Crafts of threads: lots of options!

Modern needlewomen in one voice declare that the thread is a universal material for a wide variety of products with their own hands. With the help of threads you can create and soft toys, and jewelry, and knitted clothes, and crafts for home and coziness, and embroidery. Let's consider each of these types of needlework in more detail.

Crafts from threads: soft toys

Soft toys of threads can be done in several ways. First, this knitting, which will be discussed later. The second option is toys woven from threads. This kind of needlework appeared relatively recently, but already managed to win attention with its simplicity and nice result. Woven from the thread of toys very like children, they can be washed and, if necessary, weave. You can collect a whole collection of homemade toys made of thread.

Crafts from threads: bijouterie

Surprisingly, from simple threads you can get very beautiful jewelry, including earrings, pendants, baubles. From the threads of a moulin you can weave a variety of bracelets. An interesting result is obtained if you add beads or rhinestones to the threads. In recent years, it is common to make earrings of thread and wire. In these earrings, you can also use a variety of beads, rhinestones, ribbons. Ornaments made from bright threads can best suit a bright summer outfits. Color, size, shape and additional materials can be very different, which makes such crafts original and exclusive. It is impossible not to agree that bright earrings, made by own hands, will give not only a bright appearance, but also pleasant emotions!

Crafts from threads: knitting

Knitting - needlework, which has already become familiar. Hardly anyone will be surprised to see the girl in a spectacular dress, connected with her own hand. Basically, such a hobby is chosen by older women, who have a lot of time and patience. It's no secret that quality knitted crochets or knitting needles are obtained only after long days of practice and a lot of mental and physical efforts. However, having mastered the knitting of clothes, you can thoroughly replenish your wardrobe with original things of the right size, style and color. In addition, knitting things yourself is much more profitable than buying in fashion boutiques.

Crafts from threads with own hands: for home

A wonderful decoration of your house can be made by yourself with things from the thread. For example, it can be cute lampshades of thread and wire. Such crafts of thread and glue should try to make each needlewoman! From threads and glue, you can make many different colored balls on the Christmas tree or simply decorate the room with bright balls even in the summer. The effect will vary, depending on the thickness of the thread and the size of the ball. A dense thread can decorate vases, plant pots, chandeliers. The main thing is fantasy and desire.


Embroidery can also be attributed to crafts made of thread. For embroidery use special threads - a mulina. Embroidery can decorate napkins, tablecloths and towels. You can embroider patterns on clothes. Such things always look exclusive and interesting. The most common embroidered products are paintings. This kind of needlework requires a lot of time, patience and certain skills. We must prepare ourselves for what will not happen immediately. Among the most popular techniques of embroidery - smooth and dagger, but there are many other techniques.

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