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Nobody will argue that the sofa takes an important place in the life of any person, being an object of the interior, where you can relax. If a person suffers from insomnia, lives in a small apartment, etc., then an anatomical sofa will suit him.

Particular benefit is brought by models that are transformed into a bed. To begin with, it should be clarified that they easily save space, forming a sleeping place or piece of furniture, on which you can seat several guests.

A distinctive feature of anatomical sofas is that they have a comfortable mattress, after which there will be no aches and low back pain. The assembled furniture is compact enough; In the unfolded form takes up less space than an ordinary bed. In principle, the anatomical sofa is excellent for both night and day sleep.

The appearance of furniture is very aesthetic and always pleases the eye. The mechanism by which it unfolds is done with an emphasis on what will be used every day. Therefore, the operating period of the sofa is great. Such furniture should be purchased by those who have problems with the back, in particular, with the spine (stoop, hernia, scoliosis, congenital diseases).

Advantages of the anatomical sofa

The anatomical sofa has many positive moments. Especially in small apartments.

  • Furniture includes special containers for storing laundry.
  • Anatomical sofas are now quite common, so in the market you can find a model specifically for yourself. Forms, colors, mechanisms - for every taste and style of the interior.
  • The mattress is made in such a way that the formed interlayers promote good ventilation. Thus, the human skin is breathing, and the body temperature remains normal.
  • The orthopedic structure of the sofa gives a person a good sleep without feeling pain in the back, and also helps the spine to take the right position.
  • Has a durable and convenient folding mechanism, which greatly facilitates its conversion to bed.
  • Creates the effect of an easy massage.

Influence of the anatomical sofa on sleep

One can not argue that the duration of sleep is one of the decisive factors in how the day of man will pass, how much quality. Although often people care about how long their sleep lasts, often the comfort of this or that furniture is given the least attention when choosing.

If the room is small, then the advantage is given to the sofas. All because they outperform the huge beds in their size. However, in order not to wake up with the heaviness and the feeling that you want to sleep, you need to pay attention to what kind of furniture is being purchased.

Anatomical sofa "Ascona" is one of the leaders among similar interior items. It combines all the qualities that can be of the same type of comfortable furniture. This sofa will never leave the owner disappointed. When he wakes up, he will feel a positive charge of energy and vitality. The mattress, which is used to create the sofa, completely preserves the natural position of the spine, without creating discomfort and allowing you to fall asleep as quickly as possible. This is because its design positively affects the muscular system, contributing to a full relaxation. About how long the machine will last, you should not worry. All the details are qualitative and perfectly maintain the influence of the environment.

How to choose a sofa anatomical?

Before you buy this or that model, you need to think about what exactly it is purchased for. If the goal is to accommodate guests, then you should pay attention to the appearance of the sofa and how well it is combined with the rest of the furniture. If the plans use it often in the form of a berth, then the first place among the criteria in choosing is given the strength of the carcass and the mechanism.

Reliability in the transformation, a mattress of the right and natural material, a stable frame as a support, a special box - all this should have a good anatomical sofa. Reviews are 90% positive. Special love this furniture has received among owners who suffer from diseases of the back. Almost all of the interviewed people noticed that after several days of using such models, the pain in the lower back passed, and the sleep stabilized.

Mattress and support for it

Guest sofa beds are equipped with special straps, with which the mattress folds and is conveniently stored. However, when a person goes to bed on him, he has the property of sagging.

In order to not suffer from discomfort at night, the support for the mattress should be made of wooden beams of birch or beech (lamellas). They form the body, located at a right angle to the wide part of the frame, and also have a springing effect. The latter allows you to relax and support the body of a person around the neck, lower back.

How much does an anatomical sofa cost?

Of course, for most buyers, cost is the decisive criterion when choosing. Every second wants to save on the couch, but do not do it. Cheaper models can lead to terrible inconveniences, and, as a rule, they have a small operating period.

Prices vary depending on the material and quality of the mattress, parts and the body itself. For example, the anatomical sofa "Ascona" has a price of 50 thousand rubles. The cost of models of these companies can exceed 100 thousand rubles.

Manufacturers of sofas

Professionals and doctors will unanimously say that it is best to buy sofas of domestic production, since for a long time already all firms have gained a sufficient level of professionalism and are no different from foreign competitors. The fact is that the latter make variants that are more suitable for those who do not plan to use furniture too often.

The most qualitative and comfortable is the anatomical sofa Galaxy of the trademark "Ascona". This company is in the possession of the Swiss concern. The fact that she is engaged in the production of quality mattresses, so their sofas - one of the best in Europe. Convenient is that the company's branches are located in Russia, Ukraine, and many other countries.

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