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Maxim Eremeev: the story of life

The game industry in the CIS has its heroes and well-known critics who work every day in this direction. Maxim Eremeev belongs to this number, because he stood at the source of the cult publications and magazines devoted to digital entertainment projects.


Maxim Eremeev never talked about himself in the video and spoke to the public exclusively with materials that are devoted to games on different platforms. It is well known that he has a non-profile higher education and was fond of video games as early as at the institute.

Later, the hobby turned into work, because his blog was read with pleasure by many people. The man was famous for the fact that the opinion about a particular aspect of a particular project was carefully emphasized by evidence and analysis of details. The material was easy, readable, and people were happy to follow the work of the fan of the industry. When the materials of this person were already read not in one country and everyone knew who Maxim Yeremeyev was, "Igromania" invited him to his ranks to work. From that moment a new stage in the life of a man began.


On old video materials, people saw the editor as a neat young man who knows how to speak eloquently. Long years of work at the computer made themselves felt. His weight exceeded the mark of the allowed, and this created certain health problems. People are accustomed to seeing the image of a judicious person who sits in an armchair and talks about games. Maxim Eremeev often said that the digital entertainment industry is changing rapidly, and people should take this into account. After 2014, the future editor completely changed the appearance. Once he seemed to viewers completely bald and thinner than more than twice. Such changes in appearance struck fans of the expert's activity, and they immediately began actively discussing this on the Web. This topic was on hearing a couple of days. Everyone was used to when they realized that the style of his speech and his work towards the game theme did not change.

"Gambling addiction"

After joining the staff of the workers of the magazine "Igromania", he immediately proved himself very well. Maksim Eremeev wrote a lot of articles and reviews. His biography was enriched with a new achievement. At the end of the year, the publishing house traditionally called the best game in the past period and made the top of all projects. This work was most often provided to Maxim, because he could easily explain his choice to the community. Since 2010, you can see his speeches on the official websites of the magazine. When the man appeared before the public, there was no doubt in his voice. Maxim Eremeev has always been confident in his words, and for this the public respected the cursed expert opinion.

After several years of work, the guy is appointed editor and gives the opportunity to lead the department. When the publishing house started selling problems, he tried to launch a new project called "Light", but the community was already negative about the products of "Igromania". Internal personnel problems forced many to leave, and together with old friends Yeremeyev left this place of work. A few months about him was not heard, and everyone thought he had stopped working. The expert showed himself on the new side of the Cc-combo Breaker project!

New work

Eremeev changed the situation has benefited, because even his reviews have changed the subject. They became brighter, and in them he positively looks at the circumstances of the affairs in the gaming industry. Many thought, when the guy left the publisher, that Maxim Eremeev ("Igromania") died. Fortunately, these information turned out to be a lie, and the expert continues to create in the author's publishing house. Together with colleagues, he launched a new series of video Cc-combo Breaker! In them, decent games are viewed with incredible detail. For example, if we are talking about a popular series, the hosts show the continuation links with their predecessors, review the protagonist, the plot and the technical component. Such work takes a lot of time for a man, because the materials appear less often than at an old job, but the author likes it. In addition to the main line of video, the initiative group often makes materials that are only indirectly related to the industry. They showed that Play Station 4 works even on the old Soviet TV "Ruby", and also investigated the Criminal Code, which helped them understand what games can be banned in Russia for publication.

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