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How much calories burned when squatting. How many calories are burned by squats 50 times

Such exercises as squats, can reasonably be considered effective for losing weight. During this exercise, not only calories are consumed, but also the appearance of the body improves, the gluteal and femoral muscles are worked through, the riding breeches zone is tightened, and the skin becomes less flabby.
How many calories burned when squatting? This is a question, which is easy to answer, it is enough to know the weight parameters of a person and the pace in which he performs this training.

The effectiveness of squats with weight loss

The secret of squats is that the load during their execution is not only power, but also aerobic, because the exercise has two stages:

  • In the process of squatting, the muscles of the legs, the buttocks, the press, and back are straining.
  • In the rise there is a force load due to its own weight.

That is why during squats, fats are rapidly burning, that is, oxygen is actively being supplied to muscle tissues, which, in general, also contributes to the destruction of lipids. To work, the body needs energy, and it takes it from these very fats.

Probably everyone who used squats as an exercise for weight loss was often worried about the question: "How many calories burned when squatting?" We can say that their number directly depends on the weight of the squat and the pace in which he performs the exercise. Here, for example, an athlete weighing 62 kg will sit for five minutes about 100 times, spending at the same time about 43 calories, that is, kilocalories. Sometimes a kilocalorie is mistakenly called calorie. As a rule, it does not cause any confusion, since calories are too small unit of measurement - a thousand times less than a kilocalorie. Therefore, in any literature on dietetics, the name "calorie" is more often used, implying a kilocalorie.

So, to make a calculation for the indicator of 50, you need to divide 43 kilocalories into two. The figure is 21.5, which will be the answer to the question about how many calories are burned for 50 sit-ups.

Types of sit-ups

Squats are suitable both for performance in the gym and for the home. To do exercises and lose weight, it is not necessary to use special simulators and adaptations, the weight of one's body can be a load.

The most common and understandable type of sit-ups is classical. They do not require special skills and large space. The distribution of the load depends on how deep the squat is. The meaning is also the setting of the feet. For example, squats "plie" are the most effective for pumping the buttocks, as, indeed, and squats "sumo".

How many calories are burned during squats, which are called partial? Presumably more than in the process of deep. This kind of sit-ups can be called cardiosilic, because they are performed at an intense pace and allow you to work out those muscles that are not involved during a deep squat. Therefore, in order to maximize the consumption of calories, it is necessary to make partial, often repeated squats.

Squatting technique

The consumption of calories during squats is also affected by the technique of their implementation.

  • Before embarking on the basic exercises, you need to make a light workout in the form of rotational movements of the knee and ankle joints. Especially warm-up is important before squats with weights.
  • The back should be kept straight, slightly bending in the lower back.
  • During exercise, you can not tear your heels off the floor.
  • In the process of performing squats, the muscles of the press must be strained as much as possible.
  • To avoid increased stress on the joints, you should refrain from deep squats. The lower point of a regular squat is when the hips are parallel to the floor, and the knees form an angle of 90 °.

If we talk about squats "plie" or "sumo", then no less important is the setting of the legs and posture.

During the execution of any kind of exercise, first of all you need to think about the technique and your own safety, and not how many calories are burned while squats. 50 times is the most acceptable amount for beginners. And according to the above calculations - it's almost 22 kilocalories. If you conduct this training twice a day, you will get 43 kilocalories, which is equivalent to 37 grams of potato chips, 175 grams of watermelon pulp or one medium cup of cherries.

Squats and calorie consumption

Undoubtedly, for each person, the figure denoting burned calories will be strictly individual, since the greater the weight of the squat, the more the body needs energy to perform the exercise. Consequently, the consumption of calories will also be greater. For example, if you take into account a number such as 30 sit-ups. How many calories are burned in the same athlete weighing 62 kg, if she performs such a number of repetitions? Simple calculations are carried out - 43 is divided by 100 and it turns out 0.43, that is, the number of kilocalories spent on one squat. And if you multiply this figure by 30 repetitions, you will get 12.9 kilocalories.

It should be said that calories will be spent significantly more if the athlete will use weights, since the expenditure of energy expended will also increase.

Squats with weights

Some ladies mistakenly believe that using loadings in squats, they pump the leg muscles and will look like football players. Unfortunately, not so quickly everything happens, even though it is in the muscles of the legs that fat is burned faster and more efficiently than anywhere else.

So that the legs and thighs look slim and prominent, and the buttocks tightened and elastic, you need to get rid of fat deposits in these places. And for this you should properly load muscles and use special equipment in the gym or at home. Ideal fit devices such as a barbell, dumbbells, weights and expanders. There are also special simulators.

Why are squats dangerous?

Naturally, the question of how many calories burned when squatting is important, but it can be absolutely meaningless if there is a risk of injury during exercise.

According to research conducted in the 50s of the 20th century, squats were considered dangerous and it was believed that they could lead to stretching of the knee tendons. Over time, from this kind of stress the joint can weaken, lose stability and begin to ache. Based on these studies, even the training program in the US Army has changed, where some military units completely abandoned this exercise.

After these events, a rather long time of squats had a bad reputation, and only in the late 80's the exercise received the hope for a revival. Completely new research was conducted. To do this, invited a hundred volunteer people and checked the stability of their knee tendons. For some time, some of the selected people squatted, but the other part is not. As a result, absolutely all participants in the experiment were tested knee joints. There was no difference, and, therefore, the knees of the squats did not suffer.

Studies were also conducted in the environment of weightlifters. Their knees, too, were in a stable state.

As a rule, the cause of injury is the incorrect technique of performing exercises and working with large weights without preparation.

In addition to knee joints, squats can be dangerous for the back. This is mainly true of exercises performed with weights. Due to incorrect technique, the spine may suffer.

Experts in the field of fitness, as well as adherents of a healthy lifestyle believe that squats contribute to the activation of such a process as metabolism. In addition, they allow the body to burn excess weight even after training.

To have an attractive and smart figure, it is worth making a squat workout schedule. This is the best way to make the legs slim, buttocks elastic, and most importantly - it is an effective method of fighting excess weight. The effectiveness of squats has been repeatedly proven by professional athletes and simple slimming.

And if you add proper nutrition to properly selected exercises, the question of how many calories burned while squatting will not seem so significant.

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