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How to teach a child how to count

Your baby is already quite grown up, and you decided to teach him to count, but how to do it correctly you do not know. Currently, there is a large number of developmental techniques that will help you teach your child not only to count but also to write. In the Internet you can go to special classes for children, which will help mothers find the answer to the question of how to teach the child to count.

It is necessary to begin to introduce the child to the numbers even before he learned to talk. Print out the red numbers on the printer. They must be large scale so that the child can remember them faster. Parents should regularly count with the baby. You can consider fruits, animals, trees or birds. It is best to study one digit gradually. Then the child will be able to remember everything gradually and carefully. These lessons will help parents find the answer to the question of how to teach the child to count.

Glen Dorman, a well-known Austrian scientist, conducted a series of studies and developed his own method of teaching the child a score. He presented special cards on which the account was depicted in red spots. He also created ten cards, on which were depicted toys according to their number. Glen Doman helped children with brain damage to reach the same intellectual level of development as ordinary kids. Now imagine what effect this technique has on the development of ordinary children who have no pathologies in development. You can independently find the answer to the question of how to teach the child to count. Doman's cards are presented in presentations, which can be downloaded from your computer easily and easily. Also, these presentations can be purchased in the store for the early development of children. In addition to the invoice, your child will master the initial skills and will be able to fully study such sciences as geography, history, painting, culture, etiquette and so on.

How to teach a child to count? The answer to this question is simple. It is only necessary to master several developmental techniques and daily to deal with the baby.

To ensure that your baby can quickly learn to count, you need to regularly deal with it. Your lessons should not take more than fifteen minutes. Make them as interesting as possible. Prepare special poems and tongue twisters that will help your child develop the right speech.

If you want to get an answer to the question of how to teach a child to quickly count, then you should learn a few methods of development. Use in the classroom toys, chess pieces, natural materials (stones, chestnuts, sticks, leaves). Counting sticks can be purchased in office supplies. They will help not only to learn the score, but also to teach your child to lay out geometric figures and pictures. Try to develop your child comprehensively. Teach him to read, count, draw, do exercises, all kinds of appliqués.

If you can properly master the developmental activities, you will find the answer to the question of how to teach the child correctly to count. Your attention and love will help your child to quickly learn not only the account, but other skills that he must have for full development and formation.

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