Anti-varicose cream Cream of Varicose Veins: reviews of doctors and patients. The composition of the cream, its properties

Varicose veins are common in people all over the planet. It is believed that this is our payment for stiffness, aggravated in recent centuries by hypodynamia. Seeing the notorious vascular mesh, many simply do not pay much attention to it, and completely in vain. This symptom, according to the phrase-phlebologist, is a prerequisite for the progression of varicose veins. Already at this stage, you need to contact specialists and take appropriate treatment.

Why do not we rush to the doctor?

But to go to doctors, and even more so, when you can still suffer, the overwhelming majority of our compatriots do not like. Varicose veins do not cause fatal pain, and its owner delayed his visit to a medical specialist. As a result, suffering from swelling and convulsions, the patient is no longer on the advice, but on the operating table.

Now more and more you can see ads for various creams from varicose veins. One of them is Cream of Varicose Veins. The feedback about it in a negative key is rather difficult to find, but this is not an indication of its impeccability. Natural composition, active marketing and a lot of positive reviews make this tool a bestseller. But, alas, people do not become healthier.

Does the Cream of Varicose Veins product work effectively, as claimed by its manufacturers? How does this happen? To learn how to deal with the disease, you need to know its causes. This information will help to eliminate all factors that provoke varicose veins.

Why does varicose occur?

Doctors call several reasons, which are prerequisites for varicose veins. These include:

  • Insufficient physical activity.
  • Work associated with prolonged stays in a sitting position.
  • Increased stress on the legs due to sports or due to work features.
  • The presence of the next of kin of this disease.
  • Postponed trauma of vessels, fractures of lower extremities.
  • The presence of inflammatory processes in the body.
  • Elevated blood sugar and cholesterol.
  • Excess body weight.
  • Harmful habits: alcohol, coffee, tobacco.
  • Irrational nutrition.

If you analyze all these reasons, they can be divided into two types: endogenous and exogenous. The first group - these are the prerequisites that are inherent in nature, and it is almost impossible to combat them. If your mother suffers from varicose veins, then funds like Cream of Varicose Veins will not help much.

The second group of provocative factors we organize ourselves. Heavy or sluggish work, high heels, tight clothing and improper diet are direct culprits of varicose veins. Changing the lifestyle and taking appropriate treatment on the recommendation of a doctor can correct the situation and prevent it from developing. As a supplement to the complex of therapeutic measures can be cream Cream of Varicose Veins. The opinion of the attending physician about this remedy should become decisive in the question of the expediency of its application in your case. It is not only about its possible inefficiency, but also harmless to the body. Do not forget that every component of natural origin has a number of contraindications and side effects.

What is the danger of indifference?

Varicose veins are a progressive disease. It starts with symptoms that initially do not bother. However, if you ignore the initial stages of varicose veins, then they are more likely to be aggravated. To diagnose in itself the initial degree of varicose veins is quite simple. It has pronounced signs:

  • The veins on the legs become noticeable and acquire a rich purple or blue hue.
  • A vascular reticulum appears.
  • In the legs there is a heaviness, which increases by the evening.
  • Feels pain and tingling in the lower limbs.
  • Walking even for short distances is accompanied by a feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs.

These symptoms may not cause much discomfort, but not paying attention to them means to allow the disease to develop. Already in the presence of minimal discomfort, it is worthwhile to consult a phlebologist-doctor and to stop an ailment in the embryo. This is especially important for people from the so-called risk group: with a genetic predisposition, excessive body weight and bad habits. But what about the promise of a complete cure for the disease, which guarantees the advertising of Cream of Varicose Veins? The response of a phlebologist is categorical: this cream is able to help only in complex therapy and in the first stages of the disease.

How does the disease develop?

Medical specialists who know about varicose veins are not hearsay, distinguish several stages of the disease:

  1. At the first stage, called the compensation phase, we observe the initial manifestations of the disease. This stage can last quite a long time, and can take only a couple of months. Severe symptomatology may be absent, but the external signs are already noticeable: convoluted enlarged veins, vascular sprouts, discomfort, accelerated manifestations of fatigue, sensations of heaviness and raspiraniya, small puffiness in the evening.
  2. The second period of the disease is called the stage of subcompensation and can last for several years. In this phase, the deformation of the veins develops and becomes more pronounced. Progression of the outflow of blood. A person feels pain, cramps in the calf muscles during sleep. Puffiness becomes permanent. The skin on the lower legs becomes purplish-brown in color.
  3. The third stage of the disease is called the period of decompensation. The existing signs of the disease progress and worsen. The swelling of the feet and shins acquires a permanent character.

