Choosing comfortable beds for a teenager

When choosing beds for a teenager, consult with him about color decisions. Many parents believe that furniture should be the most stylish, all possible shades of the rainbow and with incredible functionality, forgetting, however, to ask the child what he would like. In the salon-stores are now presented a variety of beds for a teenager for both large and small rooms.

There are several basic characteristics that should be considered when choosing a bed for a teenager:

  • The frame from which the bed is made must be made of environmentally friendly materials (natural wood, particleboard or MDF).
  • The sleeping place should be comfortable, with a comfortable orthopedic mattress with hypoallergenic natural fillers. Your child's spine develops and grows, so he needs quality support during sleep.
  • If you decide to choose as a bed for a teenager soft furniture, then the upholstery of the sofa choose also from hypoallergenic natural materials.
  • Do not clutter the child's room with a huge sleeping place, it's better to see what there are in the shops folding sofas, products with drawers or beds-transformers for teenagers, and choose the right option. Furniture for sleep should be comfortable, rational and functional.
  • The standard size of a bed for a teenager is usually 190 (length) and 120 cm (width) - this is the optimal combination for a fast-growing person. The height should be approximately 40-50 cm.
  • If you have two children of the same sex, you can buy for them a bunk bed with a beautiful and unusual design.

Sometimes to save space, the acquisition of a transformer bed is rational. Then the bed will be on the second tier, and on the first there will be a desk and a locker for books and papers. Children are very fond of climbing the stairs to a high bed! Remember that in this case it should be equipped with sturdy rims to avoid the fall of the child during sleep.

There are beds, the length of which can increase depending on the growth of the child, that is, to move from 120 cm to 190 cm. This option is convenient because it is possible to do various changes in the room without changing furniture. Very comfortable beds, which have drawers. You can add bed linens, seasonal clothes, toys or books. I myself had such a bed, and I kept there New Year's toys, books, shoes - in general, anything that came to mind! By the way, such boxes will be comfortable in the usual double bed of parents. They can clean bedspreads, pillows and blankets, without cluttering the bedroom space during sleep. Below you can see exactly this variant of a bed for teenagers. The photo shows an option for two children, which includes an additional storage space for things - this is a fully functional and interesting design model.

Do not buy too much boring, "adult" furniture for your child, because children have to play, develop, and the colors in their rooms also affect the perception of the outside world. Nevertheless, you should not go to extremes and get a bed that is too screaming, wild and acidic, otherwise the teenager will fall into aggression or despondency. The child's room should be bright, but the colors should be perceived calmly. A good solution is to use pastel colors of furniture (blue, green, orange) with bright accessories.

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