Homemade toys. How to make a phone out of paper?

The phone is one of the most favorite toys for children. Both girls and boys play with them with great pleasure, so this attribute wears out very quickly. And if it so happened that the baby is very urgently needed a new phone, and there is no opportunity to go to the toy store, then try to make it yourself. To do this you will need simple materials and a little time. How to make a phone out of paper? This is what we will talk about in the article. Your attention is represented by two master classes, which describe the ways of doing a similar product.

Mobile phones are made of paper. With our hands we make toys for daughters and sons

The above method is the simplest of all presented in the article. The child will be able to make it himself. You will only need to tell him how and what to do. So, take the usual cardboard package of rectangular shape from any goods (tablets, tea, soap) and pasted it with colored paper. Designate on the received blank a place where the buttons will be fastened. They can be cut out of cardboard, leather or dermantin. Attach these details to the base, write all the numbers and icons. The screen is made of foil or glossy paper. The product is ready.

Toy "Phone clamshell." Master class for kids and their parents

This product we will perform in the origami technique of paper. A small child can not do this on his own. But your faithful assistant and mastermind will be for sure.

The toy phone, which can be opened and closed, is made from one sheet of A4 cardboard. To make a product you need pen markers or colored pens.

How to make a phone out of paper using the origami method? We study the instruction.

  1. Fold the cardboard sheet from left to right, smooth your fingers with the folding point.
  2. Turn over so that the fold is to the left. The upper right corner bend down at a right angle, not reaching the place of the previous addition of 2 centimeters.
  3. The top sheet of our "little book" bend 1 centimeter inside.
  4. The upper side of the product is wrapped around. This bend should be the same width as the previous one, about 1 cm.
  5. The left and right sides of the product are bent inside (1 cm from each side). It turns out a rectangular piece with a "window" at the top of the craft.
  6. Bend the whole product in half from top to bottom. The basis of the toy is complete.

Registration of a cardboard phone-clamshell. We carry out small details

How to make a phone out of paper, you already learned. But there are still no buttons and notation on it. They can be painted or glued. From the cardboard, cut out the details of a square shape measuring 1x1 centimeter and attach it to the right places. Write numbers and icons on them. The outer side of the product can be decorated with stickers, appliqués, and paintings.

We hope that the master classes that are presented in this article are useful to you. Focusing on them, you can show and tell your children how to make a phone out of paper, and together with them perform such crafts. Creative mood and good results in needlework!

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