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A quality winter tent is an undeniable advantage of a fisherman

It has long been known that a winter tent is one of the main elements for fishing on ice. Approach bream to bait can sometimes wait for hours, and being all this time in the wind and frost is not only uncomfortable, but dangerous for health.

What should be a winter tent so that your favorite hobby does not turn into self-torture? First of all, it should not be blown by the wind. Winter fishing tents are produced to this day, taking into account this requirement, however, if you choose a particular option, care should be taken to ensure that the tight material is not sealed. In other words, he must "breathe". Otherwise, condensation will form on the walls of the tent, which after a while will turn into ice. Both types are produced both with a bottom and without it.

As for the design, we can distinguish two types of tents: wireframe and "automatic". The first are installed by the type of conventional summer structures and are characterized by stability and reliability. A distinctive feature of automatic designs is quick assembly / disassembly, at the same time such a winter tent is less stable, and with a strong wind it shakes noticeably.

It would seem that color is the last characteristic, which does not affect the quality of fishing in any way. Actually this is not true. In cloudy weather or in the dark, the tent should be light, so refuse camouflage and dark colors, but prefer white or yellow colors.

The smaller the winter tent, the warmer it is, the more, the more comfortable it is here - it is not advisable to advise anything here. As for the form, the variant with a rounded base is preferable. With such a design, the windage will be smaller. In the tent, there must certainly be windows for ventilation, preferably if they are transparent. Take care also about the presence of pockets, hooks and other small things that will make fishing comfortable. It is also convenient to have two doors. So, with a long parking on ice, the direction of the wind can change more than once, in this case, the second input will be very handy.

Be sure to pay attention to how much this or that construction is transportable, what dimensions and weight is in the folded state. Sometimes to a place of parking on ice it is necessary to pass an impressive distance, therefore superfluous kgs behind a back will be to what.

Now, with regard to exploitation. Install the structure on ice in such a way that the inlet and the ventilation valve are on the side opposite the wind. Pre-lubricate the zippers with paraffin and try not to close and open them to the end to avoid freezing.

Do not forget about heating. Winter tents with a stove will make fishing more comfortable and will not freeze in case of severe frost. As a rule, gas burners and half-liter bottles to them are used. The daily supply of such cylinders taking into account the heating and boiling of water should be 5-6 pieces. On the perimeter, the structure can be additionally sprinkled with snow - this not only insulates it inside, but also makes the tent more stable in strong winds.

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