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How to help a birth cat at home?

You still do not know how to help a baby? In this article, we will try to answer this question in detail and analyze all the points, from the preparation of the nest to the generic activity.

Any cat during labor may need help. The opinion that cats give birth always without problems is mistaken. Yes, basically, in the process of patrimonial activity of the python, there are no pathologies, but you have to be prepared for everything. Especially in the event that you are really looking forward to the birth of the kittens, for example, for sale.

We equip the nest

The appearance of kittens is always a great stress for your pet. That is why it is very important to prepare a nest for birth in advance, and try to accustom the animal to it. As a nest, you can use a spacious box that has a top cover. In order for the cat to be able to get inside easily, it is necessary to cut a hole in the side part. Do not put soft blankets on the bottom of the box. The best option is a few layers of paper or baby diapers (they will most likely have to be thrown away).

The box should be placed in a warm, quiet and dark place where there are no drafts. Put in this room a bucket for rubbish, food and water for your pet. And so that the question: "How to help the giving birth to a cat?" Did not catch you unawares, we will tell you a little about the signs of pregnancy and the beginning of the ancestral activity of the animal.

Signs of pregnancy and approaching delivery

If you know the day of mating, then to determine the approximate date of birth will be easier. The cat nurses the kittens approximately 65-67 days. Her stomach begins to increase, her appetite increases, her nipples grow, becoming a bright pink shade.

In the last days of pregnancy:

  • From the chest of the animal colostrum begins to be allocated.
  • Belly falls.
  • The body temperature decreases.
  • The mucus from the vagina is allocated.

In addition, the cat begins to look for a place suitable for delivery. You will notice that she is hiding in the closet, examining the remote corners of the room and so on.

On the day of birth the animal refuses food, very often goes to the toilet and then, when attempts appear, begins to give birth. If your pet is giving birth for the first time, be ready to give her all possible help.

Prepare in advance

Before helping a pregnant cat to give birth, it is necessary to prepare in advance. Acquire sterile gloves, petroleum jelly or lubricant, a solution of betadine and a pipette in the pharmacy. Also at hand should be a pair of scissors (make sure that they are sterile). In the box, in which the kittens will lie later, it is advisable to put the heating pad on so that the kids do not freeze and quickly adapt to the new conditions.

Day of childbirth

How to help the cat give birth to the first time? This question is asked by many. On the day of birth, you need to be especially careful, because your pet at any time may need help.

You will notice that your cat's behavior on the day of birth has changed dramatically.

  • Previously, a calm cat on the day of childbirth begins to walk constantly around the rooms, try on the nest for an infinite number of times and often lick genitals.
  • Rectal temperature drops by about 2 degrees.
  • The cat breathes faster, as the pain increases, it starts to purr and even scream.
  • The vagina of the animal swells, blood or yellow discharge appears from it.

This is the first stage of labor, which can last from 12 to 24 hours. Maybe you do not have to think about how to help a cat to give birth to kittens, but it will not be superfluous to support it morally (pat on the stomach and talk to it). Be next to your favorite.

Stages of birth in a cat

сопровождается схватками вперемешку с потугами. The first stage of labor is accompanied by fights interspersed with attempts. Under the influence of attempts kittens move along the ancestral path.

The second stage of labor is the appearance of kittens. At first, amniotic fluid emerges, then a part of the kitten appears. Kittens, like people, are born "head first". With another presentation, the kitty will need your help. It happens that the kitten moves forward with its feet, this is not a pathology.

After the birth of the kitten, the cat releases it from the amniotic bladder, licks it, gnaws the umbilical cord. After the cub started to breathe and screamed, she puts it to her chest. This is a normal process of delivery for cats.

In the third stage of labor, the condition of the cat's uterus becomes quiet after the birth of each baby. After the kitten, the latter appears, which the cat eats. In order for a cat not to vomit after childbirth or diarrhea, it is best not to let it eat more than two consecutive. The calm period of the uterus lasts about fifteen minutes, after which the labor activity resumes.

If the birth of your cat occurs as described above, then you will not think about how to help the cat give birth. Here the main thing is to count the number of kittens and successions. If you miss one afterbirth, then it does not come out, and this can lead to a serious inflammatory disease.

Remember that after the birth of several kittens, childbirth may be suspended for a period of 12 to 36 hours. This phenomenon is quite normal, do not worry.

When can a cat need your help?

So, the cat gives birth to the first time. How to help, you do not know. It is important to understand that there are signs that directly indicate that the pet needs help. Here they are:

  • Part of the kitten has already appeared, but it can not be born, since it is stuck.
  • The kitten does not breathe.
  • The cat did not release the baby from the amniotic bladder.
  • If the pet can not crack the umbilical cord.

  • The latter does not leave for a long time.

We render assistance to a giving birth to a cat

How to help the cat quickly give birth? If the kitten is stuck in the birth canal, then lubricate the vagina of the animal with petroleum jelly or a lubricant. Usually it helps. If it does not help, then you need to start examining your pet. To do this, grease the vulva with betadine solution and put on sterile gloves. Next, you need to insert a finger into the vagina of the animal, without touching the anal opening, and put the other hand on the stomach, closer to the pelvis. Try to deploy the baby along the birth canal. It is important to determine the presentation of the kitten.

