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What if the child (2 years) is sleeping badly at night, often wakes up, screams?

Very often young parents are interested in why a child (2 years) is sleeping badly at night. When will he learn to rest from evening to morning? Even in our day there are
Parents who blame the problem of the evil eye or some mysterious forces, resorting to conspiracies and other tricks to make the child sleep through the night without
Breaks. But what really prevents a little man from quietly resting all night?

Most often, by the end of the first year of life, a child can already sleep without breaks all night. But there are children who need more time to learn this skill. According to statistics, out of five children at least one child of 1-2 years does not sleep well at night. Including such behavior may be a manifestation of the nature of this baby. Active, restless children are able to wake up from any extraneous sounds, while it can be very difficult to fall asleep again. And time for
Recreation for such children is required much less, so they wake up very early.

Of course, the nights spent in trying to put on a crying or laughing child do not pass without a trace for the family as a whole. Parents feel tired and, as a result, irritation. Annoying and child, and partner, and home or work cases. That is why it is necessary as early as possible to begin to teach the child to sleep all night. However, after a fight with their fists they do not wave, and if a child (2 years) does not sleep at night, it is important to find out urgently why and decide what to do about it.


Most often, problems arise not only directly with night sleep, but also with falling asleep. That is, in principle, waking up at night for children of this age
fine. But most of the kids, realizing that it's not time to get up, themselves fall asleep. The child, who has problems with sleep, can not fall asleep on his own. It is also difficult to lay it in the evening. What can be the reasons?

- Pain, hunger, thirst. All these three needs are predominant and will not allow the child to fall asleep.
- Crucial moment. Like an adult, a child in a dream experiences what happened to him in a day. Therefore, if something important has happened in his life -
Went to the kindergarten, changed their place of residence, added a new member of the family, etc., - a sound sleep can not wait.
- Reluctance to sleep. Indeed, it is very difficult to fall asleep if not tired enough or too early to lay down.
- Mom's condition. It has long been proven that a child is sensitive to the condition of the mother, so if she is depressed, nervous, upset, the child in most
Of cases will not sleep well.
- Discomfort. Perhaps pajamas are already small for the baby and make it difficult to feel comfortable. Or he did not have time to ask for a pot: a child (2 years) is sleeping badly at night if his bed is wet.
- External factors. With the light on, an increased noise level, the child is difficult to fall asleep and much more likely that he will wake up during the night.
If it is not possible to completely isolate the child from such impacts, it is necessary to make them as less noticeable as possible.
- Activity. If a child before going to bed playing active or emotional games, do not expect that he will sleep peacefully. Even if under the influence of fatigue, he falls asleep quickly, overnight will wake up more than once, again experiencing emotional moments.
- Fear. A child of 2 years does not sleep well at night, cries, screams for one more serious reason - if he is used to being with his mother all the time, and now he has to be
One in his crib. If the baby slept with her before, maybe he is not yet ready for independent sleep. If the mother, for some reason, is forced to be absent, well, she will have to listen to the child's complaints for several nights.


Sometimes it is difficult to understand, the child really does not want to sleep or he just played hard. If you really do not want to make it meaningless, it's the easiest way
To ensure that the child began to sleep badly at night. 2 years is a big enough age to have your opinion and the right to be heard. To understand whether a child really does not want to sleep, you need to know how many hours of sleep at what age is required. The daily need for, for example, three-month children - 16-20 hours. By the half-year the child suffices 14.5 hours to feel good. By the year this figure is reduced to 13.5 hours, in two it is enough and 13. Four-year-olds sleep 11.5 hours a day, six-year-olds - 9.5. By the age of 12, children in their sleep needs are approaching adult indicators - 8.5 hours. And do not forget that this calculation is given for a day. That is, if the two-year-old sleeps 4 hours in the daytime, you can count on a good rest at night. If you let him sleep longer, then at night he will catch up with those hours that he did not play during the day. If a child does not sleep well at night (2 years) Komarovsky advises to reconsider the regime of his daytime sleep. It is likely that he simply pours in the daytime.

Daily regime

An important role in a healthy child's sleep is played by his daily routine. If a child (2 years) is sleeping badly at night, there is a disturbed regime of the day. It is necessary to teach a child to a family schedule from birth. To prepare for sleep it is necessary in advance. The time in which the child must go to sleep should be unchanged. At the same time, it should be comfortable not only for the child himself, but also for the parents, so that there is no disagreement.

Children's day must be saturated with positive events. Of course, it is not necessary to arrange daily entertainment shows for him for the whole day.
It is quite active enough to walk, play mobile and developing games. If possible, put your child in the open air for daytime sleep. In the evening, it is necessary to limit the emotional and physical load by offering the child quiet games such as sculpting or decorating.


Perhaps, it may seem strange to somebody, but if a child (2 years old) does not sleep well at night, it may be the fault of the wrong food. From the biological point of view nocturnal feeding is not needed from 6 months already. Therefore, if a child (2 years old) does not sleep well at night and requires food, this does not mean that he is really hungry. Most likely, he does it simply out of habit, or he wants to communicate. The more active the parents satisfy these requirements, the stronger the model of behavior settles in the child's brain. At night, it is best to avoid feeding. First, the habit of eating at night does not lead anyone to good, and secondly, a full stomach can become the next cause of sleep disorders.

At the first supper (penultimate food intake), it is better to feed a little child a little, so that in the final day the supper can fill his stomach. Still, you need to do this without fanaticism - the last meal should be at least 2 hours before bedtime. Supper is best served with fruits, porridge, a small amount of meat and sour-milk products. Sweets eaten in the evening, will add activity to the child and will interfere with a healthy sleep.

