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Proverbs about speech. Examples

Speech occupies an important place in the life of any modern person. With the help of the language we interact with each other, we learn to determine the mood of a person, his intentions and views on the world. Proverbs about speech fully reflect the worldview of the Russian people, their attachment to specific traditions and culture. The main emphasis is always on the ability to listen, understand the interlocutor, to be most useful to him, and therefore, to do something for society as a whole.

Russian proverbs about the speech are filled with depth and have a psychological overtones. Each statement can be applied to our daily life.

"Speech, as honey, and deeds as wormwood"

This refers to the fact that people often throw their words to the wind. Irrelevant phrases, spoken accidentally, can not bring benefit, do not touch the depths of the soul of another person, can not become for him the most useful. People, living in society, very early learn to dissemble and play a certain role in front of others. A person can speak kindly to his face, be as polite and friendly as possible, and show coldness and estrangement behind his eyes. Most people generally do not say what they feel and think at the moment. More often their thoughts are so bitter that if others around them knew, they would completely refuse to interact with these people.

In our lives there is so little sincerity and that's because we often do not know how to be sufficiently truthful. Children are not taught to show emotion in school and do not tell them that the most important thing in life is to preserve one's individuality. Emotional education is entirely on the shoulders of the family. And how to really a few satisfied people! Proverbs about speech help to understand this phenomenon.

"Red speech is heard"

It is important not so much to be able to pronounce beautiful words, how much to learn to listen to your opponent. Silence is a great thing. Deep empathic listening allows you to better focus on the question being voiced, to reach understanding, to come to a definite agreement. But how few people really know how to listen to their interlocutors! Many want only that they are given only enough time and attention, and they do not want to invest anything in the relationship. Proverbs and sayings about speech best emphasize this feature.

"It's better to talk less than to talk"

Sometimes we inadvertently can offend a loved one by an inadvertently pronounced word. You should know that you do not always have to tell the naked truth directly. Sometimes it is useful to keep silence if this will work for good. The important thing is with what mood we build the habitual hearing of the phrase.

Some people may not notice that they have offended the interlocutor, brought him out of the state of inner balance. Proverbs about the speech abound with centuries-old folk wisdom, in them knowledge merges with enduring human values. In a conversation, you should try to give your opponent exactly as much as he asks: no more, no less. Unfortunately, very few are ready to really take benefit. Most are shut off from the flows of energy of love and gratitude.

"We hear speeches, but we do not see hearts"

People often communicate with each other purely mechanically, without looking inward. Only a minority can search and find behind the words of the interlocutor the inner meaning. It is necessary not only to listen to the phrases, but also to catch the tempo of the voice, the mood with which they are pronounced. We are often accustomed to living so mechanically that we do not see, we do not notice what is happening around us and with them.

Thus, proverbs about speech are of cultural and national value. With the help of these simple statements, past generations share an inexhaustible source of wisdom with us, we only need to be able to accept it.

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