Duties and role of men in the family

In an effort to create a family, each person is guided by the dreams of a cozy harbor and a joint old age. The romantic stage is characterized by idealistic notions of marriage as the life of two lovers, filled only with joys. Realities demonstrate the existence of duties, the difference in views of both spouses, the possibility of conflicts and the constant need to prioritize. Usually a woman is more clearly aware of her tasks. The role of the man in the family is the same, the husband is vaguely, often not aware of its important components, which after the time leads to disagreements. In order to minimize controversial situations, it is important at the stage of obtaining a marriage certificate that each of the partners understand the requirements for their own conjugal role, discuss and accept them mutually.

What is the family institute?

From the point of view of sociology, marriage is a union of two people, aimed at bringing the good into society; A small organization in which the primary human needs are met; Institute of genus extension; The cradle of development for children. Centuries ago the sensory component was not taken into account, families were created from the calculation of material well-being, mutual understanding of relatives, other aspirations. A successful union was based on mutual respect and unquestioning fulfillment by each of the spouses of their roles. The woman is the mother of the hearth. The role of men in the family is fundamental, aimed at ensuring well-being.

Democratization lasted for centuries. The struggle for rights and freedoms has achieved success. Today, marriages are created on the basis of romantic feelings. It is a tremendous privilege to have a common life with a loved one, along with it, multiply the benefits and raise children. The emotional component holds together alliances. It is also a tempting trap in which they perish, as soon as the senses weaken. In order to prevent the emergence of serious crises in marital relations, at the stage of their formation correctly understand and take full advantage of the role of men and women in the family.

Evolution of the marriage institution

Marriage statutes draw their roots from primitive society. In the days of matriarchy, the man was the breadwinner, the woman was the keeper of the hearth, while she was considered the head. The Neolithic revolution produced agriculture, cattle breeding and a preponderance of the patriarchate. The herd has a clan organization. The role of a man and a woman in the family has been somewhat modified, while maintaining the same essence. It ensured joint management of the economy, but did not release the "strong" sex from the tasks of the breadwinner, and "weak" - from childbirth and care for the members of the clan.

In the history of mankind there were various civilizations in which the roles of each were significantly shifted. History is also known for those in which she was a military commander, but those in whom he exclusively dealt with children and the household are unknown.

According to some scholars, the initial formation of patrimonial monogamy involved an excellent half in systemic domestic slavery. The centuries-old gender evolution has balanced the possible social roles without depriving the basic sexual responsibilities. The evolution of the role of a man in the family relies on filling his life with a deep emotional component in relation to his wife and children, as well as in the uniform division of household "duties".

The theory of the modern family

The prosperous rural and urban family unions of the 21st century differ greatly in the conventions of happiness. So, for the countryside is characterized by the advantage of housekeeping. In this regard, reciprocal duties are roughly shared, while kitchens lie on a woman, and hard physical work on a man. For such an organization and in the modern gender age, the situation of the male shift in the kitchen is considered abnormal, and the female one for cooking firewood.

For the modern urban family, social and professional activity prevails. Difficulties in doing things are reduced to cleaning, washing and cooking. Given the equality of the sexes, they can well be balanced. For this statute is considered normal when she works a lot, while he can sometimes cook food or work out with children. In the strain on urban family life, the need for each of the couple to monitor their appearance and health is added. Visiting of fitness rooms and beauty salons takes a certain part of the day and requires another spouse to perform certain duties, for example, hanging out with the child. Half a century later, this component of marital life did not exist. And then the evolution of the role of a man in the family again manifests itself - if he wants to see his woman well-groomed and healthy, he must share some of its functions.

Matching Roles

A social role is a complex of actions that a person performs relative to members of the family and society. During his life he covers several of them simultaneously. The social role of the man assumes the following components: lover, friend, father, earner, defender, master, professional affiliation, friendly position in the company of comrades. A woman is also not easy. She should be a beauty, a mistress, an adviser, a mother, a mistress, a cook, a designer of her home, an economist, a successful lady and a faithful friend. At the same time, the social role of men and women in the family is approximately balanced theoretically, but it is actually unstable. At many stages, a personal social and role conflict may arise if the requirements are not coordinated with one's own desires and motivations.

