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Museums of Rostov-on-Don: addresses and descriptions

The southern capital of Russia - Rostov-on-Don - is a city with rich cultural traditions. To see its many attractions, a lot of tourists from all corners of Russia come there during the year. Those who have already visited the capital of the Southern Federal District are advised to visit the museums of Rostov-on-Don. There are about a dozen of them in the city, and, having looked into these cultural institutions, one can learn a lot about the history of the Kuban and about the talented and hardworking people who inhabit these regions.

Local History Museum of Rostov-on-Don

One of the main sights of the city is located at Bolshaya Sadovaya street, house 79. The museum was founded in 1937 and consists of several departments representing the culture, nature and history of the Rostov region. The main pride of his collection is an exposition called "Treasures of the Don Mounds". It is a unique archaeological collection of 2 000 items made of gold and silver, which date back to the 6th century. BC. E. Up to the 8th century. N. E.

In the museum you can also see a lot of memorial Cossack sabers, checkers, daggers and military weapons of soldiers of two world wars.

Also of great interest is a collection of ethnographic clothes, in which are presented festive clothes and pearls decorated with ponies of Don cossacks, silk and velvet headdresses of Armenian women Nakhichevani-on-Don, caps of Tatars, and also traditional costumes of Russian-Ukrainian borderers and decorative art items , Made by German-colonists.

Museum of Fine Arts in Rostov-on-Don

Fans of painting, graphics and sculpture should definitely visit an old mansion, located at: ul. Pushkinskaya, 115. In its halls there is a part of the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts. It was founded in 1938 thanks to the efforts of Academician of the Academy of the Academy of Arts of the USSR M. Saryan, L. Silin and writer M. Shahinyan. Initially, replenishment of funds was carried out through the central museums of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Today in the halls of ROMIA you can see the canvases of Western European artists, representatives of the Russian school of painting, AK Bryullov, V. Surikov, I. Repin, I. Kramskoy, I. Aivazovsky and I. Levitan, as well as paintings by contemporary masters. In addition, an interesting collection of icons, written in different styles, is of interest. Like many other museums in Rostov-on-Don, this cultural institution is actively working with children, introducing them to high art.

Rostov Museum of Railway Engineering

On the site of the abolished railway station "Gnilovskaya" you can see the samples of old steam locomotives, diesel locomotives and wagons. Of course, all museums of Rostov-on-Don are of interest, but this is a very special exhibition of technical rarities. After all, in our country there are only a few collections of railway equipment of past epochs that can compete with Rostov on the diversity of the presented "exhibits".

Museum of Russian-Armenian Friendship

To the address: st. Bagramyan, 1, in the city is the church of Surb Khach. This is the oldest building from the preserved in the city. When deciding which museums of Rostov-on-Don you should visit, be sure to turn your eyes to the Museum of Russian-Armenian Friendship that has been functioning since 1972 at this temple. He tells about the history of the city of Nakhchivan-on-Don, founded by Armenians-settlers from Crimea, and it contains objects of everyday life and manuscripts of the 18th century.

Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts

This charity project was launched in 2005. The Museum of Art (Rostov-on-Don) sees its mission in acquainting residents of the city and its guests with the works of artists and sculptors of the 20th and 21st centuries. It operates at: ul. Shaumyan, 51.

The museum regularly holds various exhibitions, and he tries to take an active part in all cultural events in the city. In particular, several years ago his staff successfully presented the project "Conceptualism: Here and There" at the South-Russian Biennale dedicated to contemporary art.

Museum of the History of Technology

On Voroshilovsky Avenue, house number 65/102, tourists can see old samples of the first computers, arithmometers, televisions, loudspeakers, tube receivers, telegraphs, polyphones, typewriters, music boxes, phonographs, gramophones, phonographs, electrophones, telephones, mimeographs, cameras , Amateur film cameras, film projectors and diaprojectors, etc. The museum has the most modern touch screens, allowing visitors to get acquainted with the history of an exhibit. The collection is constantly replenished, as many townspeople pass on to the staff for demonstration technical rarities that have been preserved in their homes.


At the address: 97 Tekucheva Street, one of the youngest museums in Rostov-on-Don is located. It opened only three years ago, but is already very popular. It presents more than 100 exhibits, which are placed on 3 floors. They clearly illustrate various physical laws. A visit to the "Laboratory" is especially interesting and useful for school-age children, since it can engender a love for natural sciences in them.

Now you know which museums of Rostov-on-Don, exhibitions and other attractions you should visit if you find yourself in the Southern capital of Russia.

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