"Ascona" sofa "Karina": customer reviews, description, and characteristics

In search of furniture that can meet the requirements of modern man, the consumer has to get acquainted with the catalogs of products of different firms, visit salons, sales.

If you want to buy high-quality furnishings, the potential buyer studies the opinions of experts, acquaintances, experts on the quality of the product, its external and internal content. The sofa is an important place in the interior, so anyone who wants to buy it, in addition to the exquisite shapes of the product, hopes to get the maximum comfort when using it. Hearing a review about the sofa "Ascona", it is hardly possible to pass by such an offer. Prefering pieces of furniture, famous for their versatility, the consumer acquires them not only for living rooms, but for bedrooms.

Problems with sleep? Requires an orthopedic sofa

Often, a poorly produced sofa causes chronic lack of sleep and discomfort to the wearer during sleep.

There is also a certain category of consumers who are recommended orthopedic bases for sleep on medical grounds. Not every manufacturer has the ability to manufacture sofas that combine a multifunctional load. And not all residents of our country can boast of spacious apartments for installing beds with orthopedic mattress, so the demand for anatomical sofas is growing rapidly. And the company "Ascona", having positive reviews, is increasingly preferred by the buyer, striving to acquire high-quality and useful products for sleep.

Why "Ascona"?

Specializing a long time for the production of sleep products and selling its products in European markets, the company "Ascona" is known for unique developments of beds and pillows, bed linens and mattresses.

The company that owns its own laboratory does not stand still, but constantly develops, actively using its own and global developments in the products. Reviews about the sofas "Ascona" from consumers from different countries force buyers to carefully look at its products. Fashion trends are organically combined with progressive technologies in the furniture of this company. A wide range of sofas of this manufacturer is relevant for a different age consumer, it is designed taking into account the physiological needs of both the child and the elderly person, not to mention specialized options corresponding to the medical indicators of a separate category of patients with orthopedic problems. Successfully developing company "Ascona" actively cooperates with concerns of other countries: Hilding Anders Group (Sweden) and Serta, King Koil. Before the sale, the sofas undergo rigorous testing, without which they can not go on sale.

Carina Sofa from Ascona

Popular among customers is the product, which is characterized by increased comfort, - the "Karina" model. A universal product, which fits seamlessly into a small apartment, is endowed with orthopedic properties. In it everything is subject to the owner's comfortable stay on the surface of this sofa, regardless of the position of the person - sitting or lying.

At purchase it is not necessary to choose between an orthopedic mattress and a sofa, after all combines properties of an anatomic bed perfectly in itself and exclusive compactness a sofa "Karina" ("Ascona"). The description of this model deserves special attention. The sofa is equipped with a mattress that includes a "nanopocket" - an exclusive spring independent unit that promotes the correct position of the body during the day and at night. Furniture is used as a full bed with comfortable seating, providing a carefree sleep and rest of the whole body. Sliding system "accordion" guarantees perfect daily use of the product. The strength of the mechanism is verified and approved by the manufacturer, so the Ascona couch "Karina" reviews have only positive feedback from consumers. A stylish and fashionable version with great filling beats records at sales. Used in the production of this model, hypoallergenic materials are pleasant in contact with the body and have excellent breathing properties.

What is attractive for the mechanism of "multicomfort"

From customers who use the product for a long time, the sofa "Ascona" "Karina" reviews are enthusiastic, because the mechanism used Multicomfort, based on the "accordion", is endowed with additional properties that are adapted for a mattress of 16 cm high. Strength provides a metal framework, which is responsible for the transformation of the model.

Orthopedic armor is made of birch wood in a bent layer. On the sofa in the unfolded form to sit down in the head area is not recommended. The "Ascona" sofa "Karina" reviews have because of this contradictory, because some potential buyers express doubts about the tightening of the spring unit in the furniture in the assembled state. But this should not bother the consumer, since the manufacturer uses high-quality materials for manufacturing products. This gives the mattress with "intelligent" springs the ability to not only adjust to the shape of the body, taking into account the load characteristics in its different parts, but it is also easy to restore the original shape.

Angular model

Given the design features of some rooms, designers have developed corner sofas. Model Carina, presented in the catalog on the company's website, is offered in several color versions.

Comfortable, space-saving furniture suited the customers. The developers supplemented it with a pouf that will serve for additional comfortable rest after a busy working day, and in combination with a corner section in the unfolded form it provides a spacious sleeping place. A 7-area mattress ensures a healthy sleep. The product is executed in an impeccable manner, which has long become a distinctive feature of the company "Ascona".

"Karina" - a straight sofa

The "Karina" model is also presented as a traditional straight sofa that will become an ornament of any room. It has a length of 290 cm, is available with a niche for bed linen.

When laying out the couch to use the laundry box is much more convenient. The surface of the product is velvety, the upholstery color can be selected from the catalog. Consumers note the absence of joints on the surface of the sofa, which is positively characterized by vacationers. The subject of furniture is easily transformed, castors with rubberized inserts do not spoil the floor covering.

Sofa "Karina" ("Ascona"): price, reviews

Orthopedic furniture can not be cheap. If the low cost is claimed for products claiming the right to be called anatomical, then this should alert the buyer. The technologies used and the materials used are not cheap, so high-quality furniture that provides a healthy rest when sitting and while asleep, is appropriate, respectively. From the "Ascona" sofa "Karina" you can hear only positive reviews. The owners of furniture with an orthopedic mattress note improvement in the quality of sleep, the absence of painful sensations in the spine and a complete rest on such a product. The cost of the sofa varies depending on the configuration of the model.

Model of a sofa Color options Cost, rub.
Karina is a straight line 7th From 57000
"Karina" - straight with a box for linen 7th From 58200
"Karina" - corner with a small canapé and linen box 6th From 87500
"Karina" - corner with a small canapé, linen box and pouf 8 From 121500

Advantages of the Karina model

To get full information about the variations of the "Karina" model, it is necessary to take into account not one review about the Ascona sofa, but to listen to specialists, producers and independent consumers. Gathering together the opinions of different people, one can understand that the advantages of the implemented models are obvious. Here are just a few of them:
• sofas provide an excellent rest in a full-fledged place to sleep;
• Convenient and quickly transformed;
• More than 1.5 thousand springs in an independent unit take care of the anatomically comfortable position of the user's body;
• Universal for premises of any size.

Design Features

Knowing the feedback on the Ascona sofas, the potential buyer will choose this particular company. A modular model "Karina", which has a minimalist design, will give the room a refined simplicity. A wide selection of fabrics will allow the buyer to determine the color preferences, taking into account the interior features of the room in which the piece of furniture will be installed. The color scheme will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding client.

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