New Year costumes for children with their own hands: for and against, options, tips

New Year's holidays for children of different ages are the most fun and interesting. In many respects this is explained by the unconstrained, joyful atmosphere of celebrations, the expectation of a miracle, fairy tales, various carnival costumes.

Points for and against"

On the eve of school or garden morning matinees, the question arises whether to make New Year costumes for children with their own hands or to buy ready-made suits. Both options have their pros and cons, let's figure it out!

What are the arguments "against":

  • Usually sewing and other needlework is done in the family of a mother or grandmother. If they are busy at work, do not feel well, then, of course, they are clearly not up to the master classes. And then you'll have to go to the shops or order an attire from the dressmaker.
  • To make New Year costumes for children with their own hands, you need to be able to sew elementary. In the absence of such skills, this option, alas, may not be considered.
  • The presence of "subsidiary" material: fabrics, garments, accessories, ornaments. If nothing suitable is in the household and there is no place to buy, there is only one way out - buying a finished sample.

And now consider all the pros:

  • If New Year costumes are sewn for children with their own hands, then the child chooses exactly what he wants, what coloring and style, for example, will be Vasilisa's attire from your daughter or clown, a pirate from your son. The costume can be adjusted precisely to the figure, rather than being content with a standard, standard sample. And then in it the child will be really clever, comfortable, comfortable, nice. And after all, for the positive emotions of his offspring, parents are engaged in similar needlework!
  • Inventing and creating New Year costumes for children with their own hands, you can connect to the creative process and themselves, of course, given the age. After all, how interesting to draw sketches together, think through the details, buy the necessary decor elements! The whole process will bring you closer together, make like-minded people. And this is so important, considering that the New Year is a family holiday!
  • And, finally, if to the question of how New Year costumes are sewn with their own hands for children, to approach creatively, it is possible to get a simply gorgeous result at a minimum of expenses. In the end, some details of the outfit, for example, a crown or a mask, can be bought. The essence of this will not change, because most of the costume will still be made by you!

What can you offer?

Let's say you decided to enroll yourself in a sewing master. There remains a minimum: select which New Year carnival costumes for children with their own hands you have to make. Of course, here it is necessary to rely first and foremost on the opinion and desires of the child. If it hinders, come to the rescue. Do you grow a daughter of a senior preschool or junior, middle school age (that's when the appropriate events are held with children!)? Great! Snow Maidens, Snowflakes, Snow Queen and Queen of the Night, Princess, Vasilisa, Malvina, Snow White, Red Hats and other inhabitants of Russian folk and foreign fairy tales will serve you wonderful examples. And most of the necessary - elegant dresses, shoes, aprons, as well as accessories - hairpins, hats and the like must be found in the wardrobe of each girl. And you will sew some decorations in the form of beads, a Christmas tree, a multicolored shiny confetti, make your hair more beautiful - and your young lady is ready to shine at a New Year's ball! But you have a son? Perfectly! A bear, a wolf, a hare, a pirate and a clown, a good sorcerer and a musketeer, a soldier, a pilot, a hero - each image can be depicted in a suit, again, relying on already existing things and only adding something as accessories. And let your child receive a lot of fun and compliments during the holiday!

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