Tablet NVIDIA Shield Tablet: review, description and reviews

Today we will present a tablet called NVIDIA Shield. To be honest, this modern device attracts many buyers. But what exactly? It's extremely difficult to please the current customer, especially gamer. Only now, according to numerous reviews, it is clear that this tablet coped with its task. Why is this happening? What is so good about this model? What characteristics does and what attracts the public so much? We now have to learn all this. Let's start with you studying NVIDIA Shield.


From what parameter do modern gamers start to evaluate game consoles and various devices? Of course, from the display. He plays an important role. And not only for games, but for work. In truth, it's quite difficult to find a decent tablet with a good screen right now. Especially if you initially want to buy this technique for fun only.

The NVIDIA Shield Tablet has a good and large screen. It is 8 inches diagonally. In principle, this is quite a normal size in order to comfortably watch movies, as well as play modern games. There are gaming tablets and with a smaller diagonal. But they are not very popular. After all, the bigger the screen, the more comfortable and comfortable it is to play. So, 8 inches is enough for this idea.

Resolution is another important indicator when choosing a device for entertainment. The thing is that NVIDIA Shield is of high quality. And this means that the resolution will also be quite large. At the moment it is 1920 by 1200 points. Enough to watch movies and use different applications, including gaming.

However, there are still many different advantages of NVIDIA Shield. In addition to the screen gamers (and ordinary customers) pay attention to many other indicators. Let's try to understand them. What besides the display pleases the audience in this product?


For example, a very important coin in the tablets is the operating system. It is responsible for the ability to run different programs and games. In addition, the system is also a guarantor of the quality of the device.

The NVIDIA Shield tablet is equipped with the brainchild of the corporation "Google". The operating system on this device is Google Android 4.4.2. And the shell here is quite good. It's called Kitkat. In general, this operating system has long been called gaming. Thus, NVIDIA Shield Tablet is really a device for rest and games. After all, the tablet is equipped with a good large display, as well as a powerful operating system.

True, it requires an update from time to time. Luckily, there will not be any problems with this case - when some add-ons appear, the system notifies you about it, and then prompts you to update automatically. After a while you will see that the process is over. And now you can use all new opportunities without any problems.

Also an important indicator of system performance is the processor. It plays an important role in any device. The better the processor, the more powerful the computer is. Or game console. The NVIDIA Shield tablet has a processor for 4 cores with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz. To be honest, it would be extremely difficult to find any analogue in the current market of technology today. Sometimes not all computers have such a powerful processor. So if you decide to buy yourself an NVIDIA Shield, then you can be sure - you will get a really gaming tablet that will please you for a very long time.


For all games, you need space and some device resources. And so many people try to choose such tablets, which will differ in terms of memory. True, there must be balance everywhere. Otherwise, you can run into a low-quality model that will not be able to give you bright moments of joy.

NVIDIA Shield Portable is equipped with very good RAM. It is 2 GB. To be honest, this is enough for the simultaneous operation of 20 applications and games in conjunction with a running Internet browser. And with all this you will not have any glitches, malfunctions and braking in the performance of certain tasks.

Also an important indicator, as already mentioned, is the free space on the device. The NVIDIA Shield Tablet has 32 GB of free space. Of these, about 1.5-2 gigabytes is occupied by the operating system. Remains about 30. But this place, as a rule, the modern gamer suffices with interest. However, if you are afraid of a shortage of free space, you can always purchase a MicroSD memory card up to 128 GB. This place is sure enough for a long time. And with all this, you do not have to constantly get rid of old information or outdated games.


Another important indicator, which buyers often pay attention to, are various connectors for connection. And this applies to both external devices and internal ones. In NVIDIA Shield 32GB LTE there are many different nests.

For example, this tablet has a connector for connecting a memory card. As already mentioned, this is MicroSD. Also on the panel there is a USB-socket. It is necessary to synchronize the device with the computer. Perhaps, so far there are no advantages over other tablets in this regard. But do not rush to mourn. The thing is that there are special Mini-HDMI sockets, as well as Mini-Sim. These are more interesting moments. However, with the choice of a SIM card with a tariff for the Internet, some problems may arise. Especially if you have a number on the usual "simka", but not on the mini-version. Nevertheless, this feature will help to cope with cellular operators in the salons - they will easily exchange your card with saving the number for a small copy.

If it's important for you to listen to music, then the NVIDIA Shield Tablet 32GB gives you this opportunity. After all, this tablet has a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. In principle, if you want to watch a movie on a small screen, but with sound, like a movie theater, you can easily and easily connect the most usual speakers to this jack. And they will work qualitatively. No worse than on the computer.


To be honest, modern tablets can completely replace the majority of modern technology. For example, a camera or a camera. And that's why many people very carefully choose tablets according to the characteristics of the camera before buying. It is believed that the higher they are, the better.

In this sense NVIDIA Shield LTE is quite good. The thing is that this tablet has two cameras. Frontal at 5 megapixel and usual - also at 5 megapixels. For modern equipment of this type, these are very good indicators.

In addition, you will have a great opportunity to watch movies and videos in the format of Full-HD. In truth, this is what many consumers are chasing, as well as avid gamers. What could be better than watching a video in excellent quality? Probably only a game with the same result. So, having bought the tablet NVIDIA Shield Tablet, you will not regret. Autofocus, incidentally, on the camera, too. It helps to create high-quality and clear pictures. Just what many modern buyers are looking for.


