The size of children's beds and other options of choice

Children grow fast, and now the parents of the baby, who (still literally yesterday) felt great in the crib that is in his room, face the fact that the child's bed became small and needs to be replaced. Given that the modern choice of furniture, including children's, today is striking in assortment, it's not going to be easy. The size of children's beds, their material, shape and other parameters can make moms and dads into a state of light stupor, so it is advisable to determine what you need, even before coming to the salon.

Main settings

The material is undoubtedly important. The most suitable raw material is a natural tree, covered with varnish or special paint. The surface of the furniture should be easy to wash, and the model itself has rounded corners, because a rare child does not like to jump on the bed. It does not matter what size of baby beds can fit in the child's room, because even if you choose the largest, the kid will certainly fall a couple of times from it during sleep. To avoid this, pay attention to such models that they have special sides on the sides. Backs are preferable one-piece, not stitched. Even if you are sure that your child is already an adult for such experiments, it will not prevent him from sticking the head between the slats and, as an option, get stuck and get scared.

Size matters

Another important parameter of choice - the size of baby beds, it is not entirely practical to buy a new one every 2-3 years, so it's better to take it with you at once. If you do not live in a multi-meter mansion, then estimate where you will put the new acquisition, how the rest of the furniture will be located, and measure what space you are ready to take under the bed. Today there is a so-called furniture-transformer, which will "grow" together with its small master. The standard is the size of children's beds 60 * 120 or 70 * 140. With such dimensions, you will certainly never have problems with buying sleeping accessories: a mattress or linen. However, furniture models with different parameters are produced, so if in your case three to five centimeters play a role, it is better to ask the seller about the dimensions of the fancy sofa or sofa. Also common are beds with dimensions of 127 * 72 cm, 120 * 70, 115 * 72. It is these boxes that are presented by furniture manufacturers as options for children. Slightly less frequent are the parameters 127 * 69 or 115 * 55, 112 * 60. If the bed is equipped with a rim, its height varies from 28 to 35 cm, which provides a reliable protection against night flights. Dimensions from 75 * 180 to 160 * 200 cm are already considered teenage. If none of the proposed size options suits you, you can order a bed according to individual requirements.

Convenient parts

To save space and organize the order in the room well suited bed with boxes. Children, whose sizes are not large and do not allow to equip it with a large amount of furniture, only benefits from such "stores". Boxes are most often under a bed and serve for storing bed linen during the day. They can be arranged in one row, or in two or even three. However, there are also options in which the boxes look like a curbstone attached to the bed, or one of the backs is formed from them. If the space of the room does not restrict the choice of the cot, it is quite possible to purchase an adult model of a bed. This option will be appropriate for children from 5-6 years, in addition, many preschoolers are even proud that they sleep "just like adults."

Not only the bed

If space is to be used sparingly and rationally, then another practical idea from furniture designers-a children's loft bed-will come to the rescue. Dimensions and components of this design will allow you to choose the best option for any number of square meters. Most often they are consonant with the parameters of the sleeping place of low models: 127 * 72, 120 * 70, 140 * 70. But the height varies from 1.5 meters to 2. Under this sleeping place there can be a working area with a table and shelves, a wardrobe or even a sports corner. Often, the ladder leading to the bed is made of boxes in which you can hide bed linen, toys or seasonal clothes. That is, instead of a normal bed, the child gets his own little world, where you can sleep, and play, and study lessons. In addition, the kids really like that the sleeping area is located high above the floor. Such beds should have restraints to prevent falling in a dream.

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