Hotel Nautilus Barbati 3 * (Corfu Island, Greece): overview, description and reviews

Greece is a country with an amazing history, which is literally imbued with the atmosphere of ancient myths. Of course, thousands of tourists come here every year, wishing you a pleasant and interesting time.

If it is a question of rest on the beach, most travelers prefer to spend time on one of the secluded islands. And the Corfu island is considered a very popular place, the magnificent landscapes and romantic atmosphere of which attract a huge number of tourists. Of course, on the shore there are a sufficient number of hotels and boarding houses, one of which is the hotel Nautilus Barbati 3 *.

Of course, when choosing a place for a vacation, an experienced traveler pays attention to a lot of factors. For example, it is important to find out exactly where the Hotel Nautilus Barbati 3 * hotel complex is located and what kind of accommodation can a guest rely on? Is there a traffic intersection nearby and do you offer meals to guests? Is the hotel suitable for a family holiday with a child? The answers to these questions are important.

Features of the location of the hotel

This hotel complex is worth searching on the north-eastern coast of Corfu (Corfu). Nautilus Barbati 3 * is built on a rocky slope of the coast, in a quiet resort area, where mostly travelers live. By the way, the hotel does not work all year round, but only from April to October.

The distance to the famous resort of Ipsos is only 2 km. About 15 km away is the big city of Corfu. The same distance will have to be overcome to the international airport. Naturally, guests can rely on a transfer. And here is a good transport interchange. With the help of public transport from the hotel you can easily get to almost any corner of the island.

Hotel Nautilus Barbati 3 * (Greece, Corfu): features, infrastructure

The hotel complex occupies a rather large territory. It consists of four separate multi-storey buildings and a large inner courtyard. The hotel is built almost on the hillside, which descends and breaks over the sea. On the rocks there are terraces for rest and sunbathing.

The territory itself, as evidenced by the reviews, is very beautiful - residential buildings are literally buried in greenery. Tourists can enjoy the bright colors of heat-loving plants, relax in the shade of perennial cypresses and, of course, admire the seascape.

What rooms are offered to the guests?

Hotel Nautilus Barbati 3 * is not too big - there are 64 rooms on its territory. For the most part, guests are offered standard rooms designed for two people. On the other hand, there are more spacious rooms, where there are free to stay 3 or even 4 guests. Of course, there are several family rooms that are great for living with parents with children.

Photo and detailed information about living rooms

Naturally, comfort is an important part of recreation. What can the guests of Nautilus Barbati 3 * expect? Feedback from tourists suggests that you can really enjoy your time here. All rooms are spacious and bright, and from the windows (or balcony) you can admire the view of the picturesque rocks and the sea, or the equally beautiful garden with a swimming pool. Of course, the rooms have the necessary furniture, including beds, tables, chairs, bedside tables and large wardrobes.

There is also a basic set of household appliances, which will make living here as comfortable as possible. For example, you can create a pleasant temperature in the room - at your disposal there will be an individual air conditioner and a fan. You can skip the time for watching TV, though, by and large here broadcast Greek and English-speaking channels. There is a small safe with an electronic lock, as well as a telephone with the ability to dial directly.

The bathroom is quite spacious - you can relax in the foam bath or refresh yourself in the shower. There is a toilet, a washbasin and a wall mirror. Guests are provided with hygiene supplies, as well as shampoo, soap and some other cosmetic products. Of course, you will be provided with clean towels, which will be changed daily during the cleaning.

Can I expect to eat at the hotel?

Food is an important point, on which the quality of rest largely depends. What can the guests of Nautilus Barbati 3 * count on? Corfu is a place where hotels are mostly provided with a BB scheme, which includes free breakfasts.

Meals are organized in a local restaurant. Here you will find a quiet atmosphere, stylish design, quiet atmosphere and, of course, delicious, freshly prepared dishes. Reviews confirm that the menu is quite diverse - no one leaves the restaurant hungry. The rest of the day in the restaurant is prepared by order (dishes of international, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine) and you need to pay the bill separately. At your service and bar, where you will prepare a cocktail, offer a glass of strong booze and coffee, as well as prepare light snacks.

