Sharm el-Sheikh, Coral Hills Resort 4 *: hotel review, description, characteristics and reviews of tourists

One of the best places for sea recreation is the Egyptian city of Sharm El Sheikh. Coral Hills Resort 4 * is located in an incredibly picturesque place.

Brief description of the hotel

If you like the hot sun and the azure sea, then the ideal place for your vacation will be Sharm El Sheikh. Coral Hills Resort 4 * is characterized not only by a successful location, but also by an incredibly high-quality service that implies the provision of a multitude of services to tourists.

In order that you can fully enjoy the beautiful views that are so rich in Sharm El Sheikh, Coral Hills Resort 4 * offers you to live in rooms with huge windows. In addition, you are sure to be surprised by the beauty and practicality of design, as well as the quality of servicing the apartments.

For those who love bright entertainment, one of the priority areas is Sharm El-Sheikh. Coral Hills Resort 4 * will provide you with many opportunities to fill your leisure activities with active and fun activities.

Hotel location

Resort hotel Coral Hills Resort Sharm El-Sheikh 4 * (Sharm El Sheikh) is located on the highest point of the city - the hill Um-El-Sid - directly above the steep and picturesque rocks. Also, after a 20-minute journey by taxi or bus, you can find yourself in the famous bay of Naama Bay. The road from the airport to the hotel will seem to you quick and easy, because it takes only 20 minutes of your time.

Rating of services

Many are interested in the quality of service at the Coral Hills Resort 4 * (Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh). Rating services, compiled on the basis of opinions and surveys of travelers, allows you to make the most objective and complete picture of this issue.

Category Score (out of 5 possible) A comment
Infrastructural facilities 4.0 The work of the security service, as well as the beauty and well-being of the surrounding territory, was especially appreciated. Speaking about the shortcomings, it is worth noting the public catering sector, namely - restaurants and bars.
Quality of service 3.1 Such a low score is caused by insufficient level of staff training, as well as dissatisfaction with the work of some hotel services. So, the greatest amount of complaints is caused by the reception. Also an unpleasant moment is the manner of communication between employees and vacationers. There is a terrible quality of the Internet.
Accommodation 4.0 Above all, the microclimate in the room was rated, which is related to the good quality of the air conditioning equipment and the proper operation of the ventilation system. In all the same, as for furniture and plumbing, reviews were not the best. You can not appreciate the quality of cleaning in the rooms.
Private beach 3.4. The beach can be considered one of the main defects of the hotel. There is no basic infrastructure, as well as too uncomfortable and unsafe entry into the water. The hotel staff should also pay more attention to cleanliness at the seaside.
Children's rest 2.2 Such a low score makes the hotel almost unusable for recreation with young children. There is poorly thought-out children's animation, and there is practically no corresponding infrastructure. The greatest amount of censures causes food for babies.
Dislocation 3.5

The hotel is located somewhat remotely from the facilities of the city and entertainment infrastructure. Also there is an uncomfortable way to the sea.

Rooms hotel

The Coral Hills Resort 4 * (Egypt, Sharm-El-Sheikh) has 156 guest rooms, two thirds of which can be classified as a standard category. It's just a small bedroom with a king size bed or two single beds. If we talk about family rooms, they are somewhat more spacious and consist of two rooms. 2 bedrooms are connected by a door.

What's in the rooms

Each apartment at the hotel has the following amenities:

  • Standard rooms have a shower cabin, and family rooms are equipped with a large bath;
  • A large package of cable channels (including several Russian) will be available for viewing thanks to a widescreen flat-panel TV;
  • Each room has an alarm clock (but if you do not trust the work of technology and electronics, then you can order a similar service by contacting the reception staff);
  • So that you can independently adjust the temperature in your apartment, they have a modern air-conditioning;
  • Due to the fact that the room has a safe, you can be absolutely calm for the safety of your funds, documents and jewelry during your absence;
  • The phone will allow you to address at any time with a question or complaint to the reception staff, as well as make a call abroad;
  • You can admire the landscapes or hang your clothes for drying on a small but very cozy balcony (if your room is located on the first floor, you will be provided with a spacious furnished terrace).

Infrastructure of the hotel complex

In order that travelers do not feel the distance from the resort from the city center, the Coral Hills Resort 4 * (Resort 4 *, Sharm El Sheikh) has developed a full-fledged tourist infrastructure, which includes the following facilities:

  • Reception desk is the heart of the hotel where guests are registered and settled, and all emerging issues and problems are solved;
  • On the territory of the hotel there is a parking zone, which meets all requirements and standards of convenience and safety;
  • Several times a week the hotel receives a doctor, and if necessary, you can call it at any time;
  • Not leaving the territory of the hotel, you can make currency exchange, and cash out money from a plastic card with the help of a bank machine;
  • For self-guided sightseeing you can rent a car from a large car park owned by the hotel;
  • On the beach there is a center for providing services for diving and other marine life lovers;
  • For a full meal of hotel guests, restaurants are responsible, where the best local chefs prepare dishes from the freshest products;
  • Drinks and a huge selection of snacks offer tourists hotel bars.

Positive reviews

All the benefits of the Coral Hills Resort (Sharm el-Sheikh) in Sharm El-Sheikh are reflected in the positive reviews left by holidaymakers on specialized resources. The most common comments are:

  • Upon arrival at the hotel, guests are immediately offered a meal in the restaurant;
  • The rooms are fairly clean, and all their equipment is in good condition;
  • In the apartments a good set of furniture and appliances;
  • Daily in the rooms a thorough cleaning is carried out, during which the supplies of hygienic supplies are constantly replenished;
  • Excellent food with a wide range of dishes and fresh products;
  • Employees of the hotel do not ignore the birthday, pleasing them with a festive cake, as well as the original decoration of the room;
  • There is a shuttle to the sea;
  • Beautiful pool with hydromassage and waterfall;
  • For Egyptian hotels in this hotel is quite good alcohol.

Claims and remarks

All the shortcomings and gaps in terms of servicing were reflected in negative reviews and comments from tourists:

  • The staff does not understand the Russian language (but at a sufficient level speaks English);
  • Buses that carry tourists to the beach and back, are too small, so they constantly lack space.

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