"AlkoForst": reviews of doctors about the drug, instruction. "AlkoProst" - a deception or the truth?

Before, no one could believe that alcohol dependence can be eliminated by taking drops, for example, "AlkoProst". Feedback from many buyers confirm their effectiveness. According to the manufacturer, the drug permanently relieves such dependence, which differs significantly from ampoules, which are sewn to a person and allow to forget about the problem for about 1.5-2 years.

Not everyone is ready to pass the coding procedure, in such cases, you can pick up a special tool. It is allowed to use drops of "AlkoProst" without the knowledge of a person who is dependent on alcohol.

"AlkoProst" is an additive containing components of animal and vegetable origin, made in accordance with the recipes of traditional medicine. This tool is often recommended for use in order to get rid of various dependencies, including the use of alcoholic beverages. The effect of such formulations on the body of a drinking person is in most cases based on the implementation of a disulfiram-ethanol reaction. From this article you will find out what the "AlcoProst" drops are, what kind of comments about this drug people leave.

Characteristics of the "AlkoForst"

"AlkoProst" conditionally belongs to the funds that make up a group of dietary supplements. Its development was aimed at eliminating alcohol dependence in human life.

Form of issue of "Alco Prosta"

The preparation is made in the form of drops. In the vial, which is equipped with a lid-dropper, contains 10 ml of the drug.

Composition of "AlkoProst"

"AlkoProst" reviews, instructions are displayed as a means, the composition of which is represented by extracts and extracts of different nature. In folk medicine, these components are used as substances that effectively eliminate the problem of alcoholism. Acting on the human body, they contribute to the elaboration of a fear reflex, which can be considered as a response to the disulfiram-like reaction that occurred.

When a substance that interferes with the processing of alcoholic beverages penetrates into the body, that is, blocks this process, acetaldehyde, which is hazardous to health, is not excreted, resulting in a poisoning effect. Normally, the toxic substance quickly separates into two components - water and carbon dioxide. After the administration of certain medications, for example "disulfiram" or similar drugs, the cleavage is slower, so acetaldehyde accumulates and leads to the appearance of symptoms of poisoning. As the reviews on "Alco-Forst" show, the drug leads to the fact that, after experiencing the poisoning, a person is afraid to repeat the reception of drinks with alcohol content. But this fear does not always accompany him, because with time he disappears.

Concentrate made of brine shrimp

Artemia is called small size crustaceans, which can be found in many water bodies. The manufacturer of the drug claims that the extract, obtained from crustaceans, affects the body at the level of DNA. But in fact, this supplement should be considered as a dietary supplement containing proteins and vitamins.

Medicinal plant centaury

In folk medicine, this plant is often included in the collection of charges intended to rid the person of the desire to consume alcohol. It contains mucus, ascorbic acid. In addition, the plant is useful because of the content of glycosides and alkaloids.

If we talk about this component of the "AlkoProst" product, the reviews show that the centaury helps the body use the essential oils that are in its composition. Infusions and decoctions cooked on the basis of a therapeutic agent, remove inflammation and, acting on the body, have a general strengthening effect. The plant helps to cope with the dependence on alcohol, positively affects the condition of internal organs, prevents further disruption of their work, which previously occurred under the influence of alcohol.

Beaver Musk

The component is recommended for use in the development of a headache, which appeared for unknown reasons. He well treats diseases in which the nervous system and cardiovascular are affected. This useful substance is a secret that is excreted from the body of animals.

It is a strong stimulant of the immune system, it returns strength, restores normal functioning of the body, improves brain activity.


It's a mushroom, which is often called a dung beetle. After entering the body of a person who is addicted to alcohol, the fungus provokes a disulfiram-like reaction. The consequence of such a reaction is poisoning, which can be determined by the presence of symptoms confirming intoxication. Symptoms can be pronounced. The person remembers, what unpleasant sensations he tested, and some time does not want to take alcoholic drinks. Mushroom manure contributes to the development of a strong aversion to alcohol.

Collection of herbs

About other components that contains "AlkoProst", the doctors say reports about herbs that have an additional effect, they also contribute to poisoning with acetaldehyde, in addition, they tone up, take away fatigue and relieve a hangover. To render soothing, antitoxic action and eliminate nausea, mint is present in the composition. Herbs support the body, well affect the heart muscle.

The action of the drug "AlkoProst"

Drops designed to combat alcoholism have an action that is not similar to that of their counterparts. The use of "Alco Prost" leads to the fact that a person has an aversion to the substances that make up alcohol. As the manufacturer promises, this way you can really quickly forget about a problem like alcoholism. It is important that the person himself decided to give up alcohol, but if he does not have such a desire, treatment with AlkoProst can also be performed. Reviews about the drug show that for a full-fledged treatment is not enough to just abandon alcohol, you need to carry out a set of activities that will restore the body and strengthen health. With excessive use of alcoholic beverages, internal organs can be damaged, so it is important to normalize their work. Drops of "AlkoProst" also to some extent strengthen the body, but treatment must necessarily be comprehensive. This drug can eliminate many complications that have resulted from prolonged alcohol poisoning.

Instruction for the drug "AlkoProst"

Treatment with the "AlkoProst" remedy is shown as a simple method, there are no difficulties, the main thing is to observe the established rules and take the recommended doses of the drug.

In accordance with the instruction, during the application of the drug, three times a day is needed, 10 drops at a time. It is allowed to dilute drops with tea, coffee, soft and non-carbonated drinks, water. They can be safely added to the food (not too hot), because the drug does not change its taste and does not add to the food of foreign smells.