Place for sleep

Of course, every mom knows what's best for her baby. However, if a child does not sleep well at night, often wakes up (2 years), this may mean that his sleeping place is not the most suitable. It's easy to check it - just follow the recommendations of specialists and see if this will bring a result.

Pediatricians believe that for a child under one year the ideal place is a separate cot in the parent bedroom. However, they are ready to agree that this is the same place
Suitable for many children up to three years. But most of the children, doctors say, are better off staying in their own bed in the children's room. To a joint sleep experts are extremely negative. Of course, this phenomenon takes place, but still it is hardly possible to call it healthy for both the child and the mother.

Help to sleep

To avoid complaints that the child (2 years) does not sleep well at night, you need to make sleep and sleep comfortable. So, just before bedtime, it is advisable to ventilate the room without creating drafts. The preferred temperature in the room is + 18-20 degrees. If it is too hot or cold, it will be difficult for the child to fall asleep. In addition, it is worth paying attention to the humidity of the air: 60-70% will be comfortable. Promotes a calm sleep taking a bath with aromatic oils or herbs. Comfortable pajamas, a dry diaper, a suitable pillow - these are the things that the kid will appreciate.

It is desirable to create a kind of ritual that will set the baby to sleep peacefully:

- One and a half hours before bedtime, it is good to walk with the child. It is advisable that he does not run around the yard, but calmly resembled.
- Dinner should be at about the same time, not too dense, but not so that the child was hungry.
- Taking a bath. Foam, a pleasant smell from aromatic oils or herbal infusions will help the child's nervous system to calm down, the muscles - to relax.
- Fairy tale. All children love when they are read before bedtime. Often right at this time they fall asleep. But even if the fairy tale was heard to the end, it finally gives the child to understand that it's time to sleep.

This is an indicative list of soothing actions that will help the baby fall asleep. Of course, no one forbids you to add something of your own or remove any of them.
Available items.

Do not sleep

It happens that, despite all the efforts, a child (2 years) is sleeping badly at night. In this case, you will have to resort to various tricks that, if you do not force the baby to sleep, will allow him to just sit quietly in his crib without crushing the whole family:

- It is necessary to put the child early, it will give an opportunity to relax in the evening, if in the early morning he wakes you up.
- Do everything to make the kid love to spend time in the crib, then he can, waking up, just play in it, without disturbing others.
- Spend a maximum of day time with the child, hug more often, it will calm him, instill confidence that he is loved and will not be abandoned. With such confidence, he does not
Will be afraid to sleep alone in the room.
- Gradually, while feeding the baby, put a soft toy nearby. Gradually, she will begin to symbolize for him the parental warmth, and she will sleep with her
Comfortable and peaceful.

Help in a dream

The answer to the question of why a child 2 years sleeps badly at night can be very simple: he does not feel protected. Babies need to feel that parents will always help, at any time of the day. Therefore, when a small child cries, it is necessary to approach him, so he will know that you can be trusted. It is very important to learn how to help a child fall asleep again at night.

- Despite the fact that it is necessary to approach a crying child , it should not be done at the same moment, allowing the baby to fall asleep on his own. If his crying is quiet, perhaps he will not wake up to the end. If he really needs you, he can "add sound."

- Going to the bed, make sure that the child is not awakened by extraneous sounds, light, wet diaper.

- Solve the problem quietly and quickly. Instead of taking in his arms or in his bed, it is better just to stroke the baby on the back.

If a child of 2.5 years does not sleep well at night, calm, measured actions of the parents will help him to cope with emotions and continue to rest until the morning.

Sleeping rules Komarovsky

More than one generation of children has grown on the advice of Dr. Komarovsky. The famous pediatrician has recommendations for any case. If a child (2 years) is sleeping badly at night, use the rules of the famous doctor who contribute to a quiet night's rest:

- Do not forget about your needs. The doctor believes that the most important thing for any child is a happy family. Lucky - it's even getting enough sleep. A
Then the first advice Komarovsky concerns parents: be sure to get enough sleep.
- Clear mode of the day. As already mentioned above, for the stable sleep of a child, the correct organization of the whole day is necessary. Following a clear schedule gives
Child feeling of security and confidence.
- With whom to sleep. According to Komarovsky, every family member should have his own place to sleep. He does not consider the joint sleep of children with his parents useful.
- You do not need extra. If a child sleeps too long during the day, it must be awakened so that all the necessary time he rested at night.
- Optimize feeding. Do not overfeed a child, do not allow snacks. Feeding should occur at one time, evening meals should
Be nutritious, but not heavy. The situation when a child is 2 years old, does not sleep well at night, cries, very often occurs precisely against the background of overeating.
- Spend the day right. A lot of moving, playing mobile games, reading books, walking.
- The air. The room in which the child sleeps must be ventilated daily. If possible before a night's rest, you need to do a wet cleaning and purchase
- The bed. The mattress of the child should be dry, even, evenly stuffed. Babies up to 2-3 years old do not need pillows at all. Older children can
Put a thin pillow. Linen for the bed should be only natural. Wash it with baby detergents.
- Diapers. Diapers should be "breathing", not skipping moisture, suitable for the child in size and model.


If the child's sleep is disturbed due to colic or toothache, it is better not to experiment, but consult a doctor. In addition, medical problems can be the reason that mothers come with complaints to the doctor. To the child 2 years, very badly sleeps at night, often wakes up, badly falls asleep - all this needs to be discussed with the doctor. In addition, inform the regime of the baby's day, then the doctor will be able to give advice or even prescribe sedatives.

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