Unusual caskets from cards for beauty and ornaments

Who did not make caskets from postcards in school ?! The most simple and beautiful crafts! Previously, their beauty was due to the original drawings, but now the craftsmen have learned to create whole masterpieces. Let's consider in more detail how to make several types of caskets from postcards, and start from simple to complex.

Rectangular simple casket

For work we will need:

  • Any postcard of the same size;
  • Ruler;
  • pencil;
  • needle;
  • Threads (contrast or color of postcards);
  • scissors.

Now pay attention to one more thing. If the box will stand just for beauty, then its walls can be made from two postcards. If you want to store decorations in it, small things, then make the walls thicker and take stronger strings.

Two long walls, the bottom and the lid of the casket will be rectangular in shape and match the size of the postcard. The two short sides must correspond to the width of the rectangle. This is the standard parts of the casket of postcards.

Once you have prepared all the material - 8 whole and 4 cropped postcards, then connect them to the wrong side to each other so that the picture is on each side. And you process each edge with a "fence" - a stitch seam (nnn). Then for these overlapping all the details will be connected. Remember that the rows should be even, and for this, the stitches make the same size. To help you draw a barely noticeable line with a pencil.

Once all the details have been processed, now apply adjacent elements to each other and sweep for the "crossbeams" of the seam. The product is ready!

How to make a casket of cards for jewelry

For this craft, you need to take:

  • postcards;
  • scissors;
  • Thread for crocheting ("Iris", cotton);
  • pencil;
  • cardboard;
  • the cloth;
  • Needle.

Four solid postcards are sewn with a stitch along the edges. Next, make one square and four triangles, whose side is equal to the length of the rectangle. Sew all the details and attach the triangles to the square, forming a lid.

Now from the cardboard, cut out 5 squares in the size of the box. Tighten with a cloth. To the sides of the box you sew rectangular postcards that become convex. At the corners of the box, wide petals form. Make a pattern, sweep these details and sew to the product. The last stage is the lid.

Note: the sides of the box can be made square, then a miniature casket of postcards is obtained. The pattern corresponds to the width of the rectangle. If the marginal petals slightly bend inward, then the appearance will be different. When stitching the details, you can take beads for beauty.

Figurine box for beginners

Let's try to complicate the task and make the product on the legs, but with a simple scheme for beginners. For work you need cards, a pencil, scissors, a needle and a thread. Each side is done separately, two of them will be rectangular and two - square. In this case, the inner postcards need to be cut slightly so that the outer "wall" forms a bulge when stitching.

Make the blanks as follows:

  1. Two whole postcards stitch together from two long sides (you need 2 parts).
  2. Two squares with the size of the inner width of the rectangle are connected from two parallel sides (2 pieces).
  3. You sew all the "walls" to the whole postcard.
  4. You make a lid from a whole postcard and four triangles, whose base is equal to the sides of the rectangle.
  5. The legs are also designed according to the size of the rectangle: strips are cut into 2-3 centimeters, the outer side can be cut out figuratively (for example, triangular teeth or oval waves).
  6. Then they sew up with the bottom of the casket from the postcards.
  7. Now make a stencil petal, measuring its length and width.
  8. Sew all the petals with the sides of the box.
  9. Attach the cover.


For this work you will need:

  • Four whole rectangular postcards;
  • Seven squares from the postcard, whose side is equal to the width of the rectangle;
  • Four triangles, where the base is equal to the width of the rectangle;
  • Eight legs in the form of a trapezoid, where the upper side is equal to the width of the rectangle;
  • Eight petals in the form of a circle, where the diameter is equal to the width of the rectangle, and the height of the petal is the distance of the convex wall of the box;
  • One small square for the lid, the dimensions correspond to the tip of the apex at the triangles.

Make sides of the casket from the postcards, stitching the square with the rectangle. You get four convex walls, which you sew with the bottom, consisting of two postcards. You make the legs as follows: draw a rectangle with the side of the square of the desired height and then draw the triangles at both ends. Determine the middle and draw a semicircle, which you cut off.

Sweep the legs and stitch with the box. Then at the triangles cut at the same height apex. Sew all triangles with the bottom of the lid. Next, on the bottom of the top, cut out the square and connect it to the whole detail.

To make the petals look the right shape, cut out the paper pattern by measuring the distance of the box wall. Next, connect the petals with each other and with the sides of the box. The last step is to sew the lid on one side.

Decorative casket of postcards. Schemes with your own hands

It is easier to make patterns if there is an image of a finished casket. Just mentally divide it into details and draw them on the sheet. Let's show on an example of a box in the form of a wine glass.

The shape of the square box is considered in the previous example. Let's go directly to the cover drawing:

  • Draw the right size square corresponding to the side of the box;
  • In its form you draw any upwards - triangular, oval and other figures.

When the cover is formed, the parts will close and form a dome.

Next, form the legs, the height of which will correspond to the length of the postcard, and the width is equal to the side of the casket. Now you simply cut off the card by making the concave edges, and cut the bottom of the legs in the middle of the semi-oval. For the stability of the box, draw a square on which you measure the semicircles on each side. Now you can connect the legs with the bottom and with the box.

And finally ...

You can build any form of crafts: boxes from postcards in the form of a temple, a locomotive, a train, a bus, a sofa, an armchair, a tower, a bottle, a clock, a ship, a samovar. To do this, you need to correctly draw a diagram.

Make an external image of the box and divide it into geometric details. On the sheet in the cage it will be convenient to see the shape of the product. In this case, complex crafts will have the main bearing parts and decorative. Learn on simple album sheets with glue or tape, and then reproduce everything on postcards and threads.

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