She - the mother and keeper of the hearth - wants to develop creatively, while the husband requires her to have a professional career, and relatives - home management. A man - an earner and a defender - wants to pursue his hobby, while his wife requires him to consistently high earnings, and relatives - help. If you combine the desired and the required does not work, there is a personal and family conflict that can lead to depression or divorce.

At the stage of creating a marriage, as well as in each of the crisis periods, it is important to remember the main rule: the family is the coexistence of integral personalities, where everyone has the same general duties as own rights, which in a successful social institution should be taken into account. After all, the main role of men and women in the family is the extension of the family and the upbringing of their children in love and mutual understanding.

Female representation of the family

Women - nature refined and romantic. When they marry, they are led by several illusory ideas about him as an institution of eternal love and understanding. On an emotional level, they expect from her husband constant attention and tenderness, hugs and kisses, quality regular sex, gratitude for tasty food and home comfort, cares for children, love for them and participation in upbringing, his desire for joint leisure, acceptance of her interests, Friends and relatives. On a pragmatic level - personal and professional development, stable good earnings, protection, reliability, a healthy lifestyle, general conduct of everyday life. Dissatisfaction arises when any natural desires and demands do not find a response in the behavioral model of the husband.

A woman tend to exaggerate her role in marital relations. This is especially true for the first 10-15 years, when its main duties are related to the upbringing of children and care for them. Especially it is typical for situations when a man works hard and does not have the opportunity to share the difficulties of his wife. By the time he returns home in the hope of seclusion from a beautiful sexual mistress, she is exhausted by difficulties at work, doing homework with the child and "kitchen" works. He also spends the rest of the evening watching TV or doing simple household tasks.

At the end of this period, the life of a woman is simplified - the children become adults and independent, help with housework. The social role of men in the family remains unchanged throughout life. Moreover, the requirements are rising. He is expected to pursue career growth and increase in material wealth, he is responsible for the availability of comfortable housing, fashionable clothes from his wife and children, cars and annual holidays. It is about this important to remember every woman.

The role of the family in the life of a woman

The gender revolution has leveled the rights of both genders. The beautiful half got the opportunity to lead an active professional and social life. Women have become more independent. Half a century ago, the prerogative of a young, smart and handsome person was marriage. For a modern girl, the priority development of the life path is consistency: higher education - career - family - children. They are strong and stubborn, but still dream of a single and unique man. Only with experience requirements to it are increasing more and the number of unmarried good guys is decreasing.

No matter how strong and independent she is, she needs a strong and reliable man with whom she could build her own cozy nest. In a harmonious union filled with positive emotions, it blossoms, becomes soft and feminine - thus revealing its essence, laid down by nature.

The woman is the mother. Whatever difficulties attracted the responsibilities of motherhood, it can fully reveal its genetic essence by giving birth to a child and engaging in his upbringing.

To feel and be healthy, she needs quality regular sex. The beloved husband is the best partner and guarantor of a stable sexual life.

Love, motherhood, regular sex are three fundamental reasons for a girl who encourage her to create a family union.

At the same time, it is really difficult for her to be sweet, gentle, affectionate, beautiful, caring and cheerful, bearing the responsibility of domestic affairs and professional achievements. The gender revolution expanded women's rights, but did not simplify her life.

Man's concept of family

Men's expectations about the family are less based on the emotional factor, but more on a pragmatic one. Sometimes his demands for it have a quantitative advantage. A woman should be beautiful, well-groomed and healthy. She is obliged to like friends and relatives, maintain good relations with them, be his nice companion and intelligent adherent on a visit, and at home - a sexual mistress, a good housewife and an attentive mother. The husband wants to see in his wife an integral personality, which will also be wise, tolerant and understanding. It is understanding to yourself - the main requirement of a modern man to a woman. And here we mean accepting his hobbies and reasonable "vices", the lack of struggle with them on her part. He can tolerate not enough delicious cutlets and dust on the furniture, but he, a strong representative of the society, will not tolerate reproaches and suppression of his desires. However, with all the shortcomings and advantages of a modern family earner, the social role of the man in the family corresponds to what he demands from the lady. If he accepts her inner world, then she must take it. In case of inconsistency, it is necessary to solve the problem, and only then to pass to new requirements.

