Topiary of sweets. Topiary of chocolates with your own hands. Types of topiary

What do you think, what can be common between plant and sweets? Assume that the first character will act as the shell, and the second will be the content. As a result, you can get a topiary made of chocolates - an original souvenir in the form of a "sweet" tree. What kind of miracle is this? Is it possible and how to make a topiary of chocolates with your own hands? Useful tips and recommendations will help you make such an unusual little thing.

What is a topiary?

According to various encyclopedias and reference books, the so-called green plants that decorate the street interior are named first. Topiary - skillfully crafted in the form of decorative figures shrubs and trees. The history of their origin goes back to the distant past - during the time of the Roman Empire. Later, the newfangled tradition spread to Europe. At the same time, decor elements began to decorate with their bizarre forms not only gardens, alleys and parks, but also interior decoration of the premises. Later, the topiary began to be called and original man-made interior objects, similar in shape to a round or conical crown of trees. The creation of green sculptures is a whole art. At the same time, it takes time and special patience to translate ideas and plans. To grow a large topiary, a professional gardener will need more than one year. Let's consider what methods and methods of forming such living plantations are used.

Types of topiary

Form a plant is quite difficult. Create the required crown can be a classic way - the method of cropping as the plant has new branches and shoots. This rather laborious process can be much easier by installing a special shape when landing. Adhering to it, cutting the plant is easier and easier. This creates simple geometric shapes - a square, a sphere, a cone. There is another, less labor-consuming, way to get topiary - wireframe. The main difference and advantage from the previous method is mobility. If classic green sculptures are usually stationary, then grown on a special framework can easily move around the site to the desired location according to the changed composition. This is due to the fact that the topiary is grown by a new method directly inside the framework on the ground and irrigation systems. Typically, for the formation of such landscape sculptures, ground cover plants are used, braiding the artificial base of the product for several weeks with their shoots. And if in addition to greenery the composition consists of flowers, the result is amazing.

Mini-topiary - original interior decoration

As you can see, you need time to get a living green sculpture of a bizarre shape. In order not to wait, one of the most impatient craftsmen decided to create a man-made image of a tree. So there were original modern ornaments for interiors of premises. The content of indoor mini souvenir plants has become quite unpredictable. Everything goes hand in hand: flowers, paper, natural material (cones, acorns, needles, etc.), napkins, various seeds and fruits. One of the most useful and pleasant is the topiary of sweets. The main thing when creating an improvised souvenir is to use all your imagination and imagination. Let's consider some variants how to make a topiary from sweets. The photos clearly demonstrate the limitlessness of the options for making sweet surprises. Try and you make yourself an original gift, for example, on March 8 or Valentine's Day.

What should be the basis?

Such sweet compositions are very similar to bouquets of sweets. Topiary with its external saturation conceal the internal structure of the structure. What is the basis of, and how can you strengthen on it various objects, including sweets? First, you can buy the right products in stores that specialize in selling materials for applied art. The most commonly used forms for making a topiary of sweets are the bowl and cone. The necessary blanks of foam and floristic sponge, as a rule, can always be found in the assortment in such handmade shops. If there is no possibility to purchase a ready basis, you can try it yourself. Some craftswomen fit suitable items for this purpose, such as, for example, an old Christmas tree toy or a ball. Consider the option of making a newspaper ball, from which you can then make a topiary made of chocolates. The master class is presented in the form of an instruction with useful tips.

Making paper ball from newspapers

The most important thing is that the basis should be easy enough. After all, after decorating with candies, this homemade crown will need to be firmly installed on the improvised trunk of a souvenir-tree. Therefore, the most suitable material for making the basis for topiary is thin paper. Take an ordinary newspaper and sewing thread. Tear the paper material into small pieces about the size of a half-sheet or a little less. First, crumble from a small fragment of a solid ball 3-4 cm in diameter. Then start applying other newspaper pieces to it, forming a ball. The number of layers will depend directly on the desired size of the substrate. When the ball is ready, wind it with threads, moving in different directions. If the future topiary of sweets is planned to be made hanging, fix the interlacing when the newspapers are sandwiched between the layers of decorative braid. And in the case of making a souvenir tree, insert a stick in the middle of the ball, which will then be the trunk. For greater strength, you can grease the workpiece with a thin layer of PVA glue.

How to fix the trunk of the topiary in the pot?

A homemade tree usually grows in a small container. Typically, for this use a small pot or a bucket. And that in the future work it was more convenient to decorate the topiary, attaching various objects to the base, it is expedient to immediately firmly install the barrel. But before that, do not forget to decorate the straw or stick with decorative elements: wind with colored paper or bright ribbons in the tone of the souvenir. Then pour a thick, freshly dissolved mixture of gypsum or alabaster into the pot, filling the container with about 4/5 of the total volume. While the mass is not completely frozen, insert the barrel of the topiary into the middle of the pot to a depth of about 5-6 cm. Wait until the mixture solidifies completely, holding the round base in an upright position. You can also work in a slightly different way. In a finished pot with a pre-filled mass, drill a thin hole, equal in diameter to the tree trunk. Then the product will be semi-collapsible.

Master class (MK) "Topiary of sweets"

Consider how you can fix sweets based on a souvenir. To obtain an elegant product, use colored or shiny paper for decoration. Cut out squares of 6x6 cm. They will act as a decorative "coat" for sweets. Paper billets can also be of circular shape or any other. You can make a very original topiary of chocolates with your own hands in the form of a bouquet. First wrap the shiny paper in each piece of candy (preferably round). Then cut out the blanks from the corrugated paper in the form of petals. Roll them around the chocolates, creating mini-buds. Immediately insert one end of the toothpick into the sweet product. Fix the other free side of the sharp stick to the round base of the topiary. With a simple design in paper blanks, folded in the form of a funnel, put the candy, and then strengthen them on the crown of the souvenir tree. The simplest manufacture of crafts is the use of ready-made chupa-chups. They stick their chopsticks in the crown and, if desired, are decorated with ribbons and other decorative elements.

Decoration of the pot

The final stage of creating a topiary with your hands is the design of the container, in which the crown is fixed. When filling the pot with gypsum solution it was noted that it is necessary to fill the mass not to the brim. For what purposes is this provided? Of course, this condition can be observed at will. Beginners at creating their first souvenir mainly pay attention to decorating the tree crown. The simplest option - fill the space with rolled balls of cotton wool. The improvised green grass from the cut paper of the corresponding color will very freshen up the craft. Free space in the pot can be very original to arrange a few differently. Put a thin layer of clean paper or napkins on the plaster, and then pour bright candies or other delicacies on top. It is also possible to provide for the pouring of a hardening mixture into the pot, fixing several sharp rods in it. At registration on them sweets wrapped up in paper are in addition fixed.

Features of using sweet topiary

Recently, it has become very fashionable not only to present self-made sweet sap as a gift, but also to decorate the table with them when serving. Especially such things in the organization of banquets are admired by children. After all, immediately at the first glance and guess it is impossible that an unusual object is an original stand for sweets. Therefore, these topiary are usually used several times. Each new variant of filling with sweets can be completely different in content both inside (in the pot) and external (crown). When preparing children's holidays, involve children to create such souvenirs. They will be happy to make future treats for their guests. As you can see, it's quite easy to make a topiary from chocolates. The master class described in this article will certainly become the basis for the implementation of new ideas and ideas. Create great crafts, pleasing to the eye and surprising others!

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