Water Planet Deluxe (Turkey / Alanya): photo and tourist reviews

Turkey, as before, is in the lead among the countries that our compatriots choose for recreation. Therefore, the abundance of information about hotels can help in choosing a good place for a vacation. In the article we want to talk about an unusual complex called Water Planet Deluxe.

A bit about the hotel ...

Water Planet Deluxe Hotel Aquapark is both a hotel and an entertainment complex. The territory of the hotel itself occupies more than 62 thousand square meters. It is located on the coast among the lush greenery of forests. The hotel is in its own way universal, because it is well suited not only for families with children, but also for active youth.


Water Planet Deluxe Hotel Aquapark 5 * is located only thirty kilometers from Alanya and ninety kilometers from Antalya. It is a large nine-story building with seven elevators, which stands on the coast, in the Okurcalar district.

Number of rooms

Hotel Water Planet Deluxe has rooms of different categories:

  1. Standart. In complex 282 there are two rooms with an area of 28-36 square meters.
  2. Thirty Suites are 46-50 square meters in size.
  3. Nine rooms of the category King Suite area of 77 square meters. Such apartments consist of a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom.

All rooms are connected to the central air-conditioning system. The apartment has a safe, telephone, minibar, TV. All rooms are designed to accommodate two people with the possible placement of two additional beds.

Dining at the hotel

Water Planet Deluxe Hotel Aquapark operates on an all-inclusive basis. The main restaurant is equipped with a terrace. In addition, the hotel has two more A la carte establishments that specialize in Turkish cuisine and seafood. They can be visited free of charge once a week.

There are seven bars on site that help guests relax and relax in a pleasant atmosphere. Here, tourists can order non-alcoholic, as well as alcoholic drinks and light snacks.

Water Planet Deluxe serves international and Turkish cuisine. According to tourists, the food is quite diverse. Daily salads, fish dishes, beef, turkey, chicken are served. The local chef spoils tourists with a lot of sweet desserts. In addition, there are always fruits on the tables. I must say that the main institution for eating the hotel is positioned as a restaurant, but it is more like a large dining room. The total capacity is 1200 people. The interior is decorated in light colors. The waiters are working very quickly, but at the same time not very high quality, the tablecloths on the tables are far from ideal, the dishes come across with chips.

Breakfast is usually served: omelets of several kinds, fried eggs, pancakes with chocolate, rings with milk, toasts, cheeses, potatoes in the countryside, grilled vegetables, sausages, different sauces, salads, fresh vegetables, of which, in fact, You can make a salad yourself, because the finished ones do not always have a normal appearance.

At the tables there are at least two types of soups (tomato, lentil, mushroom, vegetable and even borsch). All these dishes are always delicious. Most of them have the consistency of cream soup. For lunch, a greater variety of side dishes was offered than for breakfast: french fries, pasta, rice, grilled vegetables, stuffed peppers, stuffed zucchini and eggplant. The meat was dominated by turkey, chicken, Turkish sausages (very insipid), fried fish.

For dinner, guests are spoiled with a large selection of meat dishes. To the mentioned variants, lily-kebabs, veal, fried liver, various cutlets are also added, occasionally they are served with shish kebab or trout.

What's so much at the hotel, it's watermelons. They are always served a lot, the pulp without skin is cut right in front of the visitors. In addition, you can still try grapefruits, apples, plums, oranges. But the ice cream for dinner is served very rarely (it is very tasty). From drinks in the restaurant offer coffee, tea, coffee with milk, sprite, cola, soda, synthetic drinks like "yupi."

As for alcoholic beverages, they are all Turkish-made. Therefore, for tourists, for whom their range is important, you need to be ready for it. Beer is a few brands (only light with a low degree). In general, the taste of alcohol for our compatriots is very unusual.

As we have already mentioned, the hotel Water Planet Deluxe works on the concept of "all inclusive". There are regular and late breakfast, dinner and dinner. The snack bar works for late visitors. Tea tea is also practiced by the pool from 17.00 to 18.00. At this time, watermelons, cucumbers, carrots are served, donuts, cakes, cheese rolls are fried. Usually for such an event a small queue of people wishing to have a snack is built.

