Glass stand for TV table, on the curb (photo)

Glass stand for TV - a stylish solution. Such an object will adequately decorate any interior, while easily fit in both a small and a large room. Manufacturers use original design ideas, which allows to give the stands an elegant and beautiful appearance.

The quality of the used glass is at a high level. This material is capable of withstanding loads of up to 60 kilograms, so in their strength and reliability you can be 100% sure. Glass stand for TV (see photo in the article) has a long service life, during which the appearance of chips, cracks, scratches and other defects is completely ruled out.

To look after such thumbs is very simple, it is enough to use a special detergent for glasses. Its formula allows you to perfectly clean the surface without leaving stains and stains.

With the advent of plasma panels, the glass stand under the TV has become the most in demand. Its original design not only complements the overall interior, but gives it space and ease.

Possibility of stand for TVs

The main purpose of these supports is to set the TV. However, more often than not this is not enough, since in the kit there are other devices that perform an equally important role. This is a tuner, DVD, speakers and stuff. As a rule, additional shelves are needed for their placement, so these moments should be taken into account when you buy a glass stand under the TV on the curb.

Manufacturers are now pleased with the abundance of a variety of models. For example, in a small room will look great angular stand. You can also choose wall and floor cabinets. The latter are equipped with roller wheels that provide mobility.

Also you can find models with bracket. They are quite convenient because the TV itself does not take up space on the table top, and the swivel mechanism makes it easy to change the viewing angle.

Table stand

Glass stand for TV set - an excellent solution for small rooms. Here every centimeter on the account. You can install it in the living room, kitchen and bedroom. These stands are quite functional: on the additional shelves you can place a lot of small things, which greatly ennobles the overall space. Thanks to the original design, transparency and light color scheme, the room will seem much more spacious.

Suitable sizes are now easy to pick up. In this matter, one should be guided by the diagonal of the TV set and the dimensions of the object to which it will be installed. In order to ensure the maximum safety and reliability of television equipment, the edges of the stand should protrude by 15-20 cm.

Sometimes tabletops on the rear panel have special devices, with which they can be attached to the wall. This option is quite convenient.

Outdoor models of TV stands

Glass stand for TV outdoor - the most common option. They are the most functional. As a rule, such models are equipped with a large number of shelves, which allows you to place other equipment, disks and other accessories.

The design of such models is quite diverse. In general, the base of glass supports is made of metal, this gives them a stylish and extra reliability. Compact and medium-sized models have wheels. With the help of their thumbs it is easy to move. In here volumetric models are made on stationary legs. They are great for installing all the components of a home theater.

Glass stand with wooden elements

The combination of glass and wood has long been considered the most harmonious. This duet belongs to the classics and never goes out of fashion. Stand for TV glass with wood trim perfectly fits into the interior with any style. For example, the original carved elements will give the antique beauty cabinet, and simple, clear forms - modern elegance.

The design of such models is built on contrasts. The transparency and lightness of the glass emphasizes the power of the tree. Its natural design is reflected favorably from the surface of the shelves, creating a feeling of warmth and comfort.


When choosing such models of glass supports, it is necessary to take into account a certain feature: the more wooden finishes, the more massive it will look. Especially acute this effect is felt in small rooms.

Compositions of metal and glass

Modern styles of interiors dictate their own rules, so since the beginning of 2000, such design trends as techno and high-tech have become fashionable. Their feature is the presence of metal accessories. Such elements can be used both in decor and decoration. For example, a glass stand under the TV with metal props in such an interior looks quite profitable. Compositions from these materials embody strength, elegance and beauty.

The designer solutions of glass stands exceeded all expectations. In stores you can see both simple models and the most complex ones. The originality of the implementation, of course, affects the cost of the product. So, for example, an ordinary stand with three glass shelves, which are fastened with metal legs, will be much cheaper than author's work, where different effects were used during the manufacture.

Very often you can find such stands with LED backlight. It allows you to create the sensation of an object hovering in the air, reflected by a characteristic luster in the chrome-plated metal.

How to choose a glass stand under the TV: advice of professionals

  1. The design of the stand must correspond to the general style.
  2. If you are using a desktop model, then you need to choose a color scheme.
  3. Check the technical characteristics of the used glass, as they will be responsible for the strength and reliability of the object.
  4. The glass stand for the TV must match the size of the equipment.
  5. Before buying, you need to check the product for defects: cracks, chips, scratches.

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