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In June 1967, in Crimea, on its southern shore, the doors for holidaymakers in the new international health resort opened - a new cozy boarding house "Dubna" (Alushta) was opened as a unit in the JINR structure (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research). Here, scientists and members of their families not only rested. Using the boarding house "Dubna", Alushta hosted congresses, symposiums, meetings and seminars on nuclear research, which was attended by representatives of more than twenty countries.


Now this recreation complex, where comfortable living is available, providing a good rest, mood, cheerfulness and a high level of restoring the health of the guests there. The boarding house "Dubna" (Alushta) can offer not only cozy rooms, but also full-fledged treatment, since the medical center and the enterprises of special dietary food work perfectly there. In addition, there are several sports grounds, conference halls, a concert hall, a dance floor, a beautifully arranged beach and much more.

The boarding house "Dubna" (Alushta) can accept simultaneously more than three hundred people. All buildings are located in a picturesque park area, where a beautiful dream and a wonderful quiet rest. The rooms are comfortable, they have all the necessary amenities. The entire territory of the boarding house is equipped with a wireless Internet network. Electricity, hot and cold water are distributed in the boarding house in an autonomous mode. The passenger motor transport works perfectly. The boarding house has a certificate of compliance with the quality of service of the State Standard of Russia.

"Professor's Corner"

This is the territory of Alushta, as if it was created specifically for walking, resting and creating a wonderful mood, and the best in this respect even on the scale of the entire Southern coast of the Crimea. Those who have visited here one day certainly become regulars, coming here every year - it is impossible not to fall in love with this land. In the eighties of the nineteenth century, the mansions and dachas of famous people began to appear here, and, as a rule, most of them are representatives of science, hence the name originates from here.

Until now, there are magnificent old residents of the resort, palaces of scientists who, while visiting for a vacation, were pleased to study the geology, history, fauna and flora of the Crimea. Here you can mention the professor of geology NA Golovkinsky, who stood at the origins of the creation of such a paradise place as the "Professor's Corner", which only the best resorts of Switzerland and Italy can compare with. Wild cliffs, covered with subtropical vegetation near the blue water of the vast Black Sea, can not but cause delight.

"Work Corner"

Alushta after the revolution began to change rapidly, like the whole country. The spirit of the time dictated the new conditions for freedom, equality and brotherhood. In 1923 at the mountain Kastel was built at the peak of the "Professor's" rest house "Work Corner". Alushta now took holidaymakers not only from the number of well-off people, but also ordinary steelworkers, miners, miners, farmers, teachers from all over the country.

The new name was so popular with both locals and visitors that it caught on quickly. Moreover, so began to call and all adjacent to the rest home area. Gradually, the entire western outskirts of the city began to be called that way. A truly unforgettable experience awaits all those who have chosen to relax Crimea. "Professor's Corner" is the most picturesque part of it. A seven-kilometer beautifully decorated embankment with the water park "Almond Grove", with the nightclub "Castel" fluttering to the skies, like a space ship on take-off (where visitors are waited for by bowling, an excellent dance floor, cafes, bars, European cuisine that is universally famous).


The infrastructure of this area is developed comprehensively. Along the embankment, a series of small beaches stretched out, the small pebbles of which are considered very useful. All of them belong to health camps, boarding houses, sanatoriums. On the right is a long city beach with fine sand. You can compare the beaches that the Crimea offers. "Professor's Corner" certainly will be in the leaders of any rating. They are all perfectly equipped: a rich assortment of rolling, mandatory booths and showers. From the sun you can hide under a canopy.

There are a lot of small businesses where you can have a good snack or quench your thirst: dining rooms, cafes, restaurants, bars. They are so numerous that they can not be counted. Open a lot of shops of different profiles, especially souvenir shops, as well as the market of local seasonal products fully satisfy all the needs of holidaymakers, even if there are no three meals a day for their rest. And, of course, a lot of entertainment for every age and taste. Parks, broken in the nineteenth century with unique tropical plants, a water park, beach holidays and a lot of interesting excursions.