To use drops of "AlkoProst" reviews recommend within one month. The use of drops is possible in secret from a person suffering from alcoholism. This means that it is not necessary to get the consent of a person who is dependent on alcoholic beverages, because such people often do not want to notice the existence of dependence, so they do not consider it necessary to be treated. The manufacturer promises that the drug will allow to forget about the existing problem in a short time.

Do not immediately use 10 drops of AlkoProst. Reviews about the drug show that initially the dosage should be small - 5 drops. Daily dose can be increased by one drop. The maximum permissible single dose is 15 drops. This should be sufficient to eliminate the dependency.

Treatment without the knowledge of the patient

The manufacturer states that "AlkoProst" - a unique drug, because with his help you can cure a person from alcoholism without obtaining his consent. These drops have almost no contraindications, but have side effects that contribute to the disappearance of the desire to drink alcoholic beverages. The drug itself does not harm health.

The result of treatment by "AlcoSpot"

Currently, many means have been developed, the producers of which promise that a bad habit will be eliminated. One of such preparations is "AlkoProst". Some drugs only for a while remove the dependence, others - forever. Treatment does not have to be expensive to be effective.

Today you can choose a product with a natural composition that not only removes the addiction, but also helps to restore the affected organism.

The drug helps many to save the family, to return to normal life and stop spoiling their health. Drops of "AlkoProst" support the body of those who decided to quit drinking, when implementing complex treatment. A comprehensive approach is always considered the most effective.

Reviews about the drug must be read to know what the drug is and what to do with it. It is best to consult with a specialist before use and carefully read the instructions to the product.

Contraindications to taking the drug "AlkoProst"

The instruction does not contain almost any contra-indications to reception of means «AlkoProst». The doctors' comments only indicate the individual intolerance of certain substances that are in the composition of the drug.

The main effect of drops (disulfiram-like reaction) should be considered as a serious effect on the body, which can lead to health problems. The likelihood of a lethal outcome due to taking AlkoProst is not excluded.

Price of AlkoProst

Left on the tool "AlkoProst" reviews show that for people the main thing is the result, not the price. The average cost of the drug is about 990 rubles. You can buy it on the Internet. Sites are easy to find through the search engine. Payment for delivery in Russia is effected by cash on delivery. In St. Petersburg, "AlkoProst" can be obtained about three days after placing an order, in Moscow - after two days. Preparation of the drug in other regions is possible in two weeks after the formation of the order.

Reviews about the drug "AlkoProst"

It is useful to read real reviews about AlkoProst. Usually with "AlkoProst" people keep, the drug helps them to give up alcohol. Sometimes, to fix the result, the reception of the remedy is repeated by another course in 15 days.

The drug has many positive reviews, in most cases people manage to forget about alcoholism, but the best results are observed with an integrated approach to solving the problem. Judging by the reviews, people who are addicted to alcohol, however, often lose the desire to drink alcoholic beverages, and such a reaction of the body is permanent.

Such specialists as narcologists, hepatologists and psychiatrists, also leave their feedback on these drops. Some psychiatrists believe that AlcoProst and its analogs do not allow you to get rid of alcohol dependence forever after a short course of treatment. The existence of such an opinion is due to the lack of reliable research results. There is also an opinion that the drug "AlkoProst" is a "pacifier", since it has almost no contraindications.

Reviews about "AlkoProst", left by hepatologists, are based on the assumption that this tool can have an effect on those people who are easy to inspire anything. Until now, it has not been fully studied how the human psyche is organized, sometimes faith in the best leads to remarkable results.

For narcologists, taking drops of "AlkoProst" is a pseudo-therapy. In their opinion, any drugs can be used only after the appointment of a doctor. Only in this case risks will be minimal, and the effect - the maximum. Many drug addicts consider the purchase of "AlcoProst" drops a waste of money.

About the drug "AlkoProst" negative reviews leave mostly doctors, many buyers note its effectiveness. It is known that the drug has undergone a large number of clinical trials, although their results are not entirely clear. However, if drops help someone, realizing the possible risks, you can try to treat them. You should carefully read all available information and only after that you can purchase the drug.

The probability of fraud

With the purchase of AlcoProst, fraud is possible. When people have their lives collapsed, they are ready to do everything to get rid of alcohol dependence, so when choosing a drug, they may show inattention. It is important to consider the following important factors on which the success of treatment depends:

  • The desire of a person who consumes alcohol to get rid of the addiction;
  • The safety of the methods and means used.

Do not rely only on AlcoForst. Since such drugs are not standardized, the results may be the most unexpected.

What should alert you when you buy AlcoProst? Cheating can be suspected in the following cases:

  • The abstract contains data obtained as a result of clinical trials, which are vague and do not contain evidence, moreover, the drug is not available in the BAD catalogs.
  • When searching based on the name of the company that contains the logo, there are firms whose profile has significant differences. If AlcoProst is a counterfeit, as a result of such a search, for example, a small Australian company engaged in the production of algae additives or a Chinese company that produces simulators will be found.

To make it easier to detect cheating when buying the drug "AlkoProst" cheating, reviews must be sure to watch. When starting this medication, a person should understand that it can cause side effects or not bring the desired effect.

When alcoholism destroys the habitual life of a person, changes his life for the worse, does not allow his relatives to live peacefully, the only way out, the last hope can be the use of drugs. Since the body is already poisoned with alcohol components, it is important to choose the most natural products. Not only positive reviews have "AlcoForst", negative reviews also exist. Therefore, you should first carefully study the drug, consult a doctor and think about whether it should be used at all.

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