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Holidays with children: cafe "AnderSon", Yaroslavl

Very often vacation with children turns into a real catastrophe. As the mothers of a large family say, you want to sit quietly with friends in a cafe, but you can not. And all because it is necessary to follow the kids, who do not really want to, they would have to frolic, run and play. Cafe "Anderson" (Yaroslavl) helps to solve the problem, where the exquisite atmosphere of sweet baking and places for games and entertainment perfectly combine. What kind of place is it? Where is? And what is remarkable about it?

Like in a fairy tale

The family cafe "Anderson" (Yaroslavl) is an amazing place filled with a fairy tale and a reality at the same time. No wonder it received such a sonorous and familiar name. On the one hand, this is the name of the famous storyteller, and on the other hand, the play of the words "Anderson" ("under" in English translates as "under" and "dream" means sweet dreams). So it turns out that the pastime in this institution occurs under the influence of sleep or in a dream. And at this time, everyone knows, miracles happen, and anything can happen ...

Plunging into the world of entertainment and fantasy

Those who have never visited the children's cafe "Anderson" (Yaroslavl), it is worthwhile to look at it at least once. This extraordinary place is located on a small but very cozy street, leading to an old and simply fabulous mansion. On the third floor of this building there is an institution, so beloved by many children, with a well-organized and well-ordered environment.

According to many parents, in "Anderson" everything is somehow family-like. There is a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for both children and their parents. This cafe is perfect for children's holidays, quiet family feasts, rest in the circle of relatives and friends, as well as for inspiring walks.

Cafe "AnderSon" (Yaroslavl): address, how to get

It is not difficult to find this place. Of course, for this it is not at all worth using a magic wand or a carpet-plane. It's enough just to come to the Republican street, 68. To do this, you can walk from the building of the Young Spectator Theater along the Republican street. At the same time, it is moving towards Sverdlov Street. Then you need to cross the street Pushkin and after about two houses you can see a three-story building with a bright and attractive sign "Anderson". So you definitely will not miss it. Welcome to the café "Anderson" (Yaroslavl)!

Official website and opening hours

There is this project and its official website on the Internet. The café "Anderson" (Yaroslavl) is open daily, from Monday to Sunday, from 10:00 until 22:00. There are no breaks and days off. There are delivery and catering services for holidays, corporate parties, theme parties. Animators work.

Let's get acquainted, "Anderson"!

"Anderson" is not just a cafe. It is a real dream for parents and children. After all, here are collected the most secret desires and dreams of even very demanding kids, their dads and moms. Just imagine that in one place there was a cafe, a confectionery and a games room.

And this means that each of the guests will be busy with their own business: some will be able to enjoy fragrant and impeccable handmade baking, others will rest with pleasure, drowned in soft sofas and immersed in communication with friends and acquaintances, while others will sip a glass of wine or unsurpassed ginger and Sea buckthorn tea with delicious dessert.

At the same time, children will play peacefully on drums in a special music room, dive in a small pool filled with bright and light balls, draw, sculpt and just fool around, without distracting the parents from the long-awaited nirvana. All this is offered by the trendy café "Anderson". Yaroslavl, by the way, is not the only city where there is a similar place. The network of representative offices of the organization operates practically throughout Russia. They are in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Zelenograd, Krasnogorsk, the Queen and other cities.

Large halls for celebrations

In addition to a large game room, which, by the way, occupies almost the whole floor, the café "Anderson" (Yaroslavl) offers cozy tables in one of two separate rooms. According to many users, they are intended for celebrations and events of various kinds with a large number of guests.

Interior: its features, atmosphere and furnishings

The interior of the room deserves special attention. It is both a cozy and spacious house with many rooms, as well as a place with amazing decor elements in muted pastel colors.

Here you will not find screaming accents and too flashy decorative moments. Furniture, interior items, accessories and much more are matched in tone and do not differ in particular pretentiousness. They do not irritate at all, but, on the contrary, help immerse themselves in an incredible atmosphere in the best traditions of fairy tales.

Interesting and entertaining events

And yet, as the children themselves say, it's not boring here. And all this can be heard about the café "Anderson" (Yaroslavl). A photo of a smiling and contented children fully confirms these statements. They can see a lot of interesting things, including animated characters and children who participate in various competitions and competitions. At the same time, participants often become not only pink-cheeked youngsters, but also adults themselves. And all because in the "Anderson" they like to organize a variety of master classes, for example, on joint dance in the style of disco. Recently, in this cafe chose the world's best dad.

According to user stories, pirate parties are often organized here. Children are taught to clean teeth properly. And we all know how children do not like this. And the whole process of learning is done in a touching game form. So, that is fun and interesting even for adults who took the time to look into "AnderSon" (cafe, Yaroslavl). Reviews of this place allow you to feel such a friendly and positive atmosphere reigning in a fabulous and amazing mansion where, perhaps, Ole Lukoye lives.

A lot and a long time about the menu

About the menu and all the goodies that are in the "Anderson", you can talk for a long time and a lot. According to the stories of some parents, they have never seen in life, much less they did not eat, nothing tastes better. At the same time, it should be noted that the children's and adult men's menu is offered, there are amazing desserts and cakes. And lovers of a tasty snack during a break will surely like a complex dinner or an impeccable business lunch.

If we talk about the children's menu, then it is worth highlighting its design. These are necessarily beautiful figures, muzzles, heroes, butterflies and other characters caressing the child's eyes. The names of the dishes are also excellent. For example, visitors say, there is an appetizing "Mouse" here, made from fragrant chicken cutlets and mashed potatoes, "Caterpillar" - an apron with meatballs, ketchup and greens. And everything here is "so sweet and mimic", parents tell. Especially pleasing are all there "Pelmeshki", "Makaroshki", "Soups", "Oladushki" and much more.

Desserts themselves look great. Many of them, share users, these works of art, which even a pity to spoil. In general, everything is done with love and incredible imagination. And most importantly, it is like children!

Organization of holidays and celebrations

As parents report, things are fine here with the organization of holidays. Employees of "AnderSon" will gladly arrange a bright and memorable birthday and even come to you, if necessary. Funny and inventive animators always know how to interest children and make your rest "Anderson-like" fabulous.

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