Swimming pools

Water Planet Deluxe Hotel justifies its name. There are a lot of pools in its territory. In total, there are eleven of them. Four of them are designed only for adult visitors, three ponds for children and one indoor. In the water park itself, there are three more swimming pools.

The largest pond has an area of 900 square meters. It is at the main exit from the building. The pool has an irregular shape. Its depth is one hundred and forty centimeters. It passes unnoticed through a small bridge into an enclosed body of water that is under a canopy (its area is eighty square meters). Still there is a pool called "activati" (380 square meters). It is in it throughout the day to conduct various activities (aqua aerobics, water polo). The water in the pools is always very warm. But in a covered pond a little cooler.

There is also an Infinity pool on the roof of the main building. Its area is 220 square meters. You can not just get in this way, you need to get control over the color of the bracelet on your hand. Persons under the age of eighteen years are strictly forbidden entry. Than this is not very clear, but this place can be perceived as a place of solitude for those who are a little tired of noise and screaming. A very beautiful landscape opens here. By the way, this reservoir is overflow, with a panoramic view. Indeed, the impression is created of the infinity of the horizon and the basin, which, in fact, is reflected in the name. This place is the best for photo shoots. From here you can see the unique view of Antalya, the neighboring beach and sea hotels. In addition, there is a bar in which guests are offered refreshing drinks and cocktails.


Water Planet Deluxe Hotel has an on-site water park, because of what, in fact, it is his choice of tourists. For hotel guests, the entrance is free, but for strangers it costs thirty dollars.

At the entrance to the water park there is a large swimming pool and eight simple slides (more for children). The whole area is surrounded by coniferous trees, so there are rows of sun beds in their shade. Still here there is a huge pool with waves. It is run no more than three times a day (every session for fifteen minutes). This pond has a man-made waterfall. Nearby are several bars. In them for the guests of the hotel Water Planet Deluxe everything is completely free.

For fans of white water rafting there is an artificial river for alloys in the water park. But you can use it for an additional fee (four dollars).

In addition, there are sixteen more slides. The most "terrible" of them is "kamikaze". Plush and circles in the water park is enough. Also, vacationers can visit paid tarsinka (30-40 dollars). Very popular among visitors is the observation deck, from which wonderful sea views are opened. It is always full of people wishing to arrange a photo session. For guests of the Water Planet Deluxe Hotel, the availability of an aquapark is a pretty pleasant bonus.

Beach and sea

Water Planet Deluxe Hotel Aquapark 5 * (Okurcalar) is, as we already mentioned, on the first line and has its own beach. However, vacationers should understand that there is not in the classical understanding of the coast. And it's all about the location of the complex. The fact is that the hotel is built on a hill, and all approaches to the sea are surrounded by steep cliffs. Therefore, a special three-level beach is built. Down to the shore, tourists go down on a beautiful panoramic elevator. It is located just a hundred meters from the recreation area by the pool. The path along the winding path will take a little longer. The first level of the artificial platform is tiled, which resembles a pebble. There is a bar in which you can order not only refreshments, but also to overfill and have lunch, so as not to go upstairs to the restaurant. The main dishes are salads, grilled vegetables, lub-kebab, fast food, French fries.

At the second level of holidaymakers waiting for the sand. The last part of the platform near the water is a wooden platform, on which there are sun beds and umbrellas. Problems with places on the beach does not arise, there is enough space for everyone. In the sea you need to go down the stairs to the wooden pontoon (there is a rug on it, so it's not slippery), from which you can dive immediately, because it's deep. It's nice that the Water Planet Deluxe Hotel Aquapark (Turkey) cares about its guests, so the lifeguard is always on shore.

In the sea the water is warm and very clean, salty, completely different from, for example, in the Black Sea. According to holidaymakers, there is nothing to watch underwater, a fairly scarce flora and fauna, but you can dive in your own pleasure. It is interesting that the Turks themselves call the Mediterranean "white". This is due to the fact that in the morning the sea is covered with white haze.

