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To help the teacher and student: what is the portfolio for the primary classes

To start: what is a portfolio? The word is in the Russian language rather "young" and came to us in the educational process some one and a half to two decades ago. By and large, the so-called collected in one folder, various teaching and methodological materials used in the lessons. These include various kinds of cards, tables and diagrams, illustrations for works and reproductions of paintings, pourochnye and calendar plans, tests and much more. Portfolio should be not only for teachers, but also for schoolchildren. About this and talk.

Goals and content

What should include a portfolio for primary school? We found out the contents of the teaching staff. But the student? And do you need it in general? As the primary objectives of primary education, in addition to the transfer of knowledge and the formation of appropriate skills and abilities, one can also name the disclosure of the creative and other abilities of children, creating the most convenient conditions for their implementation; Development of cognitive motivations for each individual student and class as a whole; The formation of positive moral and moral qualities, needs, ideals and many others. In light of this, the conclusion suggests: a portfolio for the primary classes, if the teacher decides to have it, should contain materials that, on the one hand, would help the children in their studies, and on the other, would realize the creative potential of each child and serve as an instrument for endorsement and Encouragement of its work.

Examples of possible portfolios

To make the child comfortable to store material that will be constantly replenished, he needs to create 2 folders: one large, clerical - in it he will house all the necessary papers for permanent storage at home, and the second one - glued or cardboard on ropes, to wear the necessary ones for lessons . Since this is a portfolio for primary classes, it is not necessary to introduce a uniform form. You can let the children experiment with colors, exterior design. But the title pages already require a single sample - the name and surname of the schoolboy, the number and the class's letter, the name of the school. Next, you need to insert several files into the folder - by filling in the sections. For example, a portfolio for primary classes can contain cards and other auxiliary material on mathematics (samples with a multiplication table, signs "more" / "less", etc.), nature studies. This folder is easy to create for any subject. Punch cards in Russian language, symbolic pictures to rules, schemes of analysis of words and sentences, any extracts from the studied works in the book for reading, liked quotations - all this is not only acceptable, but also desirable for the portfolio of the pupil of primary classes. The teacher's advice will be a big plus, so that the guys put their own picture-illustrations to the most memorable fragments of literary texts, proverbs and sayings, and their own writings on a free topic. In this case, the students will have a wonderful stimulus for self-expression. And finally, personal information. It can also be placed in the portfolio of the primary school student, ready for other sections. Invite the children to search for information about their name, about those interesting events that took place in the country and in the world in the year of their birth, admission to the garden and to the 1st class. Let them talk a little about their family, interests, hobbies, friends - this information will help them to realize themselves as individuals, and will give plenty of food for thought about their charges to the teachers themselves.

Naturally, on the part of the teacher there should be control over the filling of the portfolio, but without excessive pressure and rigor.

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