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How to properly and which vaccinations to rabbits

Vaccinations for rabbits are necessary in order that animals do not get sick, grow well and develop. Among domestic animals, rabbits are most susceptible to infectious diseases. Many of them lead to the death of animals, so vaccinations to rabbits are vital. The most common among these animals are myxomatosis and hemorrhagic diseases. It happens that unvaccinated animals do not get sick for a long time, but these are rare cases and there is no need to hope for them. Vaccinations for rabbits, which are made on time and qualified specialists, will save animals from diseases, and if they become ill, everything will take place in an easy and not dangerous form for their life.

Vaccination of rabbits

For rabbits, as for all other animals, there is an iron rule for vaccination - animals must necessarily be healthy. If it is noticed that the animal is sick, vaccination should be postponed for a while. When carrying out the vaccinations, it is very important to observe the scheme: if several vaccinations are prescribed and you missed the specified time, you will have to start all the vaccinations from the very beginning. Do not independently vaccinate rabbits, this should be done in the clinic, and if you have many animals, you should invite a vet to your home.

As already mentioned, rabbits are most often ill with such diseases as viral hemorrhagic disease and myxomatosis. Applied as vaccines for each of these diseases individually, and a complex vaccine against both diseases. Different experts have different opinions about which vaccine is better, mono or complex. But most importantly, do not make a decision about choosing a vaccine yourself, let it be done by an experienced veterinarian.

Vaccine for rabbits: the timing of the introduction

There are certain dates when it is possible to vaccinate animals. The vaccine against myxomatosis can be administered to animals that are three months old. To vaccinate against a viral hemorrhagic infection is allowed after the rabbit reaches the age of 12-14 months, and it is applied even for pregnant rabbits. Repeated vaccination is given after a year.

You can vaccinate rabbits in a veterinary clinic or at home. Many experts oppose vaccinations in the clinic, they are motivated by the fact that the animal is at an additional risk of getting sick during transportation and stay in the clinic. Also, the animal gets extra stress, which can negatively affect its health. But, we shall repeat, it is not necessary to resort to independent vaccination of an animal. Only an experienced specialist will be able to properly vaccinate, select the dose of the drug and assess the general condition of the animal before the vaccination.

The vaccine is completely harmless to animals and injected subcutaneously. Steady immunity is formed on the third day and persists throughout the year.

In addition to the two mentioned diseases, rabbits still suffer from such diseases:

- pasteurellosis is a bacterial infection that occurs in the form of small flashes. Rabies are subject to this disease, starting from 40 days, and at any time of the year. An animal has a significantly increased fever, a runny nose, diarrhea, conjunctivitis, pneumonia develops later;

- salmonellosis is also a bacterial infection. It is most often affected by rabbits at the age of 1-3 months. The animal refuses to take food, there is drowsiness and lethargy, then diarrhea;

- colibacillosis - another bacterial infection, which is often sick rabbits. Signs are poor appetite, diarrhea, depression and emaciation.

For vaccinations against these diseases, a complex vaccine is used, which is produced by the Vitebsk biofactory and the Stavropol biofactory.

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