If the baby goes head first, but at the same time his head is turned sideways or the chin protrudes forward, you need to do the manipulations described below. So, how to help the baby in this case?

  • Gently put the finger in the mouth of the baby.
  • Gently unfold the head of the kitten so that it can continue to pass unhindered through the birth canal.
  • To the kitten did not come back, press on the crotch of the cat, at the bottom of the anal opening. This will lead to the fact that the python starts to push.

This method also helps if the baby moves forward with the sacrum. But here during the examination you need to alternately hook the paws of the kitten and lead them along the ancestral path.

What if the fruit is large?

How to help a cat give birth to a large kitten? Even if he moves his head forward, his shoulder area can prevent him from being born. We fix the problem in this way:

  • After lubricating the vagina, enter the inside of the finger and try to grope the elbows of both paws of the kitten in turn.
  • Grab each paw in the shoulder region.
  • Turn the cub from side to side, try to alternately pull the paws forward.
  • In the event that the baby is in the lower part of the birth canal, make the python stride. To do this, you need to stretch the vagina.

We release the kitten from the amniotic bladder

If the cat within one minute after the birth of the calf did not release it from the amniotic fluid, the following should be done:

  • Quickly cut the bubble.
  • Take out the newborn and wrap it with a cloth.
  • Further it is necessary, holding the baby's head, to bend his body in an arc, so that his knees are pulled to the chest. If you do so several times, the baby's breathing will appear.
  • If necessary, remove by pipet from the mouth and nose remnants of amniotic fluid.
  • Pound the cub with a towel. If breathing does not appear, give artificial respiration.

What if the last does not work out?

We figured out how to help the cat give birth at home. But what should we do if the latter does not come out?

In this case, you must put on sterile gloves, gently insert your finger into the vagina of the animal and try to get the latter. If nothing happened, call the vet at the house.

How to tie a kitten's cord on its own?

It happens that for certain reasons the cat is not able to gnaw the umbilical cord. Usually she must gnaw it within fifteen minutes after the birth of the baby. If this does not happen, you will have to help.

  • Squeeze the umbilical cord with your fingers four centimeters from the baby's belly.
  • Take a clean thread and bind the umbilical cord.
  • Sterile scissors cut the umbilical cord.
  • Treat the cut with antiseptic solution.

When should I call the veterinarian?

It happens that you know how to help the giving birth to a cat, but without the help of a veterinarian can not do. There are several signs that your pet needs urgent medical attention.

First of all, watch how many days the pregnancy of the animal lasts. If the term "exceeded" in 70 days, you need to urgently contact the veterinarian.

Pay attention to the body temperature of the animal. If the cat has a fever, then this is the reason to call a doctor.

You should be disturbed by bright bloody discharge from the vagina of the pitoma, especially if the bleeding lasts more than 10 minutes.

Heard an unpleasant sharp smell from the vagina? Urgently contact your veterinarian.

If the cat has strong contractions, lasting two hours, and the birth did not come, then without the help of a specialist can not do. It happens that two kittens try to pass through the birth canal at the same time.

If the first phase of childbirth lasts more than a day, or if you see that the baby is stuck and you are unable to help it, the cat needs urgent qualified help.

What if the baby was born dead?

Unfortunately, it happens that the kittens are born dead. The reasons for the tragedy can be many, often people do not know how to help a cat give birth to a dead kitten, and turn to a veterinary clinic.

If you saw that the cat gave birth to a dead kitten, first of all, do not panic. Newborn calves may only seem dead due to severe contractions, low room temperature in the room or obstruction of the respiratory tract with mucus.

Clean the respiratory tract of the kitten with a pipette, wipe it, stimulate the breath, hold it slightly upside down over your hind legs, and put it in a box with a warm water bottle. Persistently apply these kittens to the cat's chest.

A baby can be born dead because of a long period of childbirth. Therefore, if you notice that the cat has given birth to several kittens, but if one or two fetuses are groomed when palpating her belly, you should contact the veterinarian. The cat has breaks in childbirth, but it's better to be safe anyway. Especially you should be alarmed by a break more than twelve hours.

In some cases, the doctor may recommend that the cat make a caesarean section.

Even a cat helps a cat to give birth!

Who would have thought that even a cat helps a cat to give birth! A resident of Vietnam Tuy Duong Panda has a cat named Yello and a cat named Tam Do. When there Before I gave birth, her partner did not depart from her and provided all possible help, supporting and calming.

The couple had four healthy kittens, and this was the first birth for Tam Do. Daddy kittens support their beloved even after giving birth.

Take care of your pets, do not be afraid to help. You will not cause kittens harm, but help the cat and her cubs cope with the difficulties. Moreover, if necessary, you can always call the veterinarian, who will tell you how to act in this or that case.

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