Black Sea vacation. Guest Houses (Novomikhailovsky)

Guest houses (DG) are more successful in competing with hotels in the spa business. In contrast to the hotel, the State Duma is the homeowners of such business owners. Such activities thrive among enterprising locals in the resort regions. Guest houses often constitute a worthy competition to hotels, including in terms of comfort and service. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that this format of rest, close to the usual way of life is optimal for some tourists tied to a purely domestic form of recreation.

Briefly about the village

Such a business is successfully developing in Novomikhailovsky settlement, located in the northern part of Tuapse region of the Krasnodar Territory. Here are budget hotels and guest houses. Novomikhailovsky is located on the Black Sea coast near the southern slope of the Caucasian ridge 22 kilometers from Tuapse and 87 kilometers from Krasnodar.

The climate in Novomikhaylovsky resort: soft and humid, transitional from temperate to subtropical. The valley of the river Nechepsuho, where the village is located, is surrounded by picturesque mountains, overgrown with forests. PGT is geographically stretched along the river and almost all of its infrastructure is on the embankment. There are enough small shops selling food and everything necessary. It's clean: the beach is cleaned twice. A water park is 10 minutes away from Novomikhailovsky. On the local beach, entrepreneurs organize for the guests dozens of sea excursions, jet ski and quad biking, diving.

Guest house "Edelweiss"

Guest house "Edelweiss" (Novomikhailovsky) is built in a cozy spacious two-storey house with terraces intertwined with grapes. The sea is within walking distance of the second line (8 - 10 minutes walk). Nearby is a shop and a market.

Guests can expect furnished double, triple and quadruple rooms. The territory is landscaped with terraces of paved stone, lawns with well-groomed climbing plants, trees, bushes.

Holidaymakers eat in aesthetically equipped mansions arbors, located among the greenery and terraces, where food is brought from a nearby summer kitchen. The latter is a neat one-story building, constructed according to a specialized project.

The hotel rooms are decorated in a home style and are equipped with air conditioning, TV. Holidaymakers celebrate a tranquil atmosphere. Near a lot of greenery, is the forest, other guest houses. Novomikhailovsky, according to tourists, has obvious potential for further development of the resort business.

Guest house «Ludmila»

The development of the resort infrastructure of the village is clearly demonstrated by the State Duma, which, in terms of service, exceeds two-star hotels. They are motivated to develop their infrastructure, which is noted in their reviews by their guests. One of these private mini-hotels is the guest house "Ludmila" (Novomikhailovsky). This resort institution does not look like a rural house.

Here everything is arranged according to the canons of the spa business. Modern rooms with intact home appliances, aesthetically decorated terrace with steps, equipped for meals, in a tower built according to the classical canons with columns.

Comfortable pool with two bowls and terraces for rest, equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers. Sauna on the wood. Good, laid out of stone brazier. Parking for cars is also available at this DG, and it is guarded.

After reading reviews of visitors, it seems that some guest houses (Novomikhailovsky) are more preferable than "average", budget hotels that do not leave much to be impressed. It is gratifying that when you contemplate their design, you can see the solid design and the architect's intention.

Guest house "Versailles"

Also in demand is another DG, not inferior in service to the budget hotel. This is the guest house "Versailles" (Novomikhailovsky). In a solid high-class four-storey building, budget rooms are equipped.

The territory of the guest house is equipped with a swimming pool, terraces, equipped with a gazebo for rest and eating. The rooms have a bathroom, which includes a bathroom and toilet. Furniture in them is matched in one style, unmade, fresh linen. The rooms have TVs, air conditioning, refrigerators. There is a hairdryer. This DG is equipped according to the canons of a budget hotel.

Vacationers celebrate a good, full home food, adequate, caring, friendly attitude of the owners.


The guest houses (Novomikhailovsky) mentioned in this brief description are located in the largest Russian resort village of Tuapse district. This area is known to many generations of people because here already for many decades there is a children's camp "Eaglet". The holiday season lasts from June to the end of September, pebble beach. The main infrastructure (discotheques, restaurants, dance floors, parties on the coast) is located at the waterfront, where expensive hotels are built.

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