Home-made master class: how to make a daisy from a plastic bottle, and many more interesting things

People are creative, as you know, give an ax in hands and send them to the desert - they will build a palace there. We do not offer anything like this, but we can tell you how to make something interesting from the rubbish available under our feet-plastic bottles.

Chamomile and other flowers

If you have a full package of different calibres from under the water, what to do with it - do not know, and throw away it is a pity (suddenly useful!), Let's make an original craft. Do you know how to make a daisy from a plastic bottle? It's not that hard. The first way: take a transparent light bottle, cut it across, closer to the bottom. The bottom has protrusions - they will play the role of petals. Scissors will need large, because The bottom is solid, solid, and ordinary tailors can not handle it. Cut the petals closer to the middle of the bottom, make gaps between them. The basic principle of solving the problem of how to make a daisy from a plastic bottle is to work carefully, otherwise it will turn out ugly, a bit like a joke. Now the stem. To make it, you need a flexible, but not a soft wire. One end of it glow and put in the middle of the blanks of the flower, firmly plant. Cut out the leaves from the rest of the bottle and also make holes. Now painting. The plastic is acrylic.

Carefully, you can and twice, apply white paint on the daisy. Let it dry out. Make a yellow middle. Green paint the leaves. So do with the stalk. String the sheets, distribute them in staggered order. Here's how to make a daisy from a plastic bottle. When the whole bouquets are collected, they can be placed in empty pots and decorate them with a veranda, a balcony, a front porch, put in the hallway on the table. Such an ornament will make your house cozy, especially since such hand-made articles are also manufactured in a different way, and you can combine different types of flowers.

How to make a daisy from a plastic bottle in a different way?

The neck and bottom are cut off, the bottle is cut along. Divide the plastic sheet into 3 parts, draw and cut out the chamomile from one part, dividing the petals. Use a stencil for 2 more samples. Each color. Make holes in the same way as described above. Now on 1 stalk put on all 3 blanks, slide close to each other and so distribute that the flower seemed lush, terry. Repeat your actions, making more daisies. How to decorate leaves and stems, you already know. A little patience and skill - and your miracle garden is ready!

Plastic Naf-Naf and other piglets

Usual plastic bottles, for example, liter, at will you can turn into fun original toys for children. In the summer at the dacha or at the sea, when the kids want to frolic from the heart, splash in the water, it will be more interesting to pour and splash out of bottles in the form of little animals. And crafts, they will gladly take up with you, turning it into another game. Do you know how to make a pig from a plastic bottle? Unscrew the plug. In advance, puncture the holes for the litter, only small ones. Now grasp all the same acrylic. Paint the entire bottle with a pale pink color, mixing for this pink and white paint. Use a thin brush to draw eyes. The role of the patch will play a cork. At the back, draw a funny twist of the tail. Feel where there were holes, and clean them with a thin knitting needle. Collect in a piglet of water, cover with a five-pin lid, and let your baby play on health!

Such multi-functional these plastic bottles!

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