On the legs are clearly visible varicose veins dilated. It also develops itchy skin and inflammation in the form of eczema. This period is also characterized by trophic changes occurring in the dermis. Pigmented areas and nduratsiya subcutaneous tissue are formed. Over time, trophic ulcers begin to form, which do not heal for a long time.

Can a wonderful cream help?

Intrusive advertising promises us complete healing of varicose veins with the help of a miracle cream Cream of Varicose Veins. Negative feedback about this tool is lost in the flow of positive emotions of those who got rid of the problem. This also pushes people with obvious signs of an ailment to buy the advertised goods in the hope of a miraculous salvation from an insidious disease.

But is the anti-varicose Cream of Varicose Veins really able to help with the presence of vein disease? Manufacturers of this product confidently state that their product will not only eliminate the initial stages of the disease, but also rid itself of its last phases. Is it really? Let's look at the issue of what constitutes an anti-varicose cream Cream of Varicose Veins, real opinions about it, recommendations of doctors, we will review and find out what the composition of this drug.

Cream Composition

The manufacturer does not hide the composition of this product and even proudly declares that it is completely natural, harmless and very effective. In order to be convinced of the correctness of this statement, it is necessary to analyze all the ingredients. On the official website of the manufacturer Cream of Varicose Veins reviews, composition and mechanism of action of the product are described sufficiently accessible. Ingredients include:

  • Extract of propolis.
  • Cedar gum.
  • Beef fire extract.
  • Bee venom.
  • Olive oil.
  • Beeswax.
  • Vitamins B 1 , B 6 , C.
  • Extract of bees.
  • Vasodilator and analgesic components, the names of which are not indicated.

Now let's talk in more detail about each ingredient of the Cream of Varicose Veins, people's comments about which inspire millions to buy a miracle remedy.

Extract of propolis

Since ancient times this product of beekeeping is famous for its medicinal qualities. Still our ancestors effectively applied propolis in medical practice. Extract of propolis contains in its composition a number of useful biologically active substances:

  • Vitamins: B 2 , B 1 , B 3 , B 6 , PP, C, E, A.
  • Mineral components: sodium, chromium, vanadium, cobalt, magnesium, tin, selenium, silicon, fluorine, aluminum, sulfur, manganese, strontium, antimony, titanium, calcium, copper, phosphorus, iron, zinc.
  • Valuable amino acids: alanine, cystine, leucine, serine, tyrosine, cysteine, valine, glycine, phenylalanine, valine, asparagine, methionine and others.

This fantastic composition of propolis provides versatility of its medicinal properties:

  • Antiseptic.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Anesthetic.
  • Regenerating.
  • Cleansing.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Astringent.
  • Desensitizing.
  • Cholagogue.
  • Immunomodulating.
  • Restorative.
  • Diuretic.

The extract of this superfood is not accidentally included in the composition of Cream of Varicose Veins. The response of a phlebologist physician about the effectiveness of propolis in the external treatment of varicose veins shows us how to judge its effect. Propolis in the cream restores the structure of cell membranes, accelerates metabolism, restores the supply of cells with oxygen, and detoxifies the affected areas of the dermis. It allows to significantly improve the patient's condition with trophic ulcers.

However, this product is unacceptable for people with an allergy to bee products, since it can cause a reaction.


Antivarikozny cream Cream of Varicose Veins contains in its composition cedar gum. This natural component includes a variety of compounds useful to the human body: mono-, di- and sexviterpenes, resin acids, resins, esters, vitamins D and C, succinic acid and fatty acids. On the human body, the gum has the following effects: it cures diseases of the digestive tract, lungs and kidneys, copes with dental and headache. With external application it helps to cope with nighttime convulsive attacks, softens, moisturizes the skin and prevents the appearance of trophic ulcers. However, zhivitsa also has contraindications: allergies, pregnancy and children under 12 years of age.

