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Ivan Rudskoy. Biography

The Internet is full of famous personalities. In this article, we'll talk about mega-successful blogger Ivan EeOneGuy Rudsky. At the moment he is one of the most popular and fast-growing figures of "Youtube". On his channel a huge audience (mostly school-age children) gathered in 5 million subscribers.

Ivan Rudskoy. Biography

A future star "Yutuba" appeared on the territory of Ukraine, in Krivoy Rog. EeOneGuy was born on the great church festival - Epiphany. In accordance with the gospel story, the boy decided to call Ivan, as it was considered a good symbol.

Ivan Rudskoy from the very childhood showed remarkable success. So, already at the age of three, he mastered the language at the level of conversational, could safely read books for children. This merit Rudskaya owes her mother. It was she who persistently studied his education. My father did not stand aside either. Since childhood he taught Ivan the simplest English words.

At five years Rudsky had two sisters - Dasha and Sonia. At the same age, parents tried to send a guy to school, but were refused.

School years

A year later, Ivan Rudskoy still went to the first bell. He studied in an ordinary rural school, in which there were a little more than a hundred people. There he spent 5 years, studying from first to fifth grade.

When the boy turned eleven years old, he moved to the gymnasium. The reason for the transition was opening opportunities. First, Ivan Rudskoy was discouraged by the scale of the new school. In the gymnasium there were several times more people than in the rural school. However, Ivan quickly got used to the new environment. Rudskoy had many friends and was an example for other students. The future video blogger studied "by eleven" ("5" on a five-point system). Soon Ivan enrolled in the music and art school, in judo, began to actively engage in vocal and guitar playing. Despite such load, Rudskoy continued to please his parents with good grades.

Since Ivan Rudskoy knew very little from the new school, his best friend was a computer. However, the young man did not waste time just like that. He practiced his drawing skills in Photoshop CS3 version. Ivan hated to draw in real life on paper, but he liked to create in Photoshop and other graphic editors.

At the age of thirteen, Ivan first met YouTube. While he acts only as a spectator. In the tenth grade, Ivan again changes his place of study. At this time, the reason for the transition was that in the old school it began to bully the hooligans, and the administration did not take any action.


Spending a lot of time watching videos, Ivan is going to create something on his "Youtube". Thus, the light appears on the clip "Song zadrota, which Ivan posted on the popular video hosting YouTube. The video was not popular, therefore EeOneGuy temporarily suspended its activity.

In March 2013, Ivan flooded his new channel with the first video called "Another Look at Minecraft." By shooting a video on the theme of the game, Meincraft, EeOneGuy collects an extensive audience, consisting mainly of school-age children. A rather big role in the career of Rudsky was played by Roman Filchenkov, also known under the pseudonym Mister Lololoshka. He actively promoted the channel of Ivangai and his videos in particular. Thus, in a short time Rudskoy gathered a huge audience.

EeOneGuy now

Now Ivan Rudskoy (photo can be seen above) is at the peak of his popularity. The channel already has more than 5 million subscribers, and Ivan himself actively organizes various gatherings, participates in events where he communicates with other bloggers, fans, and simply enjoys popularity.

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