Family in the life of a man

Being in the active search for the future wife, he is looking for a faithful wise companion, who will equip their common life. Due to gender equality, he is happy to see a well-rounded successful girl next to him. However, he is not looking for her success, but for himself next to her. The role of the family in the life of a man is determined by his life priorities. A family alliance for him is an incentive to personal achievements, at the same time support and help on the way to them.

He must feel the main, earner and protector. Can take it as a person, but his own will be suppressed in case she is the leader.

He is pleased when there is a delicious lunch and order in the house; I am glad when it creates a healthy atmosphere of relations with relatives; Is satisfied when he is praised, admired and cares. The husband in his wife is looking for the image of the mother and, at the same time, a reliable rear.

Support and understanding on her part is an important aspect of the male family view. When he feels and realizes them, new resources are revealed in him to the next achievements.

Subconsciously, he seeks to extend the family, looking for a healthy pretender to the role of the mother of his children. He loves and cares for them, strives for their happy future. However, they are not the center of life. His goal - success in life, and his wife - an assistant on the road to self-realization.

He loves the eyes. If she is good and sexy, while meeting the rest of his requirements, he is satisfied visually and physically, which means he is happy with the marriage. Otherwise, he continues to look.

The role of men in the family and society is determined not so much by themselves, as by the woman whom he chooses.

Standard requirements for it

The main role of a man in a family is that responsibility for family happiness and well-being lies primarily on him. In view of all of the above, it is possible to formulate exactly what is required of a representative of the stronger sex so that the institution of marriage that he created becomes successful.

Traditional roles for men (family should be taken into account):

  1. Advisor and friend. Communication is an important part of a happy union.
  2. An attentive father and a wise educator.
  3. Lover, good and faithful.
  4. An independent owner in his home, able to perform not only his labor duties, but also to share the functions of his wife.
  5. Guarantee of material stability and the accumulation of benefits.
  6. A considerate member of her kind, who respects her relatives and friends.
  7. The brain center in making common decisions is strong, reliable, sane, strong-willed, aspiring to development.

The traditional roles of a man imply those basic functions that he is obliged to perform when entering into marriage. It is responsibility for their actions, for well-being and emotional health within the family - an important duty that must be carried out by itself. Otherwise, he is not able to lead his alliance to the development and accumulation of benefits.

Roles of interpersonal interaction

As already mentioned, from the point of view of women, the main roles of men in the family are at the same level as interpersonal emotionally conditioned ones. While for him the sensual component is always secondary or becomes so after a few years.

The causes of female dissatisfaction in marriage are often the missing or missing following components of a happy union:

- attention and tenderness;

- Regular communication;

- honesty;

- gratitude for home comfort;

- acceptance of her as a person and a member of society;

- Regular joint leisure.

As practice shows, active rest together and evening viewing of films, sharing of interests and hobbies of each other significantly bring partners closer. The role of a man in the family is to take this component of spiritual intimacy and to ensure that it is available in everyday life. It is important to balance the requirements for the partner with himself and match his desires.

The presence of regular communication requires serious efforts. Enthusiasm for their personal affairs and problems makes both partners inattentive and impassive in relation to each other, and daily communication is reduced to minimal conversations about children or relatives. It is important to be deeply interested not only in external circumstances, but also in inner experiences, discuss thoughts, feelings, fears, desires and goals. Unfortunately, it is from the stronger sex that there are no motives for deep emotional communication. It is necessary to understand each other and try to change in favor of common happiness.

Thus, the role of a man in a modern family and society is reduced to matching his three whales:

  1. Guarantor of material stability.
  2. A companion in domestic duties and the upbringing of children.
  3. Spiritual leader and emotional partner.

Marriage is a very complex substance. It's not difficult to create a family. It is difficult to ensure the happiness of both partners and their children in this union. This requires serious efforts, sometimes bordering on infringement of one's own interests. It is important to remember that one person can achieve a lot in life, but two loving partners have the opportunity to get much more in a joint, harmonious union. But the adjustment of all its systems lies on the shoulders of the spouse. This is the main role of the man in the family.

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