The next important criterion for selection is nothing more than the connection provided for the tablet. Without it, you will not be able to transfer data, as well as download games and go to the World Wide Web. This item has a special place in all gadgets.

Fortunately, NVIDIA Shield Tablet LTE has quite good indicators of communication. In this model, GPRS, GPS, and also Wi-Fi are supported. But that is not all. Also there is a connection between 3G and Bluetooth. Do not forget that modern models are equipped with a special ability to connect to a 4G network. It will provide you with quality Internet without any interruptions. In addition, you can then use on NVIDIA Shield Android TV - a special application that with the help of good Internet shows you TV programs based on "Android." Well helps when trying to relax and distract.

In addition, in many tablets, when working with the network, various failures and malfunctions are often observed. But in NVIDIA Shield Tablet they practically do not arise. Only in case of infection of the operating system by various spies and viruses. Fortunately, such cases are extremely rare. Therefore, you can be sure that no one and nothing will prevent you from using NVIDIA Shield Android TV, as well as other applications that use the Internet for their operation.

Dimensions and Design

An important moment when choosing a tablet (for some buyers) is the design of the product. And here you can include its dimensions. Of course, since we have a real gaming tablet in front of us, we should immediately take into account that it will not be small. Rather, moderately large.

The NVIDIA Shield tablet has a stylish design. As a rule, there are two generally accepted color schemes that are purchased most often. It's black and white. It is in these colors you can find our today's tablet on the shelves of stores. Only now, not everyone likes this banal color scheme. Always want to somehow stand out, excel. And then various removable panels for the device come to the rescue. In the complete set they are not present, and here to find in any shop of technics it is possible without ceremony. Here there are variants and with a print, and with different drawings, and with photos. If you want, you can create your own tablet design. Get creative and see what happens.

With the dimensions of the same device is increasingly serious. It is quite large for its indicators. The length of NVIDIA Shield is 221 millimeters, width - 126, but the thickness of this technique is not as huge as it might seem at first glance - just 9.2 millimeters. To be honest, now it is the average thickness of a modern smartphone. True, our tablet is also heavy. Its weight is 390 grams. In order to work normally for such a "machine", it is best to use a special stand. It will hold the device, and also will not cause trouble with the game and simultaneously fix the tablet in the same place.


What is included with our today's gaming equipment? Let's start with the fact that the configuration of the tablet is very good. She can not but rejoice. Especially those who prefer to play. As a rule, the standard includes instructions, a charger, and a USB cable for connecting to a computer and third-party technology. But there is another small feature here.

Since we have a game tablet with you, a stylus and, of course, a warranty card are attached to it for easier management . Many believe that there is nothing special about the package. Only this is not so. After all, in the box with the device you will find a special protective case, as well as a game joystick. It is suitable for a tablet, a computer, and some prefixes. So now you can definitely be sure that you have a real game tablet. So far, no known similar model, which offers a standard set of game joystick.

It connects very easily. And the quality, as many players note, pleases. Especially if you decide to connect it to a computer and play something. In particular, in the arcade game.

Price list

After the basic characteristics it is important to pay attention to the price tag of the device. Nobody wants to overpay for low-quality goods, which can be found cheaper. True, sometimes people do it because of a loud name. NVIDIA Shield price is not particularly encouraging. As many buyers have noted, it would be possible to slightly reduce it.

On average, you can buy our today's tablet model for about $ 400. If you take into account the equipment, as well as the quality that you will be given, then the price tag can still be understood. Only if there were not so many additional things, the NVIDIA Shield Tablet would not be worth its money.

Sometimes on sales you can find this tablet for about $ 200. But at this price, as a rule, the goods are offered outside of Russia. For the delivery and transportation of your purchase you will have to pay several times more. Therefore, it is better to reconcile with the original cost of the gadget. In principle, according to many buyers, we can only say that they did not spare the money spent.

Overall Impression

What do consumers think about today's tablet? Reviews about it, in truth, became very common. And in general they are positive. Only here it is necessary to bring a little specifics. What are we talking about?

For example, many players claim that the NVIDIA Shield Tablet is an excellent tablet for games not only because of the bundle and power. The list of main features usually put a good image quality, "inability", as well as a long battery life without recharging. With active use, this "machine" can serve you for 3 days without connecting to the network. Not every smartphone is now capable of this. In standby mode, NVIDIA can stay about 2 months without recharging.

Another plus to our tablet is its "vital" qualities. As already noted, many people say that it is extremely difficult to "kill" this technique. In case of water ingress, it is enough to simply wipe the device - it is equipped with a reliable protection against overheating and humidity. And everything will work without interruptions and with excellent quality. Also the device is well going through a fall. Of course, it is better to place the tablet in a special protective case - it will protect the case from the appearance of cracks and scratches. But the sensor to break, as many players say, is almost impossible. Of course, if you drop the NVIDIA tablet from the height of 10 floors with the screen facing down to the bare asphalt, the device will break down. But if you dropped it (dropped from the hands) on the floor, then you can be sure that nothing bad and dangerous will happen.

Is it worth paying attention to this game tablet? Speaking frankly, yes. But no one has the right to force you to buy something. Take a good look at the model - maybe you can find a cheaper analog. But if you are a real gamer, then NVIDIA Shield Portable is created specifically for you.

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