It was in the "Professor's Corner" that methods of treating a whole complex of diseases were developed and used. Zdorovnitsa "Work Corner" together with specialists of the Research Institute named after Sechenov proved that the conditions of seaside air give a person more than two grams of sea salt per day, which contain almost the entire arsenal of chemicals used as medicines. Bathed in the ultraviolet ionized air rays, which is saturated with phytoncids of seaweed and tropical plants, the guest of the Crimea does not just rest. He simultaneously and is treated, restoring the immunity.

In addition, very many types of treatment offer medical centers, which are so famous for Alushta. Holiday hotel "Dubna" prices in 2016 offered very affordable, and most of the sanatoriums of the city, too. That is why in the Crimea season and takes such an incredible amount of vacationers. Prices for housing, in principle, for everyone. Everything depends on the chosen category and distance from the beach. The availability of additional services also slightly increases the prices, but they still are not prohibitive, in spite of the fact that this paradise is comparable to the most expensive resorts of the planet. In Dubna, for example, food is not included in the cost of living, but still it is much cheaper than lunches on the side.


In the cost of living far from all hotels and sanatoriums include a health course, physical therapy and oxygen foam, but all this is provided by the boarding house "Dubna" 1 *. Alushta itself is a place of recovery, even if nothing but local food and air is not taken, every possible medical procedure (mineral water, mud, etc.), any organism will receive with gratitude.

Local clinicians and climatologists with the involvement of physicists, and then architects, created a room in the "Work Corner" where 24-hour aerotherapy is held. Aeration aerials of the newest designs take their visitors. They differ in that they exclude heat rays, the body does not overheat, receives a magnificent chocolate tan. They rest in the "Professor's Corner" singly and in groups, but the most frequent guests come with the whole family and with children of different ages.


The southern coast of the Crimea is so rich in sights, magnificent natural landscapes that very few people have managed to examine all this. Holidaymakers in Alushta have the opportunity to visit any corner of the Crimea - tours are constantly provided, their choice is huge.

Almost everyone chooses a sightseeing tour, visits the amazing Crimean mountains, unlike any mountain range in the world, very many go to Yalta, Sevastopol, Simferopol through museums and memorable places. But near Alushta, there is something to see.

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This, first of all, sea walks. On the boat shown to guests almost the entire south of the Crimean coast. You can dive and endlessly wonder the beauty of the underwater world. For the curious, there are excursions to the fortress of Aluston, which has been partially preserved since the sixth century and has a unique history. It is a rural Gothic temple of Alushta (All Saints), built in the Old English style. It is a full-flowing and quite powerful waterfall Dzhur-Dzhur (in translation "gurgling forever").

This is the Valley of Ghosts with dozens of figures of people, real and fantastic animals that are made of stone by nature itself, this is the most beautiful building of Alushta - the house of the merchant Stakheev, where the artist Shishkin has repeatedly visited to create his masterpieces. Stone mushrooms are again a tourist attraction created by nature itself in the Sothera valley , And the Museum of Disasters.

Right choice

The fact that the guests of the boarding house "Dubna" receive high-quality service is confirmed by many documents. For example, hospitality and level of service, impeccable medical measures were evaluated accordingly. Pension "Dubna" (Alushta) reviews received not only from tourists.

He was noted by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea with diplomas and certificates of honor, the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism, consistently high ratings of the Institute of the resort industry. Recognized as the best family holiday in this boarding house among all the resorts of Crimea, as well as the best medical and recreational institution.

Beach holidays

The sand-and-shingle beach is a special pride of the boarding house, because, in addition to the modern object of accommodation for holidaymakers with comfortable living and the possibility of recovery, it is a health resort near the warmest and most beautiful sea of the country.

Right on the beach, there are health procedures: helio, aerial, thalassotherapy. There are many canopies for shade, sun umbrellas, changing cabins, chaise lounges. There is a rescue service, a medical center, a rental of beach equipment. Access to the sea is free and fast at any time of the day.

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