How to furnish a one-room apartment stylish and modern?

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of spacious and bright apartments. Many of our compatriots have to live in very small one-room apartments. Therefore, they often face a question: "How to decorate a one-room apartment?" Today this issue is much easier to solve than ten years ago. Manufacturers of furniture, taking into account the wishes of citizens, began to produce interesting models for small apartments.

If you know some secrets, how to decorate a one-room apartment, it is possible to save free space and create all the necessary zones for living. A small apartment needs the competent use of each corner of the available space, the right furniture and the right color. This is a guarantee of quality design work.

The owner of "one-room apartments" would like to maximally equip his dwelling with all the necessary furniture. But how? To furnish a one-room apartment, if it is inhabited by one person, it would seem easy. Well, if it is assumed that it will host a family of at least three people? How to place everything in housing?

The basic rule that you must adhere to when buying furniture is nothing superfluous. Each item must carry the maximum functional load. For sleeping places the best option is folding furniture. If the apartment is occupied by a child, it is advisable to purchase a bed-cabinet equipped with a lifting mechanism. To store clothes there is nothing better than wardrobes. But not too huge, covering the whole wall, but compact. They can now be selected for any interior, and their undeniable dignity is the ability to always maintain order in the apartment. The facade of the cabinet is better to make a mirror. This famous design will help visually increase the room.

With furniture, we seem to have figured out, but how to decorate a one-room apartment and leave at least a bit of free space? Here you will be helped by mobile and folding furnishings - various shelves, coffee tables, etc. They can be rearranged, folded and cleaned if necessary.

Now go to the next stage. Equally important is the "correctly" bought furniture correctly arranged in the apartment. So, let's start with the hallway. It is not necessary to say that in a one-room apartment it has very modest dimensions. Therefore, our advice remains in force - nothing superfluous! A shoe rack, an open coat rack, an ottoman for sitting down and changing shoes. A mirror is mandatory on the wall so that before going out of the house you can look around yourself with an appreciative look.

It is impossible to furnish an apartment without taking into account the kitchen. In a one-room apartment she acts as a second room. It is important that the working surface is properly designed. If the kitchen is adjacent to the balcony, you can still win a little space - on the heated balcony you can place a few kitchen cabinets, and on the cold you can store dishes that are not used too often.

A living room in a one-room apartment combines the functions of a living room, bedroom and a nursery. How to decorate the room? We talked about the equipment for sleeping places and wardrobes for clothes storage earlier, and as for the workplace, it can be arranged in the furniture wall by installing a small folding table. The TV makes sense to hang directly on the wall.

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