Power front bumper with their own hands - creativity worthy of respect

Most owners of jeeps dream of weighing them with power equipment - a bumper, trunk and winch. We will discuss whether it is possible to make a power bumper for the jeep by our own hands?

What is a power bumper

Once the power bumpers were called steel elements, which were fixed to the regular bumper with their own hands, the rationalizers of the autodel. Today they are produced by the industry from various materials, and not just from steel. It can be aluminum, strong plastic and even titanium.

Can I make a power bumper with my own hands?

Industry today is at a high level and actively applies the development of scientists, therefore, the models of power bumpers coming on the market do not have complaints from users. But among the owners of jeeps there are many craftsmen who with great love to technology and open heart to their car are smart and make a wonderful power bumper with their own hands. They, as a master of the Russian folk tale about a left-hander, using the most common set of tools, make an excellent and very high-quality bumper, and the beginning of this difficult case is a sketch of the model for them.

How is the power bumper produced in production conditions

A sketch of a bumper is an idea. In industrial conditions, it is implemented by a specialist who can draw sketches on a sketch. For this purpose, special computer programs are used, for example, AutoCad or SolidWorks, which enter data on the dimensions of the elements and the angles of the metal bends. As a result, the whole set of technical documentation is immediately obtained: for cutting metal, for bending it, for welding, and for the general view of the bumper in a three-dimensional measurement. The technical documentation is digitally supplied to the production line, and in accordance with it, technological operations are carried out until the burrs are removed from the prepared parts that are fed to the assembly site where they are welded into the finished part. Before painting it is processed with a sandblasting machine and painted with high-quality powder coating. If you continue to think about how to make a bumper with your own hands, then weigh your forces. Can you provide the same quality of work?

Do not hesitate, you can make an excellent bumper with your own hands.

Everyone knows that creativity and manual work are much appreciated above the machine. Even more highly, it is appreciated when you personally performed it. To do this, you need to draw a sketch, make measurements, pick up the material and start acting. For some time, you will have your own power bumper. You can do everything with your own hands. Such work will not only protect, but also decorate your car, because it will be an exclusive bumper.

Legal Aspect of the Case

Many people are wondering if the employees of the DKDD will have unnecessary questions when they see your power bumper on the car, not only made with their own hands, but also independently installed. In this connection, one can only refer to the regulations in force in the territory of the Russian Federation. In it, we are talking only about kenguryatnikah, which is significantly advanced beyond the bumper. At the same time, there is not a single word about power bumpers in this document. Consequently, there is no ban on their installation.

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