Lipstick "Faberlic" "Moisturizing in color": reviews, swatchi

In 2015, a new lipstick "Faberlic" - "Moisturizing in color" was added to the already known rulers "Radiance in color" and "Precious shine". Reviews about it we will analyze in this article. Lipstick belongs to the line "Skyline". Before analyzing the reviews, let's see what the producer promises us? First of all, intensive hydration. As indicated in the Faberlic catalog, the effect lasts for eight hours. Is it possible? We will see. And the manufacturer promises that the lipstick will give the volume to the sponges, making them visually more plump. A unique texture, they say, will cover the entire surface with an even layer, perfectly emphasize the outline. Special pigments will provide a juicy shine and a rich color. Care for the lips provides an extract of wild mango. The plant is rich in fatty acids that nourish, moisturize and regenerate the skin of the lips. Thus, lipstick not only masks the cracks and roughness of the mouth area, but also effectively heals them.


How is the lipstick "Moisturizing in color" (Faberlic) formed? Reviews say that its design is both simple and stylish. Without excessive bows and thorns, which only cling to the walls of the cosmetic bag, which leads to the spontaneous opening of the case. Particularly pleased users is that on the stick is engraved the name of the company "Faberlic". Lipstick case looks very impressive. He has a black plastic bottom and a metallic golden top. The lid is completely transparent. Since the case has a beveled top, it is not easy to put on. You need to wait for a slight click to be sure that the lipstick is closed. But the transparent cap makes it possible to see the shade of the stick. No need to open the case. The coloring stick has a specific "fondant" smell. But on the lips it does not feel. The taste is present, but also very weak.

The variety of the line "Skyline"

The company "Faberlic" keeps up to date and sensitively catches the trends of changeable fashion. Her line of well-pigmented lipsticks is divided into three series. "Precious glow" puts on the lips in glamorous mother of pearl. So there is no need to apply gloss on top of the lipstick. "Shine in color" looks on the lips like a charming light satin. It evenly covers the skin, it is perfectly pigmented, it keeps the contour well. The third series is moisturizing lipstick "Moisturizing in color" (Faberlic). The reviews call her decorative cosmetics, which also gently cares for her lips. There is no need to buy hygienic lipstick when there is a "Moisturizing in color". This line is created for those women who do not like all sorts of "sparkles" on their lips. There are no light-reflecting pigments and other sequins in the stick. But lipstick gives a smooth and calm color. There is no gloss, but there is no contraction like that of old-style lipsticks. Lips look natural and moisturized.

Palette of tones

Now consider how diverse in the range of shades of lipstick "Moisturizing in color" ("Faberlic"). Reviews, svatchi, and the catalog of the manufacturer itself show that every woman can choose the right tone for herself. Here are lipsticks for makeup in the style of "nude", for daytime use, for evening toilets. Girls of all "seasons", with any color skin type can find the right shade for themselves. A huge variety of flowers gives "Faberlic", lipstick "Moisturizing in color." Reviews "Volcanic pink" (tone 4610) and "Beige veil" (4618) are called universal shades. "Piquant cinnamon" and "Copper shine" are also very popular. Presented in the series and the classic red color - 4615. The tone is lighter than his "Coral frenzy." In the series "Moisturizing in color" there is a large selection of pink lipsticks with a care in lilac tone. These are "Berry temptation", "Bright Peony", "Neon", "Dream", "Juicy Cherry", "Fashionable Pink". Users note that the colors in the catalog do not look exactly the same as on the lips. This creates difficulties when ordering lipstick.

Ease of application

The manufacturer assures that it is enough just to hold a stick on the lips to complete your makeup. Well, what do the users themselves say? Lipstick "Moisturizing in color" SS ("Faberlic") - reviews in this issue are unanimous - really easy to apply. The stick is thin enough, it sits well in a case, does not stagger. You do not need any brush to hold lipstick where you need it. The stick has a cream structure. Lipstick lies on the lips smoothly and gently. Indeed, one application is enough to get a saturated shade. Lipstick is felt by the lips as a very pleasant cream. It really gives the skin hydration. Does not get out of the contour and creates a visual effect of more convex lips, but without unnecessary gloss. The color is smooth, calm, perfectly covers and obscures all cracks and peeling.

How worn

Is the lipstick "Faberlic" "Moisturizing in color" stable? Reviews assure that pigments perfectly color the skin of the lips. The color remains the same for a long time. But in about three hours it begins to fade, as if it is fading. Therefore, make-up should be corrected during the day. Also lipstick "Moisturizing in color" does not stand snacks and, even more so, full-fledged meals. But it does not spoil objects and, most importantly, does not yellow your teeth. On the lips, it is not felt, no discomfort does not deliver. Color pigments come off gradually, without hitting the orange or blue tones. Lipstick on the lips is not bald, not flowing to the edges, does not get into the cracks. On the contrary, it emphasizes the contour very favorably, creating a convexity effect. It is removed easily, the usual means for washing.

Caring effect

The manufacturer assures that lipsticks of this series moisturize the lips. And this effect supposedly lasts up to eight hours from the time of application. Is this true, and did the Faberlic firm violate the truth? Lipstick "Moisturizing in color" (reviews and on this score are unanimous) really gives lips a pleasant sensation. It does not concern the smell - it's like hello from the times of the USSR. But the lips are moist enough. With frequent application, cracks and peeling disappear. But for dry lips, one application of lipstick per day will not be enough. After an hour, scales are felt again. In this case, you need to fix makeup. But lipstick really nourishes. The manufacturer announces the presence of wild mango in the extract. It is rich in valuable oils that heal microscopic wounds, nourish and moisten the skin of the lips.

Quality-cost ratio

Lipstick "Faberlic" "Moisturizing in color" (reviews of users from different countries agree with this) refers to the democratic price segment. In Russia, this product costs about two hundred rubles. The catalog - and even less. One hundred and eighty-nine rubles is not the price for such a wonderful lipstick as the SS "Moisturizing in Color" from "Faberlic". In Ukraine, this product is also inexpensive. Forty-nine hryvnia - a ridiculous price with such a high quality lipstick. But that's not all. Regularly, "Faberlic" announces discounts. And since the one-year series "Moistening in color" is no longer considered a novelty, it can be bought at a reduced price - for example, for thirty-nine hryvnia in the catalog. But, as already mentioned reviews, lipstick tones on paper and lips a little different. Therefore, it makes sense first to go to the store to select the color you want. Or navigate the svocham on the Internet.

Lipstick "Faberlic" "Moisturizing in color": reviews

Users were satisfied with the quality of this product. Stylish design, cream texture, reliability and stability of the stick - all this was appreciated by them to their true worth. Of course, the color pigments with time cease to be as saturated as immediately after application, but the manufacturer did not declare great durability. The moisturizing effect is felt, but, unfortunately, not all eight hours, as the "Faberlic" promises. Much more is felt the nourishing property of lipstick. Especially if you use it constantly. All users highly appreciated the richness of the palette of this series. Many have purchased a set of samplers to conduct tests before ordering a full-size lipstick. This decorative cosmetics is easy to use and well sits on the lips. Users recommend it to others and themselves are going to buy a new lipstick from the same series.

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