Cheap analogue of "Structum". Substitutes of the preparation

"Structum" is a drug from the group of chondroprotectors due to the chondroitin sulfate entering into its structure. Its cost in Moscow starts from 1390 rubles per packing (60 capsules).

The dosage of the drug "Structum" is 500 mg. Analogues are cheaper manufactured in the same dosage. Their composition may differ. This drug stimulates the regeneration of the cartilage matrix, has a moderate anti-inflammatory effect, slowing down the degenerative processes in the joint.

"Structum" is highly effective in the complex treatment of osteoarthritis and intervertebral osteochondrosis.

For most consumers, the only drawback of this drug is its high cost, a cheap analogue of "Structum" is easier to buy. The course of treatment depends on the severity of the disease and lasts up to six months.

The modern market of pharmaceutical products provides drugs of any price category. However, in order to choose the chondroprotector correctly, it is necessary to be guided in combinations of the main active substances.

Varieties of the drug

- Monocomponent agents (according to the active substance they are divided into preparations of glucosamine and chondroitin).

- Comprehensive tools (Differ more high efficiency and long-term effect from the application).

The main components and their action

серосодержащее соединение с высокой биодоступностью). MSM ( methylsulfonyl methane, sulfur-containing compound with high bioavailability). It has the following useful properties:

- sulfur is needed to enhance the effect of taking glucosamine and chondroitin;

- stimulates the synthesis of collagen;

- has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.

Glucosamine sulfate has the following effects:

- stimulates the synthesis, takes part in the synthesis of proteoglycans;

- promotes the restoration of the cartilaginous matrix;

- enhances the formation of hyaluronic acid;

- slows down the degenerative processes in the joints;

- reduces the activity of enzymes that damage cartilaginous tissue.

Chondroitin sulfate differs in that:

- promotes the regeneration of cartilaginous tissue and the suppression of inflammatory reactions in the joint;

- stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid.

In combination with glucosamine reduces the severity of the pain syndrome and prevents further destruction of the cartilage matrix.

Dimethyl sulfoxide provides:

- anti-inflammatory effect;

- corrective effect on metabolic disorders in the affected joint;

Analgesic effect.

Diclofenac sodium:

- reduces swelling and stiffness in the joint;

- has a pronounced analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Diacerein Is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug with a tendency to cartilaginous tissue.

Hyaluronic acid:

- improves metabolic processes in the cartilaginous tissue;

- is a component of the intercellular substance of the cartilage.

Classification of analog preparations by active ingredient

How to choose the cheapest analogue of "Structum"? Consider in more detail the classification of drugs from the group of chondroprotectors.

Preparations of chondroitin

  • "ARTRA Chondroitin" - is produced in a dosage of 250 mg; 500 mg and 750 mg.
  • "Mukosat" - 250 mg.
  • "Arthron Khondreks" - 750mg.

Solutions for intramuscular injection

  • "Mukosat".
  • "Hondrolon".

Preparations of glucosamine

  • "Arthron flex" - 750 mg.
  • "Glucosamine sulfate" - 750 mg.
  • "Glucosamine" - 750 mg.

Combined preparations of glucosamine / chondroitin

  • "Teraflex" - 500/400 mg.
  • "Artra" - 500/500 mg.
  • "Moveks Comfort" - 500/400 mg.
  • "Moveks Active" - 500/400 mg + diclofenac 50 mg.
  • "Chondroitin Complex" - 500/400 mg.
  • "Arthron Complex" - 500/500 mg.
  • "Arthron Triac" - 500/400 mg + methylsulfonylmethane 250 mg.
  • "Arthron Triactiv Forte" - 500/400 mg + methylsulfonylmethane 300 mg.
  • "Solgar Glucosamine Chondroitin Plus" - 500 mg + calcium ascorbate 140 mg.
  • "Doppelgerz Active Glucosamine + Chondroitin" - 750/100 mg.

Solution for intramuscular injection

  • "The Don".
  • "Rumalon".
  • "Artrodarin".
  • "Diacerein".
  • "Movagein."

Hyaluronic acid and collagen preparations

"Hyaluronic acid" ("Solgar") contains collagen type 2 (720 mg), chondroitin (200 mg), hyaluronic acid (120 mg), calcium ascorbate (130 mg).


  • "Arthrin".
  • "Chondroxide".
  • "Chondroitin ointment".
  • "Hondroflex".
  • "Chondroart".
  • "Chondroitin".
  • "Chondroitin-Phytopharm."

The cheapest analogue of "Structum" is "Chondroitin", produced in tablets and in the form of ointment.

Features of therapy with chondroprotectors

The duration of the first course to achieve a lasting effect should be 4-6 months. It is recommended to undergo a cyclic, supportive therapy (repeated receptions throughout the year). With properly selected treatment, the effect persists for up to six months.

The anti-inflammatory effect of combined chondroprotectors is quite strong. The result of treatment is manifested quickly, especially if you use a drug such as "Structum". Analogues are cheaper, but they are practically inferior in their actions. Combined chondroprotectors work as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Treatment of severe destructive processes of cartilage tissue requires the use of injectable drugs. After the course of intramuscular injection, a transition to tablet preparations is carried out. Virtually no side effects, usually easily tolerated by patients.

As a rule, chondroprotective therapy is lifelong. It is not necessary to purchase an expensive drug. Cheap analogue of "Structum" in no way inferior to the widely known drug. During the intake of drugs recommended to increase the intake of water to 2-2.5 liters (especially this refers to the use of drugs collagen and hyaluronic acid).

Additional intake of vitamin C, sulfur, magnesium and selenium increases the bioavailability of the drugs and the effect of treatment. With severe destruction of bone tissue (coxarthrosis, osteoarthritis launched) it is recommended to combine the use of chondroprotectors with medications that affect osteogenesis, which have a high dosage of calcium and vitamin D3.

Where to buy the drug "Structum" analogs? Cheaper in Moscow, but you can find the necessary medicine in any city.

Now there is a wide choice of means, in which the active substances have a fast analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.

Contraindications to taking chondroprotectors

They are as follows:

1. Pregnancy and lactation.

2. Allergic reactions to the components of the drug.

3. Pathology of the nervous system.

4. Gastrointestinal diseases.

5. Age under 12 years.

6. Ankylosis of the joints.

What else can help?

In the complex treatment of osteoarthritis and cartilage tissue lesions, physiotherapy methods that improve microcirculation in the synovium and periarticular tissues, stabilizing metabolic processes and slowing down destructive ones have proved to be well established.

Electrophoresis with medicinal products, which was prescribed by the attending physician. Plus the use of laser therapy, ultrasound and magnetotherapy - they relieve muscle spasm, reduce the pain effect, strengthen the lymph drainage and increase the functional activity and mobility of the joint.

"Structum" - a good drug for the treatment of joints. But its price is too high for the consumer. You can choose a cheap analog. "Structum" (the instruction for use confirms this) contains components that are part of many other drugs.

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