Beef fire extract

This insect is called in the people by a wax bee moth. The extract based on fire was now appreciated. Due to the presence in it of an enormous amount of compounds useful to the organism, it has a wide range of effects. This is natural:

  • Immunostimulator.
  • Antioxidant.
  • Cardioprotector.
  • Adaptogen.
  • Anabolic.

The extract of bee fire has very important properties, due to which this component was included in the anti-varicose cream Cream of Varicose Veins. The doctors' comments on this unusual ingredient make many wonder. The fire extract effectively normalizes the permeability of peripheral vessels (veins, arteries and capillaries), reduces the viscosity of the blood, improves its circulation and reduces the risk of thrombus formation, contributes to the rapid healing of trophic ulcers. In the treatment of varicose veins, this component showed a good therapeutic effect.

However, the extract of the fire is not recommended for people with increased sensitivity to this component, and also not to combine with alcohol and antibiotics. There is also an opinion that this component can not be taken together with bee products, but the neighborhood of these ingredients we see in the anti-varicose cream.

Bee venom

This ingredient is by no means accidental in the cream of Cream of Varicose Veins. It has long been famous for its extraordinary healing properties. With external application of bee venom, it has a powerful anabolic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory effect, dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation, reducing its viscosity. However, there is a rather large group of contraindications to its use:

  • Allergy to apitoxin and its intolerance.
  • Various infections.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Mental ailments.
  • Diseases of the liver and gallbladder, as well as the pancreas.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Violation of the functions of hematopoiesis.
  • Disease of the adrenal cortex.
  • Oncology.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Menses.

If there are contraindications, it is necessary to agree the drug with the attending physician.

Olive oil

This gift of southern nature has become famous in the centuries for its extraordinary properties. It can be effectively applied both externally and internally. Olive oil is rich in omega-3, 6, 9-acids, numerous unsaturated fats, polyphenols, styrenes, tocopherols, vitamins A, K, E, D. Thanks to this composition, this natural component softens the skin, promotes healing of ulcers and wounds, positively affects the Walls of blood vessels.


This component of anti-varicose cream promotes the best penetration into the skin and retention of all useful ingredients in it. Directly the beeswax itself has bactericidal properties and absorbs toxins from the surface of the dermis. Forming on the skin a thin, but resistant layer, it protects from negative environmental factors and prevents evaporation of moisture, without hammering the pores.

However, people with an allergy to bee products should stop using this product.

Extract of bee

This natural product contains a mass of components that are necessary for the treatment of varicose veins: heparin, bee venom, glucosamine, acetic acid and melanin.

The combination of these components is called a chitosan complex, and it was not for nothing that was included in the composition of Cream of Varicose Veins. Real feedback on this ingredient is claimed: if you apply the bee extract externally, it significantly improves the condition of the vessels of the limbs in varicose veins. Like all bee products, this component is unacceptable for use by allergy sufferers.

Conclusion make yourself

Having full information about the composition of the means discussed by us, draw a conclusion whether the reviews about Cream of Varicose Veins are true. Is this a divorce or a panacea? Certainly, the components contained in the cream are of natural origin and have good efficacy in the prevention and treatment of varicose veins.

But is it possible to correct this disease with the help of this remedy in the last stages of development and rely on the saving anti-varicose gel Cream of Varicose Veins? The doctors' comments on this issue are disappointing: this cream maintains the condition of the vessels of the limbs only at an early stage of the disease development. At the last stages of varicose veins, local aids are absolutely powerless. In such cases, only surgical intervention helps. Moreover, doctors consider such means harmful also because people, hoping for them, delay the visit to the doctor and aggravate their condition.

Before using this tool, consult a doctor. The product has serious contraindications, which are described in detail above. The drug is unacceptable for pregnant women and for people with increased sensitivity to bee products.

If you decide to use this remedy as a prophylaxis, you need to be vigilant and do not look for it in stores and pharmacies. Buy it best on the official website of the manufacturer.

Above we considered Cream of Varicose Veins: reviews, how to use, how to order. Separately, I want to say about the cost of this drug, which is about 1000 rubles. Experts say that it is prohibitively high for a preventive agent. The usual "Troxevasin" is much cheaper, and the effect of it is the same. Therefore, everyone chooses himself: to pay extra money for high-quality advertising and a beautiful name or to use other means.

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