Such a plan the beach is not suitable for kids, since there is no shallow bathing area, but for older children it is quite acceptable. On the platform there are all amenities (showers, toilets).

Children's animation

Water Planet Deluxe Hotel Aquapark 5 * has a children's club for young tourists. Children are admitted from four to twelve. Its territory is fenced from all sides and closed to an electronic lock. Children without permission of adults are not allowed to enter the territory of the club.

There is a very small swimming pool, a playground, a hill, a swing. In the club with children three animators are engaged. They organize all kinds of games, competitions, do their own handicrafts.

Reviews of tourists say that children really like to visit the club, they are there incredibly fun and interesting.

In addition, the animators daily organize children's discos in the amphitheater (from 20.00 to 22.00). For participation in competitions children are given certificates. There is a very convenient service for parents. It consists in the fact that one TV channel in the room is allocated for watching the children in the club. Parents can always see what their favorite daughters and sons do. It is very convenient and practical.

Animation for adults

The administration of the hotel Water Planet Deluxe Aquapark 5 * arranges various entertaining events for its guests. Animators unobtrusively entice everyone who wants to do gymnastics, play water polo, tennis, mini-football, shoot archery and guns, participate in all sorts of competitions. According reviews of holidaymakers, all the shows of animators are very funny and interesting, except that the suits in which they perform, the administration should have been replaced long ago. The whole team is very cheerful and friendly, guys are just fine fellows.

A disco for adults is held daily at zero o'clock on the territory of the water park. True, there are not many people who want to visit it.

Reviews of holidaymakers about Water Planet Deluxe Hotel 5 *

Summing up the conversation about the hotel, I want to turn to the reviews of people who have already had time to relax in it. How good is the Water Planet Deluxe 5 *? Can I recommend it to tourists?

In general, tourists are satisfied with the rest in the Water Planet Deluxe Aquapark. Of course, there are certain shortcomings, they are not so great. The big advantage of the hotel is the presence of an aquapark. Many vacationers with children go here because of the desire of children to ride a roller coaster. It's fun and exciting. And when the water park is right in the hotel, it's generally great. According to tourists, all water attractions are pretty good. In the water park you can have fun. However, it is very noticeable that all the slides require updating for a long time, and their joints are being repaired.

The hotel's Water Planet Deluxe Aquapark is well decorated. At the entrance a big chandelier immediately catches the eye, the rest does not pay attention. But nevertheless it is noticeable that the soft furniture is very shabby.

But the rooms are very well equipped. Restoration of the complex was carried out in 2012, it can be seen that all the furniture is new, without breakages and flaws. All apartments have very large comfortable beds. The largest rooms, unfortunately, do not have a sea view. So you need to choose between the sea view and the square. In addition, all apartments have good bathrooms with everything you need (there are even bathrobes and sneakers). Gels, soaps, toilet paper and shampoos are updated daily. But cleaning is not every day, sometimes you have to remind. Reserves of drinking water in small single packs are also replenished daily.

Towels in the rooms are always clean and fresh, they are often changed. When you check in they issue special cards. But towels for the beach have a more shabby appearance, they are exchanged at the point near the entrance to the water park.

Children's animation at the hotel is very good. Young tourists are very happy. Entertainment programs for adults are also quite interesting.

The complex has a slightly unusual beach, which may not like the parents of the kids. There is simply no shoal on which they can splash. But the older children can not stop swimming. Advantage of artificial flooring is the absence of sand, which sticks to the body (if someone does not like it).

Service in the hotel is not bad. But, of course, there are all sorts of misunderstandings. So, for example, many guests note that at the reception they openly hint at a reward if you are not satisfied with the number and you want to change it. But in the bars the service is good. Cocktails from local drinks have an unusual taste, but, in principle, they can be drunk.

Instead of an afterword

If you decide that Turkey should become your holiday destination, the Water Planet Deluxe Hotel Aquapark 5 * may well be considered as one of the possible options if you are satisfied with its conditions. Of course, the complex has some shortcomings in the maintenance, also needs replacing the bed linen and some of the dishes. But in general, according to tourists, the hotel corresponds to the "price-quality" ratio, which many tourists try to adhere to now.

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