mechanisms of a corner sofa is the only thing that will be able to restore the furniture to its original functionality.

In addition, another reason for the rapid breakdown of sofa mechanisms is poor-quality hardware. Buying cheap furniture, many people think that they will manage to save money. But this is far from the case. A new interior will not last long. And you have to pay for its repair. Therefore, before buying budget furniture, you need to cock all the pros and cons.

How to repair the mechanism of corner sofas?

Before proceeding with such a process as changing the mechanism of a corner sofa, you must first disassemble it and see which parts do not function properly and which ones are not at all suitable for future use.

In the event that the mechanism is intact, but produces a creaking while driving, simply lubricate it with engine oil. If the hardware has burst or is completely out of order, in this case it needs to be replaced.

Replacement of the mechanisms of a corner sofa should begin with a preliminary study of the details, since new purchases must be identical to the old ones. In this case, it is better to take the items with you to the store and show the seller. He will advise on which option you better stop. Remember, the exact size and quality of the mechanism for the sofa is very important. Otherwise, in the near future you will again repair your furniture.

How correctly to replace mechanisms of angular sofas?

Replacement of the mechanism of a corner sofa is not an easy task. As a rule, he is trusted by specialists. But if you do not have the opportunity to pay for their work and you have at least a minimal skill in repairing such things, you can quite manage on your own.

As it was said above, before acquiring new mechanisms, it is necessary to remove their exact measurements. After you already have new parts in stock, you must completely remove the old ones from the base and attach new ones to the same place. In addition, glue the glue fixation for a complete fixation. This will prevent later creaking furniture.

Prevention of breakdown mechanisms: basic rules

In addition to the above reasons, the breakdown of sofa mechanisms can be the result of a favorite activity for all children - jumping on the couch. Therefore, in no case should they not be allowed to do this.

In order to replace the mechanism of a corner sofa you needed your furniture as rarely as possible and your faithful "soft friend" served you for many years, you must periodically lubricate all its elements.

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