Beach vacation: distance, facilities and entertainment

As already mentioned, the hotel complex Nautilus Barbati 3 * is located on the hillside. There are wooden terraces practically in the rocks. They have comfortable sun loungers, there are umbrellas under which you can hide from the sun. By the way, there are enough sun beds for everyone even with the maximum occupancy of the hotel. On the stairs you can go down into the water and swim, although the depth here is quite large and is intended rather for experienced swimmers.

In about 15 minutes you can walk to the wonderful, wide beach of Barbati. This is a private part of the coast, so tourists are always enough here. For a small fee, you can rent sun beds and umbrellas for the whole day. As they say, the entrance to the sea is comfortable, and the bottom is completely cleared of stones. On the shore, a team of rescuers.

Of course, here you can practice water sports and enjoy more active rest. Travelers have the opportunity to go boating or water skiing, make a small trip on a boat or a yacht, windsurf or sailing, swim with a mask, and participate in one of the beach parties. In a word, on the beach you can have fun from the heart.

List of additional services offered

Despite the rather modest size, the hotel provides some additional services. Just have to say that the reception desk, as well as room service is open around the clock, which is convenient, especially if you need some information. In the hotel you can easily exchange currency - the rate here is quite normal.

On the territory there is a parking lot, which the guests can use for free. By the way, renting a car, a moped or a bicycle on the island is not a problem. With this you will be helped even by the hotel.

How do they spend time on the site? Leisure for tourists

Most of the time tourists spend outside the hotel, relaxing on the beach or exploring the island. Nevertheless, you can have a good rest in the hotel territory. In the courtyard is a large swimming pool with clean, fresh water. Nearby there are sunbeds for rest. By the way, on small terraces on the hillside you can also relax.

At your service there is a TV room with a good collection of films. There is also a basketball court on the territory, where many travelers have a good time organizing competitions. There are also tables for ping-pong. And, of course, do not forget about the excursion vacation, because on the island there are many interesting places that you should see with your own eyes.

Is it possible to count on the convenience for the child?

Currently, most of the tourists are going on a trip with the children, because the kids rest and vivid impressions are needed as much as their parents. On the other hand, comfort factors are important for family guests.

As already mentioned, Hotel Nautilus Barbati 3 * has spacious rooms that are ideal for a large family. Moreover, upon request, guests will be provided with an extra bed. In the restaurant you can always pick up some useful food for the baby's breakfast, and the waiters offer special guests high chairs for small guests.

As for entertainment, there is a functional children's playground in the yard for children, where children can ride on the swings, play in the sandbox, communicate with new acquaintances. There is also a shallow pool with warm, clean water, where children can splash under the supervision of their parents. Naturally, the island has a lot of entertainment for children of any age.

Hotel complex Nautilus Hotel 2 * (Corfu, Barbati, Greece): how do travelers respond?

As you know, communication with a person who has already visited a particular hotel is exactly what helps to make the most complete picture. What are the impressions of Hotel Nautilus Barbati 3 *?

Greece, Fr. Corfu is an ideal place for a vacation. And this hotel provides tourists with maximum comfort during their stay. Here is a fairly spacious, clean area, and rooms are comfortable. You have comfortable furniture and working equipment, as well as 24-hour hot water. The rooms are really cleaned every day. By the way, employees communicate in English, some even understand Russian.

The breakfast menu is quite diverse. The dishes are always fresh and each guest can choose food according to his own taste. The distance to the beach is small, which is also an advantage. Convenient is the fact that travelers can sunbathe and swim directly on site.

Reviews about hotel Nautilus Barbati 3 * positive - guests recommend this place for a rich, bright holiday on a romantic, secluded island, surrounded by calm sea and picturesque nature.

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